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Posted on Monday, October 24, 2016

Grouting Tile

We left for IN Thursday morning, stopping in Louisville for lunch, then on to Daleville. After unpacking, we went to Lowe's to pick up grout to put down in the living room and dinning room.
Friday morning we ate breakfast, then I mixed the grout with water and began spreading it on the tile floor in the living room. I worked along the walls and finished the living room by going down the middle towards the dinning room. I had enough grout to do along the outside wall in the dinning room and stopped. Linda had Stacey helping her wash the drying grout off the tiles. I also helped with the wipe down of the tiles to remove the dry film of grout. We worked most of the day cleaning the grout off.
Saturday morning Stacey was experiencing problems. Not seizure trouble, just sick to her stomach, but we weren't sure how things were going to pan out, so we held off on tile grouting. Around lunch time, Stacey seemed to be feeling OK, so I asked her if she wanted a Beef 'n" Cheddar sandwich from Arby's. Oh yeah! After eating the sandwich, she seemed fine, so Linda and I went to work on finishing the grout job. I spread the grout and Linda washed it away. We only had to finish about 2/3rds of the room and it went quick, but our legs were tired from the previous day's work. Several buckets of clean water later, we had it good enough to let dry completely, so I took a shower. We went to Wilson's Furniture Store in Daleville and picked out a love seat, two recliners and two end tables for the Daleville house. The recliners had to be ordered and should come in about Thanksgiving. We left the store and I called the Pizza King in Pendleton and picked up a large Royal Feast, a 2 liter of Coke and a large unsweetened tea, then we went to Nana's house and ate with her.
Sunday we relaxed, rode around town in the golf cart and watched the NASCAR race on TV. Linda washed the tile a couple more times.
Monday, Wilson's Furniture delivered our love seat and two end tables. We went to Pendleton, picked up Reba and bought Dairy Bar BBQ sandwiches, then went to Daleville to let her see our tile work and talk a while.
Linda and Stacey took Nana back home while I went to the Town of Daleville Office and paid for demolition permits for the tax sale house. Lee Enterprises should be demolishing it in the upcoming weeks.
Tuesday morning, we ate breakfast, then I checked and it was said it would probably be next week before they started work on the tax sale house, so we packed up and headed home. We ate outside at King Fish and the weather was great. We made it home about 4:30 PM.

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Posted on Sunday, October 16, 2016

Farm Camp Out 2016

Linda and I began preparing the farm, pole barn and house for the Farm Camp Out on Tuesday. Linda began cooking pies and soups Thursday.
Our guests began arriving Friday afternoon. A light rain shower began about dark, but it did not put out the fire Brent had started in the fire pit. In fact, most people stood in the misting rain until it stopped a half hour later. We served three kinds of Linda's homemade soups that were kept warm in crock pots for guests to eat as they arrived. The last group of guests made it to the farm about 9 PM.
Saturday morning, Linda fixed bacon, eggs and biscuits with homemade jellies that we had made. Sharon, Jackie, Sondra, Regina and Pam joined us to eat lunch. They brought side dishes to pitch in with the two pork loins that we had bought from Hamilton's BBQ. Linda also made some side dishes and pies. We had way too much food and I think everyone was able to eat all they wanted.
The skies had cleared and the temperature was 83 a little after we finished eating. People began riding the ATVs around the farm on the trails.
Brent and I hooked up the hay wagon to the tractor and I pulled a load of guests around the farm, down the creek and to the gravel bar where everyone was throwing rocks into the creek. Some of the girls learned how to skip the rocks over the top of the creek water.
Cold pop sickles after the hay ride and then the kids began playing in the creek or on the rope swing.
A full stomach and a hay ride caused some to need a break.
Around 5 PM, I started the charcoal in the grill as the kids and Brent kept a small fire burning in the fire pit.
More swinging for the kids while the adults carried on with conversations as we waited for the Italian Sausage with green peppers and onions to cook.
We used the left over side dishes from lunch to complete the evening menu.
A few cold drinks and lots of laughs rounded out the evening.
Toasting marshmallows and smore's were fire pit favorites later on.
Linda had fixed French Toast with sliced ham for everyone Sunday morning. Inevitably, it is the last day and people have to start preparing to leave. Several trips were made to round up items as the kids were left to play in the living room while packing was done.
A group picture was the last thing before people began leaving for their homes. After a road trip on the ATVs, we heated the soups back up at lunch time for those that stayed longer to eat before they left.
Large Size of Above Image 

It was a lot of work, but Linda and I feel it is well worth it to have the Farm Camp Out. We get to see the people, eat together and keep in touch with what has been happening in their lives. I hope others enjoy it as much as we do and will continue to join us here.

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Posted on Wednesday, October 12, 2016

New Grill

Saturday morning, Brent help me dig a 3 foot deep hole, pour it full of concrete and set the pole for the Pilot Rock park grill. I had used the back hoe on the tractor to place large flat creek rocks around the location that Linda and I had picked to put the grill, but I waited until the pole was set to put the last 3 rocks in place. Brent and I assembled the grill by adding a few items, such as the exterior shelf, a bar to keep the lid open and the adjustment pieces used to let in more or less air.

Sunday morning the concrete was setup, so we hauled the grill to the pole and set it on top. I dumped in quite a bit of charcoal and lit the fire to burn off any paint or contaminants before we cooked on the grill. After that burnt out, I added more charcoal and cooked hot dogs and Italian Sausage along with a tin foil pack of green pepper and onions. Linda brought down the picnic basket with the things needed to eat. Then we chowed down. The brats were delicious!
Monday, Linda, Stacey and I cooked more brats.
Tuesday we had chicken breasts cooked on the grill.
Wednesday, chicken breasts again.
We're loving the charcoal flavor and eating creek side!

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Posted on Saturday, October 08, 2016

Surf & Turf

Pauline and Brent Norris were over this week end to pick up their kids after fall break. Thanks to Michael Lamont we enjoyed a Surf & Turf dinner Saturday evening. Mike sent us a seafood package earlier this year and we boiled the lobsters to enjoy with our steaks. Thanks Michael Lamont, you're a class act!!

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Posted on Tuesday, October 04, 2016

Indiana Tile Job

Saturday morning, Stacey, Linda and I took Coco and drove to Pauline and Brent's house. Linda and Stacey were going to take care of Julie & Kyle, Poco, Pepper & Coco while Pauline, Brent and I went to lay the tile in the Daleville house. We left their house around 9 AM and drove to IN. We stopped and ate lunch, then continued the drive to Daleville, arriving around 2 PM. After unpacking, we took a ride around town in the golf cart. We ate pizza that evening.
Sunday morning Pauline fixed breakfast, then we mixed up mortar and began laying tile in the center of the two rooms. First, we worked towards the front door and to the edge of the living room. Then Brent reversed direction and worked towards the dinning room. Laying the nearly 3 foot long tiles took longer than laying the 1 foot square tiles. They wanted pizza again, so we ordered again from Pizza King.
Monday morning we ate breakfast and began laying tile in the dinning room. Imon and Bobby came to the front door to plug in an air compressor. They were moving the old garage from the tax sale lot down to Imon's house and needed to air up one of the trailer tires. We went outside to watch Bobby pull the garage off the foundation and down the street. After they left, Brent and I went back inside to continue laying tile.
When the mortar ran out, we took a short trip towards Muncie, stopping for ice cream at Cammack Station. After picking up two more bags of mortar at Lowe's, we returned to the house and worked till around 9 PM, then quit for the night.
Tuesday morning, we hustled through breakfast, then began filling in the missing tiles that had to be cut with the tile saw. I had cut most of them Monday while Pauline was buttering the tiles for Brent to lay, but I still needed to cut some that required other tiles to be filled in before an accurate measurement could be obtained.
The results were pretty good. The tiles fit really close to the tiles at the kitchen, hallway and front door. The last tile was laid about 11:45 AM, then we showered, packed our things, closed up the house and headed for Pendleton. We stopped at Jimmy's in Pendleton and bought several BBQ sandwiches, then took them to Nana's house and ate with her. She was surprised that Pauline and Brent were with me. Of course she had a couple of jobs for Brent to do after he ate his sandwich. LoL We stayed a little over an hour, then after saying good bye, I headed the truck towards KY. The area around King Fish was packed with cars and people attending a party at a nearby restaurant. We left the restaurant after eating inside and crossed the old I-65 bridge, which is nearly refinished. We arrived at Pauline and Brent's house around 7:30 PM, where we talked with Linda & Stacey and played with Julie and Kyle for a while since Julie and Kyle were going to the farm. Linda, Stacey and I left there and made it to the farm by 9:30 PM with Julie and Kyle. Everyone went right to bed.

Many thanks to Pauline and Brent!! They both worked really hard and did an excellent job. I would have had an extremely hard time getting the tile laid without them. Thanks for the time and effort!

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Posted on Monday, September 26, 2016

Daleville Grand Prix

We left the farm and headed to Daleville Thursday morning. We arrived around 2 PM, unloaded the Equinox and ordered lunch from Pizza King. After eating, we brought out the golf cart and took a ride around Daleville.
Friday morning we ate breakfast and then started the painting. Linda and I painted a coat of Kilnz on the living room walls to cover the 50 year old paneling. We were worried because, as you can see in the picture below, it didn't cover very well.
We let the paint dry through the night and put another coat of Kilnz on, then went to see the Daleville Grand Prix Parade while the paint dried thoroughly. Alton "Big Al" Sneed led the parade with some of the Steel Horse riders behind him. Rick Cooper was riding his new Harley in the parade.
Phil Davis, the Grand Marshall, gave us a wave as he rode by in a golf cart.
Gene Bronnenburg went walking past us to see the parade. He was one of the town's barbers when I was a kid. The other was Carlos Hummel, but he wasn't in town to watch.
Gary Sneed was the race director for Dalevillle. He and I went to school and graduated the same year (1969). The carts and racers had to go through inspection before and after each race.
We watched races both Saturday and Sunday between painting the living room.
Sunday morning before the races started, Imon brought Trevon and his John Deere small tractor to Daleville. Trevon, Linda and I loaded the tractor with the junk that had been left in the small garage on the Tax Sale property. Imon dumped the junk next to the house so he can move the garage to Markleville.
The last painting we did was some touch up of the walls and also painting the ceiling trim around the room.
We made sure we had everything accumulated for laying tile next week, then packed our things and drove to the farm in KY.

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Posted on Friday, September 09, 2016

Grandparents Day

Stacey, Linda and I left the farm at 9:15 AM and drove to Soutn Edmonson Elementary School to visit with Julie & Kyle during Grandparents' Day. We met Kyle at the entrance to the cafeteria and he escorted us through the lunch line as we picked out chicken strips, mashed potatoes, green beans, a roll, fried apples and milk. Kyle picked out a table and we sat down to eat our lunches.
After chatting with Kyle during his lunch period, Julie came into the cafeteria for her lunch time. She gave us hugs, then went through the lunch line and brought her tray of food to the table to join us. Julie talked with us as she ate. Several of her friends came by to say, "hi" as we finished our lunches.

Kyle and Julie took us to their respective rooms and we met their teachers as we walked through to see the kids' desks. Kyle remained in his room while Julie walked us to the door as we left the school. We went shopping at Sam's Club before returning to the farm.

A few weeks ago, Brent had taken the truck to pull the boat to the lake foor his Birthday Cruise. When he returned, he told me that there was a smell of something dead that was coming through the AC vents. I had to use the truck last week and I noticed it was still stinking, so I made an appointment to have the cab filter changed at the local GM Dealer. Below is a picture of what they dug out when they changed the cab air filter.

Two adult mice and two baby mice were dead inside the filter container. Needless to say, when I picked up the truck, it smelled a lot better.

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