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Posted on Saturday, July 14, 2018

Baseball & Softball

Brent asked us to go to a Bowling Green Hot Rods baseball game with them. We left the farm about 3 PM and drove to their house where we talked a few minutes and then loaded into their Traverse. Kyle's Little League was being honored by the Hot Rods. Kyle, his team and the other teams in the same league were all taken on the field before the game. The announcer began announcing the starting lineup and as each player ran out of the dug out one of Kyle's team mates would meet them, do a knuckle bump and run along side the player out to their position. Kyle's turn came and he did as everyone else had done. I kept watching as he and the professional player were chatting while the rest of the starters were announced and came onto the field. They remained on the field as the National Anthem was played. Then all the kids were returned to their seating area and the game began.
The Hot Rods won 4-3. See the story HERE. We quickly left and rode to Brent's, then took Kyle with us to the farm, arriving about midnight
Saturday morning, we left the farm at 6:45 AM, stopped at Hardee's and drove to Campbellsville for Julie's 9 AM game. The teams were warming up as we parked. Josh & Brent won the coin flip so they were home team and took the field first. Julie walked the first batter, stuck one out, then walked two more to load the bases. One line drive for the second out, then a strike out ended the inning without the other kids scoring. Julie pitched better the rest of the game, but they lost 5 to 4 after time expired at the end of the 4th inning.
About a ten minute break and the second game began. Linda and I could tell right away this game was against a much tougher team. Julie's team never scored and thankfully time expired after three innings of a major beat down. We found out this was a traveling team with players from Somerset, Louisville and Frankfort. They were in a class all their own and never lost a game in the tournament.
Two other teams played a game, then Julie's team began their third game. Julie was pitching again. The teams were fairly even in ability and Julie's team won 5 to 4 with a close call at the end. We had to wait for two more games to be played before being told Julie's team had not made the cut for the final games. We packed the chairs and cooler into the Equinox with Julie & Kyle after telling Pauline & Brent bye, then drove back to Burkesville. They are staying with us for the next week.

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Posted on Monday, June 25, 2018

Garage Finished

Stacey, Linda & I left Friday morning for Daleville. We stopped in Pendleton and dropped off Linda so she could drive her Mom's truck while we were in IN. Stacey and I went on to Daleville and unloaded the Equinox and turned on the AC at the house. Linda ended up having to call Imon to unlock the garage before she could get to the truck. She remained there for a couple hours before coming to Daleville.
Lana & Frank Dial visited with us Saturday evening. Stacey had trouble all day and wasn't good when they were with us. It was still enjoyable chatting with Lana & Frank.
Sunday, Stacey was fine & Linda took her and visited with Nana & Imon most of the day. Sunday morning, I worked on installing the electric garage door opener with Steve Sargent. We mounted the opener and hooked it to the power. Jim Cooper dropped in for a few beers and conversation. He even stayed after Linda & Stacey returned. It was good seeing Jim!
Monday, Steve laid the last part of the cap on the split faced block while I programmed the door opener and the key pad for it. Linda visited with her brother, Jr most of the day.
Finally, the garage was done! We moved our stuff out of the yard barn and into the garage. The yard barn is ready to be moved from our yard and located about 3 blocks away.
Rain stopped the guy from delivering the gravel for the driveway Tuesday. He will also finish grade the area around the garage when the yard barn is removed and the ground is dry. Bonnie & Donny came over Tuesday evening and we talked, then went to Elbert's Lounge for Taco Tuesday. There were several others from Daleville there, Bob Huffman, Terry Granger, Helen Craig, Christa & Bruce Corn, Mary & Steve Sargent and it was kind of an old home week.
Wednesday, we packed our things, locked the house and headed back to KY.

Thanks to Steve Sargent and his crew of workers for doing a great job building the garage!

Update The driveway is finished. Thanks to Mary Sargent for the photo taken the day after we left.

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Posted on Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Fields Recover

I wanted to fly the drone over the fields to see if the over night rain had caused them to turn green. It is hard to see the camera screen for the drone in bright sunlight, so I sat in the shelter house to provide shade for viewing the drone flight.
The fields did turn greener fairly quick. The hay has been gathered and ready for loading onto wagons.
I took the drone higher and positioned it directly over the highway to take this shot looking west.
Another shot of the farm house, barn and equipment shed.

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Posted on Saturday, June 09, 2018

Hay Done Road Repaved

When we returned home from IN, all the hay had been cut and rolled. The fields looked a little brown because there had not been any rain fall since the hay was cut.
I flew the drone and took inventory of the rolls and the condition of the fields. I flew it down the creek to our other fields and hovered to take several pictures, snapped a couple on the way back and then returned to the farm house.
The new pavement on SR 61 was laid while we were in IN. I was delighted they paved over the rumble strips that had been ground into the previous pavement The noises from those things are annoying as people are either passing another vehicle or trying to see what is going on in our driveway. :-)
I snapped a couple more pictures as I was landing the drone. We park our Mules in the back loft of the old barn.

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Posted on Friday, June 08, 2018

Concrete Poured In Daleville

We went to IN Sunday morning. The weather was cooler than in KY and less humid. Linda spent a lot of time with her Mom digging up the flowers at the Broadway house and replanting them at Nana's new place. I remained in Daleville watching Steve and his crew pour concrete for new porch steps and an apron and stoop for the new garage. The truck driver filled the forms for the steps first.
After some preliminary work, Ed & George moved to the garage and Steve did the finishing work on the steps.
The stoop was filled and leveled next.
Then the apron was poured, trowled and then broom finished.
Linda bought a Genie garage door opener for Steve to install. Steve began laying the split faced blocks to finish the bottom of the walls. We returned to the farm on Friday.

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Posted on Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Tadpoles Into Frogs

Julie, Kyle, Linda & Stacey had been watching a puddle along the edge of the creek that was a breeding ground for thousands of tadpoles. Each of the black dots in the picture are tadpoles turning into frogs.
When we stopped the Mule and looked around, little bitty frogs were hopping all around the water hole. One landed on the rock and I took a quick picture.
Julie caught several in her hand and put a dandelion bloom along side for size comparison.
The frogs are so small up beside Kyle's thumb nail.

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Posted on Sunday, May 27, 2018

Heart In KY

Linda & Brent picked out a piece of barn siding and put together nails and string to make a piece of art I called, "Our Heart Is In KY".
Linda made another one, then donated one to benefit the Democratic Party of Cumberland County. We took one to the Daleville house and hung it on the wall.

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Posted on Thursday, May 24, 2018

Berry Picking Time

Schools out! Julie & Kyle are staying at the farm for nearly two weeks. Lucky for them, the strawberries are ripe. Stacey, Linda and I had already picked a tub full two days earlier, this time J & K had easy pickings and came to the house with a full gallon. I'm not sure how many they ate, doesn't matter, I hope they filled their bellies.
Julie wanted to help make the jam so we worked together and made 2 batches that ended up being 10 half pints. They're sealed and ready to eat or save for later.

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