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Posted on Friday, September 09, 2016

Grandparents Day

Stacey, Linda and I left the farm at 9:15 AM and drove to Soutn Edmonson Elementary School to visit with Julie & Kyle during Grandparents' Day. We met Kyle at the entrance to the cafeteria and he escorted us through the lunch line as we picked out chicken strips, mashed potatoes, green beans, a roll, fried apples and milk. Kyle picked out a table and we sat down to eat our lunches.
After chatting with Kyle during his lunch period, Julie came into the cafeteria for her lunch time. She gave us hugs, then went through the lunch line and brought her tray of food to the table to join us. Julie talked with us as she ate. Several of her friends came by to say, "hi" as we finished our lunches.

Kyle and Julie took us to their respective rooms and we met their teachers as we walked through to see the kids' desks. Kyle remained in his room while Julie walked us to the door as we left the school. We went shopping at Sam's Club before returning to the farm.

A few weeks ago, Brent had taken the truck to pull the boat to the lake foor his Birthday Cruise. When he returned, he told me that there was a smell of something dead that was coming through the AC vents. I had to use the truck last week and I noticed it was still stinking, so I made an appointment to have the cab filter changed at the local GM Dealer. Below is a picture of what they dug out when they changed the cab air filter.

Two adult mice and two baby mice were dead inside the filter container. Needless to say, when I picked up the truck, it smelled a lot better.

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Posted on Monday, September 05, 2016

Labor Day On Dale Hollow

Brent's family came over Saturday morning and we stayed around the farm, riding in the Mule, letting the kids play in the creek and just took it easy. That gave Pauline and Brent a day to relax.
Sunday morning we ate breakfast and packed the coolers and stuff for the trip to Dale Hollow Lake. We launched the boat about 9:30 AM and headed towards the Holly Creek area of the lake.
Julie and Linda were our bow babes on the ride over.
We pulled into a long inlet that is usually smooth water even when the lake is busy with boat traffic. We tossed out the anchor and went swimming for about an hour. After we all ate a sandwich, I told the kids they had better do some skiing before the boats piled into our spot. Kyle went first, popped right up and skied a good ways 2 or 3 times.
Julie was next and she did the same. Pauline captured Julie falling at the end of one of the ski runs while I was driving the boat.
Stacey was the spotter for Brent as Linda and Kyle watched him from the front of the boat.
Julie thought it was neat the way Brent came up out of a water fountain. After Brent's two runs, we left that inlet and moved to Galton's Hollow for smoother water with less boat traffic.
Kyle wanted to take a turn on the knee board so he could cross the boat's wake. He made it once, but Kyle doesn't have enough weight to make the board cut behind the boat yet. He made it a long distance, going from Galton's Hollow to Mitchell Creek.
We cruised on down to the dam and then took a 30 minute ride back to Pulsey Creek, where we went swimming again as we watch other boats trying to get skiers up. We left the back of the 'holler' and rode to the State Park Dock where we pulled the boat out of the water around 6:30 PM.

It had been a really beautiful day on the lake that we all enjoyed!
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Posted on Sunday, August 14, 2016

Brent's Birthday Cruise

Brent waited too late to schedule rooms at Hidden Cave Ranch, so he invited his friends to stay at the farm this year. Guests began arriving Friday afternoon. This year's guest were Shelly & Jeff Huck, Jennifer & Frank Miles, and Michael Lamont. Pauline & Brent brought Julie & Kyle along with their dogs, Pepper & Poco to stay at the farm too. Friday evening Linda fixed taco flavored meat and let each person make their choice of chips, salad or wrap as the delivery ingredient.
Saturday morning, eggs, sausage, bacon, biscuits and jelly were offered for breakfast before they loaded up and left for the lake about 9 AM. Linda and I kept Julie & Kyle busy during the day since Stacey was asked to go along to the lake this year. Everyone except Shelly & Jeff returned to the farm around 7 PM. Shelly & Jeff went to Major's Pizza and brought pizzas back to the farm for all to enjoy. Brent started a fire in the fire pit down by the shelter house and most guests were hanging around enjoying conversation until after dark. I headed to the house just before midnight.
Sunday morning, Linda served up pancakes and sausage for breakfast. Everyone took a ride on the 4 wheelers or in the Mule as Brent took Pepper & Daisy for a run around the hay fields. Linda cut a large watermelon, that a neighbor had given to us, and several of the guests ate it before they began leaving just before noon. Pauline & Brent packed up their things, loaded their kids and dogs and left for home around 2 PM.
We didn't hear any complaints, so we must have done OK?

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Posted on Tuesday, August 09, 2016

Tax Trip

Stacey, Linda and I left the farm Friday morning and I drove to Daleville. Traffic was light and the interstates were open with only a few slow downs. After opening the Daleville house, Linda took Stacey and went grocery shopping. Rick Cooper stopped by and showed me his new Harley. Wow, it was sharp!
Saturday morning, all of us went to Lapel and delivered some things to Kim Bourke at her day care. We remained there until noon chatting with Kim, then back to Daleville for lunch. Rick had asked me to come to his brother's, Jim's house, for a cook out so Linda and I took Stacey and went to Kathy & Jim's house. Jim was surprised to see us and showed me around his shop. We talked a little while with Bart Donovan and a few other people we knew. There were about 40 guests at Jim's cookout, it was a nice party. We quietly slipped out and drove to Shelly & Jeff Huck's place to drop off a tub of clothes for Airianna. They were not at home, so we left the clothes and went back to Daleville where we pulled the golf cart out of the yard barn and rode around town to see what was going on. There is a controversy in Daleville about an apartment complex that is going to be built.
Sunday morning we ate breakfast and went to visit Linda's Mom in Pendleton. Nana was sitting in the porch swing when we drove up. We sat down on the porch and talked with her. It was nice being outside as the temperature and humidity were lower than it had been for a while. About an hour later, Imon came chugging down the street in his 55 Chevy gasser and stopped to talk too. We left when Imon left right before noon and we went back to Daleville and had lunch. Linda and Stacey went shopping in Muncie while I watched the NASCAR race. I also took pictures of the two other houses we own in Daleville for property tax appeals.
Linda and Stacey returned with their items they had bought. Donnie Cox came by and talked with us for a while about his parents' situation. Then Donnie and I went outside to check out his 1962 Belvedere. It is a sharp car that has been restored, it has a 440 CI motor and a Torque Flite transmission. The motor sounds strong!
Monday, we ate and went to Muncie to file appeals on two of our houses. Linda had filled out the forms, we turned in those and the pictures I had printed at Walmart. The process went quick, and we were on our way back to Daleville in less than a half hour. We took another ride around Daleville in our golf cart, then returned it to the yard barn and locked the barn doors just before dark.
Tuesday, we cleaned up the house, packed the car and headed back to the farm.

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Posted on Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Painting In Daleville

Linda had purchased a gallon of Kiln's to paint the paneling in the dinning room at Daleville. She began by cutting in around the ceiling, the baseboard, and doing the grooves in the panels so I could roll the walls. After waiting till the next day, the next step was to cut in with the gray color we had picked. Once again I rolled the walls. We waited for it to dry a little and we could see where the Kiln's paint was showing through, so we touched it up as the places began to show. Next I did the trim around the ceiling with a white color. Below, we had just placed several of our floor tile along the baseboard to get an idea of how it was going to look when done.

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Posted on Sunday, July 17, 2016

Lori's Wedding

Linda wanted to attend Lori Bankson's wedding to Michael Gossett, so we left the farm Saturday morning and went to Daleville.
Sunday, Linda dressed for the wedding while I went to pickup take out for lunch. When I returned, Linda left for the wedding. Stacey and I remained at the Daleville house and watched the NASCAR race. Cecil Bankson and Larry Campfield walked Lori down the aisle as the wedding began.
Mr and Mrs Michael Gossett coming down the aisle after the wedding ceremony.

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Posted on Saturday, June 25, 2016

Ski Trip #1

Brent and family came over Saturday morning to go boating on Dale Hollow Lake. They had taken Stacey with them on Thursday, but Linda and I did not go along. We were going this time and had purchased a bunch of lunch meat, buns and fruit for everyone to eat while on the lake. Susie Mader had posted they had bought a new pontoon and I made a comment about we were going to the lake, so Gary and I made plans to meet in Pulsey Creek around lunch time. The Maders had bought a new Bennington tri-toon. It was a pretty, nice boat. Everyone swam in the water and talked until around 1 PM, then we pulled up anchor first and moved to the middle of the finger let to do some skiing
Julie went first and popped right up, skied a short way then dropped off. A little more coaching and she took two more turns. Kyle was our next victim
He was a little harder to get going since it had been half a year since his last experience on skis. But he made it up and went a little ways, three different times. Brent was the last one to go. He fought his way up on the Jobe slalom ski and threw a trail of water back and forth across the boat's wake. He held on until his hands gave out, then dropped off and rested until I brought the boat and rope back to his location. The third time was all he wanted.
Each one did well for their first time of the year. Julie asked to get ice cream, so I drove the boat to Willow Grove and they went inside and made their choices, then returned to the boat. We rode for a while towards Wolf River Dock, then pulled into Sewell Creek and anchored the boat in the shade of the hill. The kids had enough sun and it let us extend our time on the lake without getting them sun burned. We pulled the boat off the lake a little after 7 PM, towed it back to the farm and backed it into the pole barn.

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