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Posted on Monday, April 14, 2014

Daleville Tile Job

Stacey, Linda and I left the farm Friday around 3 PM, Pauline, Brent and their kids left their house a little later. We all arrived in Daleville in time to watch a little TV and talk before going to bed.
Saturday morning, Pauline went for breakfast and brought it back to the house while we were preparing to lay tile in the kitchen. I began by mixing the quick set mortar and laying the tile along a chalk line we had snapped to guide the placement of the first row of tiles. After working across one half of the kitchen floor, Pauline began back buttering the tiles and Brent took over laying. I helped by cutting the tiles to fit along the edge of the room.
We decided to quit trying to fit the edge tiles and to just get the full pieces laid. We worked the remaining half of the kitchen back to the door and stopped to let the tile mortar setup firm. Pauline and Brent took Julie and Kyle to an indoor water park in Indianapolis to swim and have fun. They returned about 5:30 PM and were ready to eat. I suggested we go to Anderson and eat at one of our favorite Pizza King restaurants. That was OK with everyone, so we loaded into their Traverse and headed out. The service was great, the bread sticks and pizza arrived quickly, and the pitcher of beer was good and cold. We returned to the house and company began arriving. Jim Lindzy and girl friend, Liz, came in with Amber and Clayton. About 20 minutes later, Kim and Kenny Bourke arrived. We all laughed and talked till about 10 PM when the company left. Shortly after that, it was bedtime for everyone. The work and beer had done it's job, we were worn out.
Sunday morning, I made a run to Anderson for a couple dozen dough nuts and a sack of holes. Julie and Kyle ate 20 of the 25 holes before they quit. Several of the dough nuts were left, so Kyle claimed them to take home. Linda wrote his and Julie's name on the box and taped the box shut so they would make the trip without spilling. Pauline, Brent and I finished laying the remaining tiles that had to be cut to fit around the door facings and in the corners. Brent and I cut the bottom of the door off so it would swing open and closed without dragging on the tiles. We cleaned up the mess and sat down. Pauline and Brent loaded their things into their car, the kids gave us hugs and they headed to Nana's house planning on taking in a pizza. I walked over to Elbert's Bar and bought 3 giant tenderloin sandwiches, then took them back to the house for us to eat. Linda and I sat there for a while, then decided to paint the kitchen with the paint we had brought. Linda taped the trim and cabinets while I stirred the paint. She used the brush and I began rolling and using a paint pad along the edge of the ceiling. The paint covered fairly well considering what a mess the walls were in when we started. Once we were done, I washed the pad and threw away the roller, cleaned my hands and arms, then took a shower while Linda cleaned up the counter and floor. The rest of my evening was spent laying around watching TV. Linda and Stacey went shopping in Muncie.
Monday morning, we evaluated our paint job and decided it was going to need another coat to cover some of the speckled places that were showing through. My plan is to paint the ceiling white and to come down the walls a half inch or so, then paint the walls gray and use the paint pad with the wheels on it to draw a straight line around the top of the walls. We shut off the water, water heater, packed our things, locked the doors and went to Pendleton to visit Nana. Linda had bought an Easter Basket with a flower and candy inside to give to her Mom. We sat and talked for over an hour, then I managed to get them to stand still for a picture before we left for home.

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Posted on Saturday, April 05, 2014

Grandkids Stay

Julie and Kyle's school was on spring break this week, so we picked them up in Glasgow Wednesday evening at McDonald's Thursday and part of Friday were rainy, so we stayed inside most of the time. Linda had Kyle perched in front of the TV watching Learning Tree shows on NetFlix.
He needs more structured activities than he gets at the babysitters house. When he wasn't watching the educational shows, I took him outside with me and we spent time talking and doing things together. One time when we went out, Kyle jumped in the log we had cut open to plant flowers inside. Julie joined him and it looked like a log flume ride, or a space ship, or a race car, they were imagining all kinds of things.

Saturday, the rains were over and the creek water had receded so we were able to go across the creek in the Mule. While we were letting Daisy run, we came across the hay field with the daffodils growing wild. We stopped and I took a picture of Julie and Kyle setting in the middle of the flowers.

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Posted on Friday, April 04, 2014

Greening Up

After a day or two of rain, the creek is up and so is the grass.
Seems like the grass turned green and jumped up over night. I tested the finish mower a few days ago, so I think I'm ready. I'll need to get my iPod charged and update the music, then I'll be officially ready to mow.

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Posted on Monday, March 31, 2014

Kitchen Floor

Stacey, Linda and I left the farm as soon as Linda came home from work Friday. The traffic was great until we entered I-65. Then we were in a race with ALL the UK fans heading to Indy for the Louisville vs KY NCAA basketball game. When we crossed the Ohio River and were near the 9 mile marker, traffic came to a quick dead stop. One of Linda's friends from school was ahead of us about 5 miles and told us there was a wreck. We crawled along for the next 45 minutes, only going about 8 miles, then back to the race to Indy. When we turned onto I-465 around Indianapolis, it was as if most everyone else had pulled into the pits. Traffic was much better the rest of the way to Daleville. We went inside the house and I quickly hooked up the DirecTV box, then found out we were not going to be able to watch the ballgame. The second option was to go to Elbert's Bar and watch the game. That worked out great. Stacey and I were the advanced scouts so we picked out seats and ordered food for all three of us, then called Linda and told her the game was on and the food was nearly ready. We all sat at the bar, ate and watched KY beat Louisville, then walked back to the house (150 feet).
Saturday morning, we had a lite breakfast, then began cutting and fitting the backer board and laying it on the floor. Linda was grabbing tools and finding things we needed while I cut the pieces to fit. A little before noon, Linda K and Imon came in the front door. We talked a little bit, then Imon took me to Lowe's in his new truck. We picked up two more backer boards and a pizza while we were out. I carried in the backer boards and Imon carried in the pizza. We all ate and talked a while longer until they said they needed to go, then we went back to work on the floor. We finally had all the pieces cut to fit, so we quit for the night and watched some TV.
Sunday morning, after a repeat of Saturday's breakfast, I removed several of the backer board pieces and mixed up some quick set mortar in a bucket. I spread the mortar with a notched trowel, then laid the pieces back down in their original positions. I got Linda started nailing the backer boards to the floor and I kept mixing mortar and putting down more pieces until we were done.

We picked up the tools and debris, then took showers and ate a bologna sandwich. We needed a break, so we went to Lowe's, bought tile and mortar, then to Pendleton to visit Nana. She was surprised when we called and said we were coming down, but even more surprised when we weren't in a hurry to go on home to KY. Nana and Linda went to Imon's and then went shopping while Stacey and I watched another KY basketball game on TV. To my surprise, KY beat Michigan to move on to the NCAA Final Four. When Nana and Linda returned, we talked a while then went back to the Daleville house and I unloaded the tile and mortar. Linda fixed supper. When Linda started to do the dishes, she immediately ran out of hot water. I thought, "What the heck?" I recently had electricians put in a shut off for the power to the hot water heater, what could be wrong with that? I went downstairs to check. I looked at the shut off box. The piece that pulls out to disconnect the power was gone. I found it laying on the floor, evidently, all the hammering had vibrated it loose and it fell to the floor. I pushed it back in the slot and we could hear the water heater start heating water. This time I snapped the power shut off box lid closed. About 20 minutes later Linda was able to finish the dishes and we stayed the night.
Monday morning we took it easy, our legs were sore from all the kneeling and work. We cleaned up the place, packed up, shut things off and left about 9:30 AM.

We made our traditional stop at KingFish's, ate outside next to the river, then drove home, arriving about 2:30 PM.

Linda & I would like to thank Wilson Electric in Chesterfield, IN for the work they did to our Daleville house. They fixed everything on our list, did it well and all work was done without us being there.
Thanks Karen & Steve Wilson!

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Posted on Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Sticker Tires

We began the day by moving the old cars out of the pole barn, then hooking the red trailer to the truck and pulling it out. Stacey and I unloaded the furniture from Mom's house and set it in the pole barn, then we pulled the truck and trailer into the driveway by the house. We loaded up two of our 4 wheelers and took them to Jeff's Auto Service in Burkesville. He had ordered some new tires for the 4 wheelers. Enough of the order had been delivered for his guys to remove and replace all the tires on both of the 4 wheelers we had in the trailer. He had one more tire, but was having to wait on three others to be delivered. No guarantee on when. After the tires were on, we towed the trailer back to the farm. Stacey opened the trailer doors and began rolling out the 4 wheelers with the 'sticker' tires on them.
We fired them up and went for a ride. Wow, it was almost like new 4 wheelers, they didn't pull to one side or the other and were a lot easier to steer. When Linda came home, we took a ride too. Linda and I put the trailer back in the barn, then pulled the old cars inside.

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Posted on Saturday, March 22, 2014

Next Year's Wood

Our wood crew went outside early, loaded the chainsaw, gas, oil, toolbox, and axe into the Mule and headed back in the 'holler' to cut up the trees that had fell a month or so ago. I hooked the wood splitter to the back of a 4 wheeler and towed it back there also. We cut up the two smaller trees and loaded them on the trailer, then hauled them to the wood shed and dumped the pieces off onto the ground. I'll split them in a few days. We went back and began cutting the larger two logs and splitting those pieces as we cut them. When we had one trailer load cut and split, we took it to the wood shed and went inside for lunch. Linda had homemade vegetable soup ready to eat in the crock pot, so lunch didn't take very long. Brent, his kids and I unloaded the split wood and stacked it in the shed while the girls cleaned up from lunch, then we all went back across the creek and to the logs.
Those two logs made two more trailer loads of split wood, which filled up a complete row in the wood shed. After we had finished with the good pieces of wood, we had some pieces that were rotten in places, so I brought the tractor over and we filled the scoop with those junk pieces. Kyle wanted to ride with me on the tractor, so we put him in the scoop and chained him in so he wouldn't fall out.

No, we didn't really let him ride like that! He rode setting on my knee as I drove back to the firepit and dumped the scoop. We will use that wood for bonfires.

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Posted on Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Mud Hole

After a day or two of rain, the area I had bulldozed has turned into a mud hole. LoL! But it is better than it was before the bulldozing. At least now, it's draining fairly quick. Before, the trees, roots and debris were holding the water for weeks after a rain. There will still be some water coming from inside the hill, but the ditch that has been created should carry it away too.
There is still some touch up dozing to be done. Then I will use the tractor, the scoop and the disk to make it as smooth as the rest of the field.

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Posted on Thursday, March 13, 2014

More Dozer Work

After a day of rain and colder weather, Joey returned to the farm and began taking out two rows of trees that had grown up in a drainage ditch. With the ground being wet it seemed like fairly easy work for the dozer. Joey would just chain the dozer to a tree and begin pulling away. The tree would be pulled out by the roots, fall over and then be drug behind the dozer.
Joey piled the downed trees in the middle of a group of trees near the creek. That area is so low, it is mushy most of the time, so the trees can lay there until they rot away without affecting anything else.

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Posted on Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Bulldozer Work

A little over a week ago, a guy that worked on the SR 61 Relocation Project stopped in at the house and wanted to know if I needed any dozer work done. I said I sure did, so he agreed to bring his dozer down to the farm and do some work. He didn't come right back the next day because of weather, it was about a week later when he stopped on the highway to make sure I still wanted the work done. I did, so he pulled across the creek and began working. Joey worked a couple of hours that day and left due to his equipment malfunctioning. It was over heating because of a sticking thermostat, but I guess he repaired it that afternoon, because this morning, he was over there working by 8 AM. I'm having some scrub trees cleared out of the low spots in the hay fields where water has stood.
The main work I was having Joey do was to clean up where the loggers worked a year or two ago. They left a mess in the bottom of the 'holler' and I've been wanting it dozed out so we can ride 4 wheelers back there. Well, now it's done and it "looks like an Interstate" through there. At least that is what Brent used to say when we would clean out the 'holler' across from the house. It will be more work to maintain, but I enjoy that sort of work and people seem to like to ride the trails.
There was a lot of wood that doesn't get used when they cut trees for timber. Just look in the pictures at the wood the loggers left to rot.

Page Bulldozing - 270-634-0073

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Posted on Monday, March 10, 2014

Lacy Visits the Farm

Lacy came home with Linda from school this afternoon. I had been working outside with the back hoe on the tractor. Lacy was ready to go outside when I came in, so we took the Mule with Linda going too. I asked Lacy to open the door for Daisy to exit her stall. When Lacy first started coming to the farm, she would scream when any dog came close to her, we have worked with her to get her to relax and enjoy being around our dogs. Daisy charged out the door and ran to the Mule, jumped in and was ready to go. Lacy sat in the back seat and buckled her belt, then I told her to stick her hand around the safety cage and let Daisy lick her hand. She did it, then said it smelled bad. LoL. We rode our usual route and Lacy wanted to stop on the gravel bar to skip rocks. Linda and I watched, then we had a contest. While we were there, I let Daisy get close to Lacy several times, then Lacy said she wasn't afraid of her. I showed her that if you put your hand in Daisy's mouth, Daisy does everything she can to open her mouth and get your hand out. Lacy laughed, but didn't want to try it. OK.
We rode back towards the house and then across the creek. I asked Lacy to put down the tailgate and let Daisy out of the Mule.
We made a lap around the hay field and put Daisy back in the barn, then went to the fire pit area and was letting Lacy swing on the rope swing. Lacy's Grandpa Jimmy came to pick her up about 5:45 PM.

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