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Posted on Sunday, December 14, 2014

Peeled & Stuck

Stacey, Linda and I left the farm Friday around 3:30 PM and drove towards IN. We stopped at the rest area just across the Ohio River at the 23 mile marker in IN and I asked a few people about the construction on I-65 going north. They said both lanes were open until the Southport exit near Indy where construction had reduced it to one lane. I decided to take US 31 to IN 46 and then IN 3 the rest of the way to Anderson. That only added an extra half hour to our travel time, so we were able to pick up a few items at the grocery and a pizza before going to Daleville. We unpacked our things and ate our pizza, then watched a little TV before going to bed.
Saturday morning, we had a few places to go, so we ate breakfast before going to Lowe's in Anderson to check out a few items. After browsing, Linda and I decided to put peel and stick tile on the landing at the back door. Otherwise, we would have needed to remove the door and cut the bottom off about 3/8", then install a new threshold. The peel and stick option was much easier and wouldn't be that big of a deal to get done. After that, we drove to Shelly and Jeff's to pick up a few pieces of wood. We stayed a little bit and talked with them about Shelly's new job and how things had been going. I had received some parts that had been back ordered that I needed to take to Imon for the 56 Chevy, so Linda called to see if Linda and Imon were home, then we drove over to their house. Imon took a quick look at the parts and seemed to think they were the rest of what he needed to finishing installing the new rear end and hook up the disc brakes. We stayed there a little over an hour, then went back towards Daleville and had a late lunch at Bird's Smokehouse before returning to the Daleville house. Stacey and Linda left to do some shopping, so I watched a little TV (napped) before starting the peel and stick tile job.
Linda and Stacey returned to the house and it didn't take long until it was peeled and stuck. Now we need to buy a trim board for the edge of the ceramic tile in the kitchen and some metal trim pieces for the edges of the peeled and stuck tiles and that job will be finished, provided the tiles stay stuck down. LoL!
Sunday we had breakfast then shut things off and headed home. We avoided Indy again and took a new way home from Louisville to avoid construction on I-65 south of Louisville. We made it home just before dark. It was nice to see the scenery along a different route, but I probably won't go that way again.

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Posted on Saturday, December 06, 2014

Kyle's First Game

Stacey, Linda and I left the farm in the Malibu and drove to South Edmonson Elementary School at 11 AM Saturday to watch Kyle play basket ball. He is still 4 years old, his birthday is in February, so he was amongst the youngest players allowed to play. Kyle is third from the left in the fuzzy cell phone picture above. They play with smaller basket balls and lower goals, but they learn some of the fundamentals while getting exercise too. Everyone gets to play and it is fun to watch, more learning than real competition, but high intensity for the young players, especially with their parents yelling and screaming. Kyle took a couple hard passes to the face, but he never quit playing, he didn't cry and he didn't run to his mommy, like a few other players did. So that was good! He played tough and was getting tired near the end of the game but, with a little encouragement, he kept going until the final buzzer. Both teams slapped hands as they walked past the other team to show good sportsmanship, then I rounded up the Cardinals, with the coach, for the picture above.
After the game, we drove to Pauline and Brent's house, left our car there and rode in their Traverse into Bowling Green. Pauline and I picked Toot's Restaurant for lunch. We ate and had a few drinks (beers) then went back to their house and talked while a movie played. Stacey, Linda and I left for home around 6:30 PM. Stacey talked to Jason using my cell phone while we were driving on the parkway, then called him when we made it back to the house to finish their conversation.

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Posted on Sunday, November 30, 2014

Back In Town

Saturday morning, Pauline and Brent arrived early because we had made plans to go to the Wellness Center in Albany and let their kids swim while we were in the pool too. We gathered up our towels and put on our swim suits, loaded in their Traverse and Brent drove us over to Albany. We went in and were greeted with a "pool is closed" from the guy working the front desk. Supposedly, something had broke and they would know about the repairs when a service man came on Monday. I told Linda this was the same scenario they played on us last year and they never did get the pool heated during the winter months. The kids were disappointed and so were we! Nothing could be done about it, so we left and ate at the Mexican Restaurant before leaving Albany. Brent drove us across the Wolf Creek Dam and to Greensburg. We went through town and stopped at Central Furniture to look around at their stuff. We eventually had looked at all of their items and left for the farm. We took Daisy for a run and messed around outside for a while.
Sunday, Kyle talked Linda into getting out Brent's old Optimus Prime, a Transformer, he had when he was about Kyle's age.
Linda gets Optimus Prime out of the original box and will let Kyle hold it, but won't let him play with the toy. She's working to get Kyle to be gentle and not break his toys. She used her diamond necklace to teach Julie to handle things carefully a few years ago. Now it is Kyle's turn. Brent showed Kyle how Optimus would change shapes and transform before Linda put it back in the box.

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Posted on Friday, November 28, 2014

Painting Ceiling (Twice)

Linda had an extra day off before Thanksgiving and was wanting something to do. Pauline and Brent came over the previous weekend, so we figured we would go to IN and do a little bit of work on the Daleville house. We left the farm after Linda came home from school Tuesday afternoon. I had thought we might be able to miss a lot of the holiday traffic by leaving a day early, but that didn't work out very well. We were stopped on I-65 before we were near Louisville and then again between Louisville and Indy, but we finally made it. We were too late to pick up our normal supper of Pizza King, so we had to settle for Arby's and Taco Bell the first night. One good thing though, the furnace was functioning properly and quickly raised the heat to the desired temperature. Tuesday morning, Linda made a quick breakfast of cinnamon rolls and it was time to begin the painting of the living room ceiling. Linda used a brush to paint the grooves between the ceiling tiles while I taped the trim and began rolling the paint on the tiles. I quickly caught her and made us a couple glasses of ice cold Coke. A bit more work, another break to let her get the feeling back in her hand and we had the first coat on the ceiling.
Stacey and Linda went to the grocery to buy the items they needed for our small Thanksgiving Dinner the next day. I waited a while, then put a second coat of paint on the entire ceiling. They returned from the store and put away the groceries. Anita had called Linda while they were buying groceries and she came over to see the house and what we had done to it. We gave her the grand tour, which took about two minutes, then we sat and talked a while. We ended up going to Elbert's and eating. Heck, Anita seemed to know as many people in there as we did. We had a good time, Linda and Anita drank Pepsi and I drank Buds. Before things got too crazy, we went back to the house and sat and talked another hour or more before Anita left for her house.
Thanksgiving Day we had a nice small dinner, just the three of us, no shopping, no football, just being a small family in a small house with plenty of peace and quiet. It was nice. I did call Brent and wish him, Pauliine, Julie, Kyle, Dorothy and Larry a happy Thanksgiving from all of us. I'm really glad Pauline was able to get her Mom and Dad to come to their house for Thanksgiving, it means a lot to her! Around 2 PM
Linda went to Gay &Abner Jr's house. Linda's Mom and her neices & nephews were there. She was back in a couple of hours. Friday morning we had omelets for breakfast and took it slowly getting ready to leave for KY. It was spitting snow, but no accumulation on the roads. We took the Interstate through Indy and exited at the 76 mile maker near Edinburgh then went US 31 south to the 19 mile marker on 65 to avoid the construction. It was a nice ride going that way. Then we stopped at Kingfish and picked up our usual dinner, but this time we ate in the truck since it was too windy and cool to eat outside and too cold to leave Coco in the truck by himself. We buzzed through the construction between Louisville and Elizabeth town, just barely slowing down, then trucked on back to the farm without any problems.

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Posted on Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Frustration Ends

On October 29th, I found out that the Cumberland County Pharmacy (CCP) had been giving us Stacey's medications without getting paid. They had expected their billings to go through, but Coventry Cares (CC) had not paid since August 28th. I started out by calling Coventry Cares and was told that Dr Zhu's office needed to send in a Prior Authorization (PA) form to them. I called Dr Zhu's office and they said they would take care of it. A couple of days went by and I called the pharmacy about Stacey's meds and they tried getting paid, no luck. I called CC and again they said I needed the doctor's office to send in a PA. This procedure went on for about 2 weeks. Still no results. I remained calm and polite through the entire time, but it was getting frustrating. I asked Linda to call and see if she could do anything. She got farther along, but still no payment to the pharmacy. "Give it 48 hours.", she was told. We waited over the weekend and still no payments.
Friday, I told the CCP that Stacey was nearly out of medications and we could not get it fixed with CC. Once again, they gave us the medications, but asked me to come in on Monday and call CC from their business so we could all talk together.
Monday, Stacey and I went to CCP and they called their number for CC, then put me on the phone. I had to have Stacey give them the OK to talk to us due to HIPAA laws. Then we chatted and had to tell the entire story again, then I gave the phone back to the pharmacist and she talked to CC. All this took about a hour. Finally, I was told to go back home and they would call later to let me know if anything had been changed. About 1:30 PM the phone rang, nothing was different, still no payments.
Wednesday, I went back to the CCP without being asked to check to see if any payments had been made. They hadn't, so the pharmacist called CC again. This time, a positive result. The payments were processed and they were being paid for Stacey's medications. We had a mini celebration right then!
Dr Zhu had told me over a year ago how the insurance companies were making it nearly impossible for people to get their brand name medications. He was completely correct. My GM Retiree medication provider, Express Scripts (ES) won't cover them at all, no way, no how. Coventry Cares requires letters from the doctors and Prior Authorization which they make nearly impossible to achieve.
This is the second time we've had to go through this procedure. We are approved for one year, so we can look forward to doing this again.

Thanks to Cumberland County Pharmacy and their staff for caring more about the person than their money! Coventry Cares and Express Scripts, eh, not so much!

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Posted on Monday, November 10, 2014

Daleville Trip

We arrived in Daleville with a pizza and our clothes in the pickup truck. We turned on the water, water heater and turned up the furnace, then ate our pizza and hooked up the TV. Pretty soon it was sleepy time.
Saturday morning, I woke up and it was fairly chilly in the house. I checked the thermostat and it read 61 degrees. I asked Linda if she knew what the deal was with it not heating. No, she didn't. We went down stairs and looked at the furnace, then checked a switch and followed the wire to a separate fuse box. It looked like the fuses were OK, but we changed two of them anyway. Still no heat, no fan, nothing worked. Since Linda had worked at Lehman's Heating and Cooling, she had friends that she thought would be able to fix it. She went on Facebook to Brad Douglas's profile and found his business phone number. Brad called back a little later and said he would be over at 7 AM. He arrived on time and we talked a few minutes about what everyone had done since Linda had left Lehman's, then he went to look at the furnace. With his electrical tester he was able to track down one of the problems. It was a blown fuse in a different box that looked like it was OK. He changed that and the furnace began to run. Within about two minutes, it shut off without getting the house to the temperature the thermostat was set. Brad immediately said the filter was too dirty and was blocking enough air flow that the furnace was not getting rid of enough heat so it was kicking off. We changed the filter and he restarted the furnace. This time it continued to run until the thermostat shut it off. Great! A fuse and a new filter and we had it working. We went upstairs and sat at the table and began talking about when Brad had came down to the farm to ride ATVs and things that had happened to each of us since then. Brad had left Lehman's and started his own company in Anderson called Alpha Air. He installs HVAC residential systems and also does service on them. After paying Brad for his service call, we sat and talked for over an hour before he left. It was nice to see him again. Linda and I began moving the living room things out of the way and tearing out the old carpet, pad, staples and the tack strips.

After laying down one row of backer board and screwing it down, we moved the couch to the other side of the room. Then we pulled the remaining carpet up and cleaned up the tack strip and staples. Lunch was from Elbert's, a little more work, then a shopping trip to Menard's We were mainly checking the availability of some things we were planning on using later in our construction process. We did buy three boxes of different amperage fuses for the house, just in case something else goes bad. We returned to the house and hooked up the TV again, this time on the other side of the living room.
Sunday morning, the furnace was still working and at the proper temperature. That was reassuring to me. We had breakfast and then laid down another full row of backer boards, then I screwed them down while Linda finished removing all the staples from the floor. I began cutting the edge pieces to fit and Linda took over screwing them down. Pretty soon we were done. After McRibs for a late lunch, Stacey and Linda went to visit with Nana while I watched the NASCAR race.

Monday morning, Stacey was a little twitchy, so we quickly gave her a Valium along with her regular meds. Things continued like that as we packed up, shut off everything, set the furnace to 55 degrees and headed home. We had to give Stacey more Valium as we were driving, but after we crossed the Ohio River, it seemed like she was doing OK. So, we stopped in Campbellsville for some take out sandwiches and ate as we were driving the rest of the way to the farm. Stacey helped unload the truck and didn't need any more Valium the rest of the night.

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Posted on Monday, November 03, 2014

Happy Birthday Stacey

Jason came through again by sending flowers for Stacey.
They arrived just in the nick of time as Stacey was calling him to ask if he wanted to go out to eat with us. Jason was asking her, "Did you get anything today?", and Stacey kept telling him, "No." But right then the door bell rang and the dog started barking. It was a delivery, from Jason, of flowers with a helium filled balloon. So they were able to talk about it on the way to eat. But really, the main topic was the fight between Jeff Gordon, Brad Kesoloski and their NASCAR pit crews.

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Posted on Friday, October 31, 2014

Trick Or Treat

Even though the weather was colder and it was misting rain, we still had a few trick or treaters come to the door. I took a couple pictures of the ones we knew.
There was a scary wild animal around that made a lot of noise each time the door bell rang. I managed to get a picture of it too!

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Posted on Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Damp Colors

Yesterday and last night the rain took a lot of the leaves off the trees and muted the colors of the hills.
At the same time, it really greened up the hay fields that were mowed last week.

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Posted on Sunday, October 26, 2014

Anita & Shelly Visit

Anita & Shelly arrived Friday evening.
Saturday morning we had breakfast and talked for a while. I went outside for a while and used the tractor to trim around the hay field and let the girls talk. Pauline and Brent arrived with their kids in time for lunch. After lunch, we took Daisy for a run and let the kids throw some rocks into the creek from the gravel bar.
Then we took Daisy back to the barn and went on a longer ride up the hill and around Jone's Ridge. It was a pretty autumn scene as we were going through the woods on a gravel road. We had a nice ride, stopping near the end to let Kyle and Julie hold their hands and feet under the water that runs out all the time, then returning to the farm. Brent started a fire in the fire pit and I went to town for hot dogs and marshmallows. We roasted both over the fire and also used the campfire pie makers to make some apple pies.
Pauline and Brent left to go home around 6:30 PM because Pauline had to be in Nashville before 8 AM to fly to California for her job. We went to the house when they left and sat and talked the remainder of the evening.
Sunday morning Anita and Shelly took showers and cleaned up their stuff right after breakfast, then sat and talked until 11 AM. We all walked outside and gave each other good bye hugs before they headed back to IN.

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