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Posted on Sunday, August 23, 2015

Friends At Dale Hollow

Frank Dial had called and asked us to meet them on Dale Hollow Lake. We made plans for a boating trip on Sunday.
Sunday morning we woke up to rainy weather, so we had breakfast and Stacey watched the forecast and through the window. As soon as she saw the least amount of sunshine she busted out of her room and announced the sun was shinning and it was going to be 88 degrees. I said, "OK, we can go boating." We quickly prepared our things and drove the Mule down to the barn, put the stuff in the truck and took off. Most of the boats were headed the other way, back to IN or IL, so when we launched, there were several parking spots for the truck and trailer in the lower parking lot. We headed towards Star Point and found Lana & Frank just outside of that fingerlet. About five minutes later, Susan and Danny Rockhill joined us. Right after them came Barb & Bruce Funk with his brother, Dennis. The stories and beer began flowing as everyone was in the water and having a great time. We all took a ride over to Pusley Creek and got wet again after eating sandwiches for lunch. We made a short hop over to Willow Grove to pick up some ice cream.
Then a run down to Mitchell Creek to burn up some gas. I then took everyone to one of my favorite spots, Galton Hollow, where we found some smooth water with nobody else around. We remained there until the day was almost over, then we headed back towards Star Point and stopped just northeast of Lillydale to watch the sunset.
A few goodbyes and we took the boat out, tied up the cover and drove back to the farm.

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Posted on Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Pepper Jelly

When we were in Bowling Green yesterday, we stopped at Aldi's and bought several packs of green peppers. We purchased two packs with red, yellow and orange peppers too. After we returned to the farm, I made two batches of pepper jelly.
This morning, I finished the job and made two more batches. The yellow, red and orange peppers gave the jelly a little bit of color in the jar. Jalepeno's gave the jelly the hotness. I ended up with 2 dozens half pints of pepper jelly.

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Posted on Monday, August 17, 2015

SLN Checkup

Linda decided to take the day off from the school and accompany Stacey and I to Bowling Green for her checkup with Dr Zhu. We left the farm at 8:50 AM and I drove to the Graves-Gilbert Clinic and parked. We went inside and I registered Stacey and gave the clinic our new insurance numbers, then took the registration paper to Dr Zhu's office. We waited in the hall to be called. Dr Zhu had another doctor tagging along on his examinations. Dr Zhu spoke with Stacey for a few minutes, told her he needed her to have a blood test, then talked to Stacey about the Pacers. Dr Zhu asked if we had anything we needed to talk about. We did. We asked and he explained the difference between Depakote ER & Depakote DR to Linda and I, he also assured us that his office would keep it straight. He transferred Stacey's prescription refills to Cumberland County Pharmacy, said good bye and shook our hands as he left the examination room. We made another appointment for one year later. The entire appointment had taken an hour and 45 minutes. We left the clinic and went straight to Cheddars for lunch. After lunch, we stopped at Aldi's for a few groceries and then made it home to the farm at 3 PM.
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Posted on Sunday, August 16, 2015

Brent's Birthday Cruise

Friday evening, Pauline & Brent dropped off Julie and Kyle along with Poco to stay with us while they celebrated Brent's birthday with several friends at Hidden Cave Ranch. I fixed hot dogs, chips and applesauce for the kids' supper.
Saturday, I fixed cinnamon buns for breakfast and then took the Sea Ray to the State Park parking lot for Brent to take his guests boating. Linda followed in the Equinox with Stacey, Julie and Kyle riding along. Frank Miles, Mike Lamont, Shelly & Jeff Huck had all traveled to KY for the day of boating and two nights stay at the ranch. After dropping off the boat and being picked up by Linda, I drove the Equinox to Twin Lakes Wellness Center in Albany and we went swimming.

After two hours in the pool, I felt the kids had been in the water long enough, so we showered and I drove to the closest place to eat, McDonalds. After finishing lunch we headed back to the farm. I must have been right about the swim timing because both Julie and Kyle fell asleep on the ride. Linda took them down to the 'pop sickle' barn and let them play in there for a couple hours. Around 5:30 PM Brent called and said they were done with the boat and we could pick it up. I drove the Equinox to the parking lot and then drove the truck home with the boat. Linda followed me back to the farm in the car and then helped get the boat in the barn. She fixed chicken strips for supper later.
Sunday morning Linda fixed pancakes for breakfast with link sausage. Kyle and I ate four pancakes each, then split the last one after everyone else had what they wanted. A little before noon, Brent came in with the entire crew. Frank, Mike, Shelly & Jeff, Pauline & Brent sat down in the living room and started telling us what had happened and how their lives had been going. We ate some of the sloppy joe burgers that Pauline had made before everyone left for their trips home.
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Posted on Sunday, August 09, 2015

Curly Osburn

We left the farm as soon as Linda came home from school and drove to Louisville. I made a small detour to the Apple Store and went inside, bought an iPad Air for Linda. She wasn't happy with the Dell Tablet and was having trouble with it so time for a new tablet. That took about twenty minutes inside the store since I knew what I wanted to buy and they knew how to get it setup quickly. Back to the car and on to Daleville. I-65 was clear of delays with only one stretch where traffic was routed to the opposite side. We picked up our pizza and proceeded to the Daleville house.
Saturday, Linda and Stacey went to visit with Nana. I attended an event at the Daleville American Legion to honor a previous teacher/coach at Daleville High School. Duane "Curly" Osburn had been a track, cross country coach and taught physical education, health, sex education and driver's education while I attended high school. It appeared that around a hundred of his students and athletes showed up to honor Coach Osburn. The death of Dick Stevenson, one of Coach Osburn's premiere athletes and holder of several school and Delaware County records, had prompted this event with several people saying we needed to get together before others pass away.
This is what I enjoyed the most of being on any sports team, the comradery, the friendships made while on any sports' teams will sometimes last a lifetime. All the game wins soon vanish, but the friendships, hopefully, go on and on. I thank everyone that showed up to honor Coach Osburn, I also thank those athletes that didn't make it to the event for being on the teams and especially the ones that came before me that gave me inspiration.
Sunday morning we went to Lapel and had breakfast with Kim & Kenny at the Legion. Kim's son, Jeremy, brought his daughter with him. After finishing breakfast, we went to a house that Kim & Kenny are acquiring and planning on turning it into a day care. We returned to the Daleville house and took our time closing it, then left about 2 PM. Of course we stopped at Kingfish, picked up carry out and went below to the Rock Patio where there was a live band playing. The weather was perfect for dinning outside with a gentle breeze and a partly cloudy sky.

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Posted on Friday, July 31, 2015

Blue Moon Over KY

Pauling, Julie, Kyle & Brent came over early Friday afternoon. After dark, we went outside to check out the "Blue Moon", which is nothing more than the second full moon in a calendar month. It was just coming up over the hilltop when we first went outside, so Brent quickly went upstairs and brought out the telescope for everyone to take a look.
He made a few adjustments and then everyone peeked through the tiny hole to see.
As interest wained they went back inside the house. Brent and I remained and were discussing a couple of brighter points in the sky. I mentioned that one looked too bright to be a star, so Brent pulled out his phone and opened an app that lets him hold his phone up in any direction and the stars and planets appear on the screen with their names superimposed. The light I was referring to happened to be Saturn, so we trained the telescope on it. Pinning down a very small point of light in the night sky with a telescope turned out to be quite difficult, but we did it. We believe we could faintly see the rings as they cast a shadow across Saturn?

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Posted on Monday, July 27, 2015

July In Indiana

The temperatures in KY were hitting 90+ everyday with high humidity, so instead of staying in the house, we decided to go to IN for a few days before Linda had to return to working at the school. We left the farm about 8:30 AM on Thursday, arriving a little over 5 hours later. Road construction in IN are terrible, with almost no way to go without encountering some delays.
While in Daleville one morning , Linda fixed biscuits and I was able to enjoy some of the peach jam on warm biscuits. So good, it tastes like a peach cobbler to me.

We rode around town on the golf cart and visited with Irene & Gary Sneed one evening. They have a nice backyard area with a fire pit, covered patio and a flat screen TV. We also laid a small area of ceramic tile at the front door entrance after I removed the door sweep from the bottom of the door. We also visited with Nana for about 3 hours one day and Linda and Stacey went to see Kim Bourke for about a half day.
Monday morning we ate breakfast, then packed our stuff, closed up the house and drove towards KY. A quick stop for lunch at Kingfish in Jeffersonville, then the rest of the ride to the farm went smoothly.

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Posted on Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Peach Jam 15

Stacey and I went to Waterview this morning and purchased a half bushel of peaches. We returned to the farm and Linda peeled and sliced about half of the peaches while I smashed the pieces. Stacey ran the Ball Jelly and Jam Maker, then dipped the jam into the jars.
She placed the lids and rings on the jars and set them in the pot of boiling water for ten minutes. Then pulled the jars out and set them on the stove top to cool. As we did more batches, several of the lids began popping indicating they were sealing.
We made 26 half pints and 2 pint jars of peach jam today. We should have enough peaches to do 24 more half pints tomorrow.

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Posted on Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Butler Shirt

We were just going in the house after eating lunch as a car pulled up to our mailbox, put a package inside, then drove off and honked several times. Linda went to the mailbox and picked up a Butler Final 4 shirt that Chuck and Stacey had teased each other about while we were at Beck's place a couple of nights ago.
Stacey and I made a picture with Stacey wearing the shirt and a sign to say "Thank You Chuck".

Chuck Left her that shirt and has been a very generous friend to Stacey.
Linda and I really appreciate that generosity and friendship.
Thank You Chuck Anderson!

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Posted on Monday, July 13, 2015

Brickyard Jackets

Chuck Anderson had called and asked me to get Stacey and Jason together so he could give them both a jacket and, if I could, to pick him up a Strange Bait T-shirt. Chuck and I had both known Chuck Strange a long time. Stacey, Linda and I picked Jason up a few minutes before 5 PM and drove to Star Point Resort near Byrdstown, KY. Chuck was visiting with Cindy and Bruce Beck and had made arrangements with them to have a dinner ready when we arrived. We didn't show up empty handed, Linda had baked a side dish and two pies to add to what Chuck and the Becks had already fixed. After the friendly greetings and eating, Chuck and Stacey exchanged new T-shirts. Stacey had been worried that Chuck was going to give her a Boston Celtic's shirt, but was completely surprised when he handed her the Butler Bulldogs' Final 4 shirt. Stacey gave Chuck the Strange Bait shirts he wanted.
Here's the funny part, Chuck didn't think Stacey would want the Butler shirt and he tried to trade her out of it for a Brickyard 400 Jacket, but Stacey didn't really want to trade. He was a little worried for a minute or two, but Stacey decided to trade it for one of Chuck's Brickyard 400 Jackets. Before the dealing was over, Chuck gave Stacey two Brickyard 400 Jackets. A few minutes later, Chuck went into the other room again and pulled out another Brickyard 400 Jacket and gave it to Jason. It was from the Inaugural Brickyard 400 in 1994 that Jeff Gorden won.
Stacey and Jason were both smiling big time and Chuck was happy to get his Butler T-shirt back since he is a fan of Butler and Brad Stevens, their previous coach. We talked with Cindy, Bruce and Chuck for a couple of hours before leaving to take Jason home and returning to the farm.

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