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Posted on Sunday, January 22, 2017

Dogs Run

We went outside this morning and took Coco with us down to the barn, picked up Daisy and headed across the creek in the Mule. Coco was a nervous wreck with Daisy in the Mule, he was squeaking and growling real low.
We crossed the creek and stopped the Mule, let Coco and Daisy sniff around.
Then Coco hopped down and we let them run loose a little while.
Incidently, the Dale Hollow Lake Eagle Camera is now LIVE and the eagles are nesting. I'm leaving it on the right side of this page until the eaglets hatch and leave the nest. There is a link to their web site below the video feed.

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Posted on Saturday, January 14, 2017

Our Drone

Stacey, Linda & I went to Brownsville to watch Julie & Kyle play basketball. After the games, we ate with them at the Dairy Queen, then went to their house to check out the new DJI Phantom 4 drone that Brent and I purchased together. Brent gave me a quick tour of the controls, then it was my turn to fly it. I started the drone, lifted off the driveway and snapped a picture.
Then moved it a litte further away and higher. I flew it with one hand on the controlls while we waved as the drone remained motionless.
I then moved the drone even higher, I used my cell phone's live video feed to position the drone so the camera would frame Brent's house and I snapped another shot.
The DJI Phantom is super easy to fly. The hardest part is remembering which end is the front while it is in the air. I was totally impressed with the ease of controlling the flight of the drone and the quality of the pictures it took. It also takes HiDef movies.

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Posted on Tuesday, January 03, 2017

Pacer Game & New Year's

Lee Enterprises had made some progress on filling in the tax sale lot, but it had rained too much for them to finish. They did remove the over grown shrubs in front of the Daleville house which let us see the steps were falling apart.
Pauline & Brent joined us Friday afternoon with Julie. After everyone returned from visiting Nana, we went to Bird's Smoke House for supper.
Saturday we played Aggravation before going to Shelly & Jeff's house for their New Year's Eve Party.

We hung around the Daleville House after Pauline & Brent took their kids and headed home. We really sat around too long and were about late for the Pacer game. It started an hour earlier than we thought, not because of the time difference, because we didn't look at the tickets.
I may take decent pictures, but I'm really lousy at taking "selfies"! LOL
Of course we stopped at King Fish. We ate inside because it was raining, but it was warm enough Coco could stay in the truck.
We had a good trip, had fun with family and friends, saw a good ball game and ate good food.

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Posted on Thursday, December 29, 2016

Last Daleville Trip of 2016

We met Brent, Pauline, Julie and Kyle in Glasgow to pick up Kyle. He returned to the farm with us so we could leave for IN early Thursday morning.
We ate sausage breakfast and took our medicine before leaving the farm a few minutes before 8 AM CST. We stopped at the rest area and let Coco and everyone do their business, then continued on to Daleville. Traffic was at a minimum and we arrived at 1:30 PM EST. After unloading our things, I called Pizza King and ordered. Twenty minutes later I was headed back to Daleville with a 16" Royal Feast. Everyone was eager to tear into the box, but I managed to slow Kyle down to take a picture.

We posted it on FB to tease Pauline & Brent. Several other people were jealous because they like Pizza King and it isn't available in KY. I took some pictures of the white house with the empty Tax Sale lot, the gray house lot and Elbert's.

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Posted on Sunday, December 25, 2016

Christmas 2016

Pauline and Brent arrived Friday afternoon with Poco and Pepper. They carried in a lot Christmas presents, then we chatted for a little while before eating the roast beef Manhattans that Linda had cooked.
Saturday morning I fixed breakfast, then we let Pepper run between rain showers. We went to Major's Pizza for lunch and when we returned there was a present marked "Open Now!" for Julie, Kyle & Stacey. It was a combination VCR & DVD player for them to watch videos upstairs. Brent and I hooked it up and started the "Grinch Who Stole Christmas" for the kids to watch. Later, Linda, Pauline and Julie made a 'fruit pizza' with cookie crust, a marshmallow fluff & cream cheese sauce, and several types of fruit as a topping.
Christmas morning, I took a picture of Brent's family before we opened presents, then I just enjoyed watching the madness as the presents were handed out and opened. I took a picture of Julie after she had arranged her gifts and was looking through them.
Pauline and Julie tried on some of their new clothing and I took a picture of them.
We burned all of the Christmas present wrappings down at the fire pit by the shelter house. The weather was really warm and the sun was out, so we took Pepper and Daisy for a run around the fields across the creek from the house. We stopped at the pole barn and ate pop sickles before going back inside. There was a fog rising off of the creek water while we sat inside and played Euchre right before Brent left with his family a little after dark.

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Posted on Friday, December 23, 2016

Pictures For Christmas

After watching the Star Wars:Rogue One showing, we took Julie and Kyle with us to the farm.
The next morning, I started their day with having them shower, dry their hair and get dressed for pictures that Pauline wanted me to take. Not a lot to say about that, except I took a lot of shots and then picked what I thought were the best ones. I transferred the files to a memory stick and had three 8 by 10s printed at Walmart.
Linda placed the pictures in the white frames I had bought and then wrapped them for Christmas presents for Pauline & Brent.

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Posted on Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Freezing Fog

Yesterday and this morning there was a fog hanging over the farm. This wasn't unusual, but it was unusual that the fog was freezing on the trees and grass. I drove the Mule across the creek and took a few pictures before we headed to Glasgow.
We met Pauline, Brent, Julie & Kyle at Applebee's to eat lunch before going to the Star Wars : Rogue One showing. The show was fairly interesting and explained several of the oddities of the orginal Star Wars episode. Julie and Kyle didn't care much for the way this episode ended, it was not what they expected.

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Posted on Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Early Christmas Spirit

Linda had been putting the Christmas hat on Coco for a couple of days, so we worked together with Stacey and took a picture of him on the Santa rug in front of the Christmas tree. It required several shots before we were able to get him to remain still for the picture. We are loaning the red utility trailer to a group in Burkesville to haul a load of Christmas gifts to Louisville on Saturday, so we had to move the old cars out of the pole barn and pull the trailer outside. While I had it hooked to the truck I asked Linda if she wanted to go to Central Furniture and pick out a new recliner. She did, so we drove through Greensburg to the furniture store and bought the recliner of her choice, then hauled it back to the farm and carried it inside. I left the trailer out side of the pole barn for the group to hook onto and haul their gifts to Louisville this coming Saturday.
Linda seems happy with her new "control chair" that rocks and reclines.

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