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Posted on Wednesday, February 09, 2022

Mule Sledding on Fresh Snow

Kyle & Pepper came to the farm to Mule Sled. The snow just started falling when they arrived and wasn't quite deep enough as the sun went down. The next morning the temperature was aound 10 degrees, but they were ready to go at 7 AM.
Julie, Kyle & Pauline sledding in front of the house and Daisy running through the hay fields alongside the Mule.
While they were here, Julie played in a JV basketball game for Edmonson County against Cumberland County. Edmonson County won the JV game but lost the varsity game. The second picture is Julie after taking her hair down from the braids. It is usually straight. :-)
Kyle dressed and ready to be pulled through the hay fields & Dave driving the Mule pulling him.

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Posted on Thursday, February 24, 2022

Quick Trip To Daleville

We're back home from our trip to Indiana. It was a quick there and back.

We left Sunday morning and arrived at our Daleville house around 2 PM. At 4:30 we met Lana & Frank and Bonnie & Donnie at the recently revamped Cammack Station. After a short gab session, we ordered and ate. Some reminiscing followed by ice cream desserts before parting ways and heading to the Daleville house.

Monday, Stacey & I took Linda to visit with Nana at Sugar Fork Crossing. Stacey wanted to eat at the Daleville Legion since she had seen the daily menu of chili with toasted ham & cheese sandwiches. I enjoyed a Bronco Burger with fries and talked to Terry Granger as I was finishing my food. We returned to the house until Linda called for us to pick her up. We stopped and filled up the tank with gas before going to SFC. We went inside and visited with Nana until Linda was ready to leave.

Tuesday, Linda went to visit Nana after we ate lunch. She washed & dried Nana's hair and did a few other things that needed to be done. The temperatures were above 60 degrees, so Stacey & I started the golf cart and drove to the Little League diamonds to charge the battery and let Coco do some roaming. Linda returned to the house about 4:30.

Later Tuesday, Shelly Bankson & Ben came by the house and we went to Elbert's Bar for Taco Tuesday with them. We had a few drinks as we waited for the tacos to be prepared. A couple hours later we walked back to the house and chatted another hour or more. Shelly & Ben left about 9:45.

Wednesday morning the temperatures had dropped into the upper 20s as we packed up the car and closed down the house. We left about 8:30 AM and headed south, making a quick pit stop at the Chic-Fil-A drive-thru for a light lunch just before crossing the Ohio River. On down the highway, we went, arriving at the farm at 12:30.

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