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Monday, August 21, 2017

Races @ Anderson Speedway

Stacey, Linda and I arrived at the Daleville house about 3 PM. Pauline, Brent, Julie and Kyle arrived around 8:30 PM. Coco, Poco & Pepper were all there too.
Saturday morning, Kyle and I made an early run to pick up doughnuts for everyone. During the day, Julie, Kyle & Stacey enjoyed the Daleville Splash Park while Brent and I made a trip to Walmart to buy an access point.
Linda had planned the trip for all of us to go to Anderson Speedway and watch the races. We all loaded into their Traverse and headed to the track, arriving early enough to watch the time trials. Brent picked the seats where he and my Mom used to set. He had a lot of "I remember when..." moments during the night.
The late model class was the first on the track for the heat races.
As daylight turned to darkness, Julie & Kyle ran around to different places to watch the cars race.
Brent joined them right by the guard rail for the start of the Legend cars. There were a couple Champ Cart races before the Figure 8 was ran.
Sunday morning after breakfast, Brent loaded his crew and headed home. Sunday afternoon, Wayne Reagan stopped by in his "Muscle Car". It was a 396 cid Chevelle with a 4 speed transmission. Wayne and I graduated together in 1969. He took me for a ride around the county roads, then returned to the house and we talked while setting on the front porch.
It was good to see Wayne and I asked him to stop the next time he saw our vehicle at the house.

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Friday, February 24, 2017

56 Chevy Ride to Sonic

It was a beautiful day, I had been working with the tractor, scraping the debris out of the hay fields where the creek had over flowed. I went inside and the girls were ready for lunch. Stacey wanted to go to Sonic, so I mentioned we should drive the 56 Chevy. That plan was adopted, so we drove the Mule to the pole barn and backed out the Chevy. The car ran a little rough the first few miles, but once it warmed up, it began to smooth out. I ran it up to 80 mph on a few open stretches of highway. We pulled into Sonic, ordered our food and then sat at one of their patio tables. The skate-tresses weren't working, so a waitress carried out our order. It was a little bit windy, so we had to hold onto our napkins and empty sack while we ate. We headed back to the farm when finished. The ride was nice, just listening to the motor hum until I bumped the shifter into neutral and coasted down the driveway to the pole barn.

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Thursday, December 29, 2016

Last Daleville Trip of 2016

We met Brent, Pauline, Julie and Kyle in Glasgow to pick up Kyle. He returned to the farm with us so we could leave for IN early Thursday morning.
We ate sausage breakfast and took our medicine before leaving the farm a few minutes before 8 AM CST. We stopped at the rest area and let Coco and everyone do their business, then continued on to Daleville. Traffic was at a minimum and we arrived at 1:30 PM EST. After unloading our things, I called Pizza King and ordered. Twenty minutes later I was headed back to Daleville with a 16" Royal Feast. Everyone was eager to tear into the box, but I managed to slow Kyle down to take a picture.

We posted it on FB to tease Pauline & Brent. Several other people were jealous because they like Pizza King and it isn't available in KY. I took some pictures of the white house with the empty Tax Sale lot, the gray house lot and Elbert's.

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Wednesday, November 02, 2016

Randy Bramwell

We left the farm and headed to Daleville to watch the demolition of the tax sale house. Lee Enterprises wasn't ready to demo the house so we visited with friends for a few days.
Wednesday, Linda went to McDonald's to pick up breakfast and when she returned, she mentioned she had seen Randy Bramwell while there. We ate our breakfast and about a half hour later Randy knocked on the door. He was driving a black Ford Galaxie 500, so I went outside to take a look.
The car was in great shape and looked extra nice. The paint was perfect and the sides were straight and looked like a mirror. After walking around the car several times, we went inside to chat. Randy and I had been friends since the early 70s and used to street race our Fords against the other brands. We talked about back in the day times and what had been going on in our lives recently too. Around and hour later, Randy and I said our good byes and he went outside, hopped in the Galaxie, revved it up a couple times and took off.

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Monday, September 26, 2016

Daleville Grand Prix

We left the farm and headed to Daleville Thursday morning. We arrived around 2 PM, unloaded the Equinox and ordered lunch from Pizza King. After eating, we brought out the golf cart and took a ride around Daleville.
Friday morning we ate breakfast and then started the painting. Linda and I painted a coat of Kilnz on the living room walls to cover the 50 year old paneling. We were worried because, as you can see in the picture below, it didn't cover very well.
We let the paint dry through the night and put another coat of Kilnz on, then went to see the Daleville Grand Prix Parade while the paint dried thoroughly. Alton "Big Al" Sneed led the parade with some of the Steel Horse riders behind him. Rick Cooper was riding his new Harley in the parade.
Phil Davis, the Grand Marshall, gave us a wave as he rode by in a golf cart.
Gene Bronnenburg went walking past us to see the parade. He was one of the town's barbers when I was a kid. The other was Carlos Hummel, but he wasn't in town to watch.
Gary Sneed was the race director for Dalevillle. He and I went to school and graduated the same year (1969). The carts and racers had to go through inspection before and after each race.
We watched races both Saturday and Sunday between painting the living room.
Sunday morning before the races started, Imon brought Trevon and his John Deere small tractor to Daleville. Trevon, Linda and I loaded the tractor with the junk that had been left in the small garage on the Tax Sale property. Imon dumped the junk next to the house so he can move the garage to Markleville.
The last painting we did was some touch up of the walls and also painting the ceiling trim around the room.
We made sure we had everything accumulated for laying tile next week, then packed our things and drove to the farm in KY.

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Friday, September 09, 2016

Grandparents Day

Stacey, Linda and I left the farm at 9:15 AM and drove to Soutn Edmonson Elementary School to visit with Julie & Kyle during Grandparents' Day. We met Kyle at the entrance to the cafeteria and he escorted us through the lunch line as we picked out chicken strips, mashed potatoes, green beans, a roll, fried apples and milk. Kyle picked out a table and we sat down to eat our lunches.
After chatting with Kyle during his lunch period, Julie came into the cafeteria for her lunch time. She gave us hugs, then went through the lunch line and brought her tray of food to the table to join us. Julie talked with us as she ate. Several of her friends came by to say, "hi" as we finished our lunches.

Kyle and Julie took us to their respective rooms and we met their teachers as we walked through to see the kids' desks. Kyle remained in his room while Julie walked us to the door as we left the school. We went shopping at Sam's Club before returning to the farm.

A few weeks ago, Brent had taken the truck to pull the boat to the lake foor his Birthday Cruise. When he returned, he told me that there was a smell of something dead that was coming through the AC vents. I had to use the truck last week and I noticed it was still stinking, so I made an appointment to have the cab filter changed at the local GM Dealer. Below is a picture of what they dug out when they changed the cab air filter.

Two adult mice and two baby mice were dead inside the filter container. Needless to say, when I picked up the truck, it smelled a lot better.

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Tuesday, August 09, 2016

Tax Trip

Stacey, Linda and I left the farm Friday morning and I drove to Daleville. Traffic was light and the interstates were open with only a few slow downs. After opening the Daleville house, Linda took Stacey and went grocery shopping. Rick Cooper stopped by and showed me his new Harley. Wow, it was sharp!
Saturday morning, all of us went to Lapel and delivered some things to Kim Bourke at her day care. We remained there until noon chatting with Kim, then back to Daleville for lunch. Rick had asked me to come to his brother's, Jim's house, for a cook out so Linda and I took Stacey and went to Kathy & Jim's house. Jim was surprised to see us and showed me around his shop. We talked a little while with Bart Donovan and a few other people we knew. There were about 40 guests at Jim's cookout, it was a nice party. We quietly slipped out and drove to Shelly & Jeff Huck's place to drop off a tub of clothes for Airianna. They were not at home, so we left the clothes and went back to Daleville where we pulled the golf cart out of the yard barn and rode around town to see what was going on. There is a controversy in Daleville about an apartment complex that is going to be built.
Sunday morning we ate breakfast and went to visit Linda's Mom in Pendleton. Nana was sitting in the porch swing when we drove up. We sat down on the porch and talked with her. It was nice being outside as the temperature and humidity were lower than it had been for a while. About an hour later, Imon came chugging down the street in his 55 Chevy gasser and stopped to talk too. We left when Imon left right before noon and we went back to Daleville and had lunch. Linda and Stacey went shopping in Muncie while I watched the NASCAR race. I also took pictures of the two other houses we own in Daleville for property tax appeals.
Linda and Stacey returned with their items they had bought. Donnie Cox came by and talked with us for a while about his parents' situation. Then Donnie and I went outside to check out his 1962 Belvedere. It is a sharp car that has been restored, it has a 440 CI motor and a Torque Flite transmission. The motor sounds strong!
Monday, we ate and went to Muncie to file appeals on two of our houses. Linda had filled out the forms, we turned in those and the pictures I had printed at Walmart. The process went quick, and we were on our way back to Daleville in less than a half hour. We took another ride around Daleville in our golf cart, then returned it to the yard barn and locked the barn doors just before dark.
Tuesday, we cleaned up the house, packed the car and headed back to the farm.

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Friday, March 04, 2016

Linda Traded For A Jeep

Linda had been looking on the internet for a used Jeep, but couldn't find one that she liked with low mileage. Stacey and I were going to lunch and went past Don Franklin Chevy-GMC just outside of Burkesville and I saw a red Jeep setting on their used car lot. After we ate lunch, we stopped and I hopped out of the Equinox and gave it a quick once over. It was a hard top, with an automatic transmission, AC, PW, PDL and new tires. I thought Linda would like it, so I drove up to a salesman standing outside and asked a few questions. Just so happened that the Jeep was his and he knew all about it. After a few minutes I told him we might be back to look at it and he said "You better be quick because I've had three calls on it already and I just put it on the net this morning." I called Linda and told her she should go look at it as soon as she was done at the school. About 20 minutes before she should have gotten off, she called and was already taking it for a test drive.
She wanted to buy it, so I told her to go ahead and make the deal. I told her I was on the way with the check book. I stopped at the bank and transferred money into the checking account and then went to the dealership. Linda pulled the check book out of my pocket and the Jeep was ours. We quickly removed the stuff she had in the Thunderbird and tossed it in the back of the Equinox. Linda and Stacey headed for the house in the Jeep. They were all smiles when I pulled in behind them in our driveway.

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Thursday, December 17, 2015

New Silverado

We have a new Chevy Silverado thanks to the guys at Don Franklin Burkesville Chevrolet-GMC.
They searched the internet until they found the vehicle with the specific options that we wanted, then they went and picked it up in another state and brought it to their dealership for us. We traded our 2012 Silverado in on the new one. When the deal was done, Stacey and I picked up the truck and drove to the State Farm Agent's office and insured the truck before ever going to the farm.
Now I've put in the bed mat, installed the bed cover and we're learning how to use the radio. The truck rides and drives great. Stacey and Linda like the built in WiFi so they can surf the internet as I drive.

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Monday, September 28, 2015

Go Kart Races In Daleville

Stacey, Linda and I drove to Daleville to attend the Daleville Grand Prix. We arrived late Friday evening.
Saturday after breakfast, I rolled the golf cart out and went to check out the track and see what was happening. I picked up a schedule of events and went back to the house to pick up Linda. Heat races had already begun when we arrived and parked near Jr Barkdull and Andy Stevenson. As we were talking with them there was a serious wreck in the corner by us. The ambulance came out and the EMTs loaded the driver on a gurney and took him away. The cart was bent badly. They resumed the racing and when that heat was over we moved to the corner near the Daleville Legion.
I saw several people I knew, Phil Davis, Rick Cooper & Kenny Gaddis were some that I stopped to talk with as I walked towards the pit area.
There were a lot of carts in the pits and nearly as many motor homes and campers. There were at least four double rows of pits and I believe 97 go carts.
Sunday morning, we had left one of our cell phones at the house with Stacey and she was supposed to call us if anything went wrong or someone came over. Stacey called, I answered and it was Imon. We returned to the house and talked with them for a while. They decided to follow us back to the track and watch some of the racing. As we arrived they were conducting a drivers' meeting and about to start the finals in several different classes.
Some of the races only had 6 carts, but some had around 20 carts racing at once. The more carts that were running the more action and more wrecks that happened.
I did know two of the drivers and a car owner, but didn't worry about keeping track of how they did. We just watched for the fun of it. Linda K and Imon left just before the last race, but Linda and I stayed until it was all over as we had a golf cart and could easily get back to the Daleville house through the old school grounds without any traffic affecting us.
Overall, it was a good thing for Daleville. It had been planned quickly, about 45 days, because the town of Elwood backed out. I don't know how well they did financially because the entire event was free, as in "free beer", people only had to pay for pit passes, drinks and food. I was surprised that open alcohol was allowed all around the track. Guess I'm used to KY laws?

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Monday, June 29, 2015

Golf Cart

Stacey, Linda and I drove to Smith's Grove, KY on Monday June 22nd. We stopped at the Saylor's Golf Cart business and talked to Tom, the owner. We looked at several carts and didn't see exactly what we wanted. Tom told us it would be no problem to build one like we wanted, so I asked could he have it done by Wednesday, two days later? He was fairly sure they could get it done, so we gave him a deposit and headed back to the farm. We had planned on making a trip to IN to return Imon's car hauling trailer and that was the reason for the time constraint. Saylor's called Wednesday around 11 AM and left us a message that the cart was done and ready to be picked up. We had previously hooked up the trailer, so we all headed to Smith's Grove to get the golf cart.
It was exactly as we had asked them to build. After paying the remaining balance, one of the workers drove it onto the trailer and threw a strap across the floorboard, then went inside. I went ahead at put three more tie-down straps on it while Linda used bungee straps to tie-down the seats. We drove back to the farm, stopping a time or two to check the straps and see if we had blown anything off of the golf cart. Nothing was gone and we made it without a problem.
Thursday morning, we packed the truck and headed to IN. A few miles and I was used to pulling the trailer and nothing was blowing loose, so we were making decent time. Louisville tested my towing skills as the new bridge construction and resulting interstate relocations were barely wider than the fenders on Imon's trailer, but no scrapes or scratches. We had about 35 miles of smooth sailing until the construction on I-65 in IN caused me to take IN-9 the rest of the way to Anderson.
I called Nationwide, our insurance company for the Daleville house, and made arrangements to drive to their office to let them take a picture of the golf cart for their records and fill out forms for an insurance policy. Then we went on to Daleville. Linda and Stacey unloaded the truck while I unloaded the golf cart from the car trailer. Linda and I quickly cleaned out a small spot in the yard barn so we could see if the cart would go inside the barn. Linda and I were both happy that the cart went in the barn (we hadn't known until right then). I messaged Imon, who then dropped by to see the golf cart. Linda and Imon took a short ride in the cart, then we went inside the house and talked a while. When he was ready to leave, we hooked his trailer to his truck and he took it home with him. Linda and I went for a short ride so I could see how the cart drove and to cool off.
Friday after breakfast, we went back out to the barn and moved some more things around so the golf cart would go in further. We went to Menard's to buy some deck boards for the tires to roll on to keep from tearing apart the floor. We bought items to make the golf cart legal and to enhance the lock on the doors of the barn too. We took the golf cart to the police station in Daleville and paid the $10, filled out the forms and put the sticker on the cart that made it street legal. Friday evening, we went to a Pizza King in Muncie to meet a few of my high school classmates and to eat. Before we arrived, several flash flood warnings came over my cell phone and the rain was a total downpour. We had fun, for a couple of hours, reminiscing and also hearing what was currently happening in other people's lives as we ate our pizza, then hugs and good byes before dashing out to the truck in a still pouring rain. Traffic was crawling on McGalliard with water across the road in several places as we drove to I-69 to return to Daleville.
Saturday we installed the hasp and lock on the door, laid down the boards, then took a ride around town in the golf cart. The ride didn't last long because the weather was foul, misting rain and cold. Stacey and Linda were nearly ready to go see Nana when Jim Cooper stopped to say hello. I stayed at the house and Linda and Stacey went on. Jim and I decided to go to Elbert's and have a beer or two and to catch up on things. I eventually went back to the house and let Coco out, Jim said he would be over Sunday to show me one of his projects. Linda and Stacey returned about 9 PM.
Sunday, we rode around town for a while in the golf cart and as we were returning to the house, I spotted Jim in a 'race' rat rod. He followed us to the house and parked. I introduced Stacey and Linda to Jim's wife, Kathy, then Jim and I checked out his car. It has a lot of race car parts that Jim has built into a streetable rat rod. His workmanship was excellent. Jim offered to take me for a ride or let me drive, so I doubled up my legs and got inside in the passenger's seat. It is a better ride when you let the guy that built it show you what it will do. We rumbled out of town and once on the country roads, Jim stuck his foot in it. WOW! A 427 rat motor making 450+hp in a car weighing around 2,600 lbs. Needless to say, it felt like a rocket. Never once did it seem out of control though, handled great and rode better than I thought it was going to do.

After several times of Jim jarring down and running it up through 3rd gear, we returned to the house and began talking. Jim's brothers, Rick and Kenny, pulled up on their Harleys and talked with us too. They all used to live next door to the Daleville house when all our moms and dads were alive. Our moms would set on each of their front porches and control the street. Imon and Linda K came riding up on the Boss Hoss and stopped. Imon got off and was checking out Jim's car and Jim and his brothers were checking out Imon's bike. It reminded me of the old days, when we would set on the porch and people would stop and talk. The longer we would set out there, the more people would come by. It was fun then and is fun now! Too soon, everyone had to go though. Linda and I took another ride to finish our tour of the entire town before putting the golf cart in the barn and locking the door.
Monday morning, we took our time, ate breakfast, slowly packed the truck and headed back to KY about 10:30 AM. We still stopped at Kingfish and ate under the roof on the outside patio, it was pouring rain. We made it to the farm about 4PM. While we were in IN, it had rained everyday except Sunday, but I was told the same type of weather happened in KY.

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Thursday, June 11, 2015

June IN Trip

We all left for IN Thursday morning in the truck. We had a dual purpose of attending a graduation party for Annaliese Bankson and towing the 56 Chevy back to KY. The trip was nice without much traffic and I decided that I would avoid going through Indy on the way home due to so much construction on the south side. We arrived in Daleville about 2:30 PM, unpacked and a few minutes later Imon stopped in on his way home from work. After talking a bit with him, I rode to his house in his 55 Chevy. He backed our 56 Chevy out of the barn and I headed back to Daleville. Imon had replaced the rear end with a 9" Ford posi-traction with a 3.50 - 1 gear ratio. The car ran in a nice comfortable RPM range as I went I-69 back to the Daleville exit. I parked the car in front of the house, shut it off and tried to restart it. No luck, so I went inside worried. A little later we heard the rumbling of Harleys, so Linda and I walked over to Elbert's to see who was going on their dinner ride. We ended up staying outside on the bench and talking with Irene & Gary Sneed and several others the rest of the evening.
Friday morning, I went outside to see if the 56 would start, nope. OK, so I removed the battery and headed to NAPA for a replacement. Luckily for me, I was eligible for some money off on a warranty. I took the battery back and put it in the battery holder in the car, but when I tried to hook up the positive cable it was broke at the starter. Another trip to Anderson, then back to install the new cable. Tim Bolton came over and helped. After replacing the battery and the cable, the 56 sparked to life and starts with a single quick turn of the key nearly every time. Tim and I went for a ride through the country in the 56. Later that evening, Stacey, Linda and I drove the 56 to Gene's Root Beer stand for coney dogs and root beer.
Saturday, while Stacey & Linda visited Nana. I went for a couple more rides in the 56. I stopped and visited with Vickie & Myke Rees on one trip. Stacey & Linda returned to Daleville and went shopping while I took another ride. I returned to the house and was unable to unlock the door. My key had worked many times before, but something went wrong with the lock. The key would unlock the dead bolt, but not the door knob lock. Linda was on her way back and in 15 minutes she was there trying her key. It would not unlock the door either. We looked for a window to try to open and nothing would budge. Tim Bolton saw us having problems and came over with tools to try to open the bedroom window. We scraped the putty out of the window frame and removed the metal points that hold the glass in place, then began gently prying the glass away from the window frame. SNAP!! the glass broke in two pieces all the way from the top to the bottom. After that it was easy to pull those two pieces out and let Tim step inside to unlock the door. Linda went to Lowe's for a new piece of glass while Tim and I continued cleaning out the window frame and sweeping up the debris inside and out. We had glazing putty, so we put the new glass in the frame and puttied it in place, then screwed the storm window back on the house. Linda followed me to Imon's house so he could load the 56 on his trailer. We stayed until they were ready to eat, then we went back to Daleville.
Sunday, we made our appearance at Annaliese's graduation party in Albany, IN. Annaliese is going to Purdue University starting in the fall. It was a nice party and we were able to talk to several of Linda's family along with some others. I'm glad we went. After the party, we took the truck to Imon's house, hooked up his trailer with the 56 on it to our truck and towed it to Daleville. I parked in the alley, hoping the nearby cement block building would keep the coming storm from doing any damage to the car and truck. The weather never got that bad.
Monday morning, we closed up the house, packed the truck and left for KY in a light rain. I was a little nervous since I didn't have the electric brakes on the trailer hooked up, but it went well... until we were in Columbus, IN. A couple, that were riding a Harley in the light rain, pulled up beside the truck and were making motions. I rolled down Linda's window and they said, "Do you know your tailgate is down?" Heck no, we didn't know it was down. I pulled over and checked, everything was just as I had packed it, including a plasic bag with empty pop cans inside. As far as I could tell, nothing had blown out, or even moved. We closed the tailgate, then filled up with gas and took the interstate the rest of the way without a problem, then went our usual roads through Campbellsville and to the farm.
We managed to unload the car, unhook the trailer, unload the truck and put everything inside before the stormy weather arrived.
Cody Garmon has wired the shelter house, installed our lights and turned on the power today. Cody did a great job with everything done as I had planned.

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Friday, May 22, 2015

Sonic Car Show Presented by Bun


Click HERE to see all the pictures I took at the Albany Sonic Drive In Car Show presented by Bun. Once on the next page you can change image sizes, view as a slideshow, or go to the index and just view the images you want to see. Please feel free to right click and download any images you want to use or print.
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Sunday, April 05, 2015

Easter Weekend

Julie and Kyle came over early Saturday morning with Pauline and Brent. After talking for a while, I went to Don Franklin's dealership in Burkesville to trade the HHR for a new Equinox. I returned home and we ate lunch, then Brent went with me to pick up the new car. After signing all the paperwork and driving the Equinox home, we colored eggs with Julie and Kyle to use on Sunday for the egg hunt.
Sunday morning, I told the kids to each get a piece of candy to eat before we even had breakfast or their parents were up. Then the Easter Baskets were opened when everyone else was up. Julie and Kyle went outside with their bubble makers and began floating bubbles across the back yard. The grass was still wet so the bubbles that eventually fell to the ground didn't burst right away.
Julie and Kyle had fun with those for a while, then we had lunch. After lunch, Brent and I took Julie and Kyle for a long 4 wheeler ride around the fields and to the top of the hill across from the house. Pauline, Stacey and Linda took care of hiding the plastic eggs while we were gone.
It was a frantic race to find all the eggs when we returned, but with 156 plastic eggs hidden, it took a while!
After opening the eggs and separating the candy from the coins, an egg count was done and the results were, that 8 eggs were still missing. Everyone helped to find the missing eggs, including Daisy. She was better at sniffing the plastic eggs out than the rest of us.
When the egg hunt was over, we road around in the Mule and let Daisy burn off some of her energy. We stopped to throw rocks and pickup pieces of tumbled creek glass too. Brent left with his family around 3 PM. It was a nice weekend together.

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