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Posted on Sunday, February 07, 2016

Kyle's Party

We left the farm at 8:30 AM and I drove to Brownsville to watch Julie play basketball, but when we went in the gym, Julie ran over and told us her game was changed to Monday. We watched some of the game that was going on as we talked with Pauline and Brent. Then we headed to the grade school to watch Kyle's game. Before the game I took a picture of Kyle and the kids on the Tigers.
Coach Terry gave them some last minute instructions before the game and had them run some passing drills at halftime.
After the game we went to P&B's house and had lunch, then drove to Glasgow for a Birthday Swim Party for Kyle. The kids that came to the party were able to play while Pauline setup the cupcakes, ice cream and drinks.
Kyle turned 6 years old on February 2nd, 2016. The cake was individual cupcakes iced and set in the pan to make the number 6. The kids ate quickly and Kyle opened the gifts quickly, then everyone went into the pool..
The five fingers might be the number of teeth that Kyle has lost recently?
Pauline and Vanessa chatted while swimming and I caught several of the kids on the edge of the pool.
Brent gave Stacy an "Attitude Adjustment" like John Cena does on the WWE shows. He also threw every kid in the water several times.
Everyone seemed to have a great time, some tired out and left a little early, but over an hour of pool time should wear them down.

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Posted on Friday, January 22, 2016

Deep Snow

The weather predictions were for 8 to 10 inches of snow to fall on Cumberland County beginning around 12 AM Friday morning. Linda and I had went to the store early to beat the rush for French Toast supplies (milk & bread) and had headed back to the farm when I received phone call from Brent. He mentioned that Cumberland County and Edmonson County had both canceled school for Friday. He also brought up that all of his kids' ballgames were canceled. He wanted to know if we cared if he, Pauline and their kids could come over and get snowed in at our house. We joked with him and told him we didn't have enough groceries and he would need to bring milk with them. He agreed to pick up at least one gallon when they came over. They arrived a little after 7 PM and Linda had supper nearly ready when they arrived.
Early Friday morning, the rain began which turned to sleet, then ice formed, and just before daylight it began to snow. With some snow already on the ground what fell stuck and didn't melt away. About 10 AM Julie and Kyle headed outside to sled down the hill in front of the house. When they were tired we went inside and let them warm up.
We had lunch and went back outside, but the kids tired quickly of climbing the hill, so I told Brent we could try something else. We loaded into the Mule and headed across the creek with the kids in the Mule and the sled in the back. Once we were in the hay fields, we hooked up the sled to the hitch on the Mule and put a kid on the sled, then around the fields we went. Oh my, the kids were loving it, the sled could steer just enough for them to feel like they were in control, but the rope was short enough to keep them right behind the Mule. They were hooting and hollering about how much fun it was and kept wanting to go again. We went back inside before they were too cold.
We took them Mule-Sledding a total of 3 times and Kyle didn't get enough. Each time we went the snow was deeper than before and our tracks were being filled in. The last time the snow was nearly too deep for the Mule to pull us through, but it did. We quit for the day and put the Mule and Daisy in the garage. The snow kept coming down. Our neighbors posted a picture showing over a foot of snow on level ground.

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Posted on Wednesday, January 20, 2016

First Snow of the Season

What a difference a day makes! The snow arrived as predicted, about 2-3 inches.
The shelter house looked like a lonely place that no one would want to be with the snow covering the pavers. After the snow had almost stopped falling, we took Daisy out and let her play. She loved the fresh snow with only new odors on the top layer for her to check out. She acted like a frisky pup, hopping in the air and running with her nose plowing up snow some of the time.

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Posted on Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Cold Weather

Cold weather has finally made it to the farm in KY. The cold air rolled into the area Monday evening with a overnight low temperature of 7 degrees. We brought Daisy into the house just before dark and let her stay the night in the garage.
About 10 AM this morning, with the sun shinning bright, I took her back to her stall in the barn, but she moved outside and laid in the sun most of the day. The water in the creek froze overnight.
We are supposed to have cold temperatures until Wednesday, when it is predicted to warm up into the upper thirties and snow starting at noon. Around one to three inches of snow are being predicted for this location. The snow should stick around a day or two as the ground is too cold to melt the snow.

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Posted on Thursday, January 14, 2016


We have started going to Julie's and Kyle's basketball games. We had to leave the farm at 7:30 AM in order to get to Julie's 9 AM game. The first trip was even more complicated due to both kids having their team pictures made between games. We went to Pauline and Brent's house before the last game and Pauline and Stacey went and brought back sandwiches for everyone. I showed Jacob and Brent how I would use a string level to set the PVC pipe to screed the gravel for Brent's patio while the girls were gone. We did enough that Brent understood how to do it, then when the girls returned, we went inside and ate. Finally, it was time to go to Kyle's game. Julie showed us a quilt at the entrance to Edmonson County Elementary School where she attends. It was for the Leaders In Me group that had every students name on it and Julie was pointing to her name on the quilt.
Kyle showed improvement and actually was involved in the ball game. After the game, we said good bye to everyone and headed back towards Burkesville, stopping in Glasgow to eat at Mancino's before driving on home. Stacey had started a puzzle at Christmas time when she had help from Pauline, Brent and Julie, but they had went home. She had moved the puzzle to her room and been working on it a little at a time. She finished it, so Linda took a picture of her and the completed puzzle.

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Posted on Sunday, January 03, 2016

New Year In Indiana

We went to IN Wednesday morning with Brent's family behind us about an hour. We opened up the Daleville house and then went to eat. Pauline and Brent had stopped at Kingfish on their way to Daleville. Later that evening Pauline and Brent went to several fast food places and rounded up what each person wanted to eat, then brought it back to the house, where we all ate supper.
Thursday a little before lunch we all loaded into the truck and went to Lapel to take Kim some items for her child care business. We stayed there around an hour and then went to Pendleton. We ordered a pizza on the way, picked it up at Pizza King and took it and 2 two liter bottles of Coke to Nana's house. It was 'pandeleerium' with all of us eating pizza, kids eating candy, eating more candy and the dog begging for pizza. For a while, Reba didn't know where to sit or what to say. After about three hours or all she could take, we packed into the truck and headed back to Daleville. Around 6 PM, Brent took his family to Shelly & Jeff's house where we were all going to celebrate New Year's Eve with several other people. Linda and I showered, dressed and took Stacey with us. We arrived a little after 7 PM. I managed to sneak a small gift into Shelly's kitchen without her noticing and I placed it on a side table. She saw it about an hour before midnight and began wondering where it had came from, so we told her to go ahead and open it up. It was a Chambong for her and Jeff to use to drink their traditional champagne toast at midnight.
Shelly and Jeff both tried out the Chambong at midnight and seemed to have fun with it. We stayed at their house till about 1:30 AM, playing a card game called "Skip-Bo", then took Julie and Kyle back to Daleville with us.
New Year's Day, I had told Kyle the night before that we would go get donuts, so he dressed, put on his coat and I drove us to Anderson. I let Kyle pick out a dozen donuts of whatever kind he wanted. I bought two maple frosted coffee rolls for Linda and I to eat. We returned to the house and the coffee I had started was ready, so was Julie. She and Kyle began munching on their favorite donuts, then Stacey and Linda grabbed a few. When everyone was full, there were two donuts left. Pauline and Brent came in a little before noon and took Julie and Kyle with them to Valerie and Bobby's house. We hung out at the Daleville house a little longer, then Stacey, Linda and I went to visit with Lana & Frank Dial in Chesterfield for a few hours. I returned to stay at the Daleville house while Linda and Stacey went to take Reba to the Dollar Store. Everyone returned to Daleville to spend the night.
Saturday morning, Kyle and I were the first ones awake, then Julie. I told them they could each have one of the two donuts that were left if they would eat their breakfast when it was ready. They agreed. Linda cooked, we all ate, Pauline did the dishes, Brent fixed the front door lock, and we patched the ceiling in the closet. Pauline and Brent packed their kids and things and headed back to KY about 11 AM. I picked up two tenderloin sandwiches and a hamburger at Elbert's for us to eat around 2 PM, then we began getting ready for the Pacer game in Indy. We left Daleville at 5:15 PM and drove to Indy, found a parking lot fairly close to Bankers' Life Fieldhouse, then walked inside to our seats. We had about 20 minutes till tip off, so Linda and Stacey went to the Home Court gift shop that was close to our seats.

I guess Stacey didn't have enough Pacer shirts, because they came back with another one. LoL The game began with the Pistons taking a slight lead and Stacey being worried. I asked her which she would like best, a close game or the Pacers winning by 50 points. Her answer was, "Win by 50!" I said, "Me too, that way we could leave early and beat the traffic." She frowned on that remark.

A couple more times I asked if she was ready to leave when the Pacers would get 3 or 4 point leads. Stacey was having a good time. The game was close until about half way through the 4th quarter, then Paul George decided he wanted to win.

He hit 5 three point shots, two free throws and two technical foul shots when the Piston's coach was ejected from the game. PG-13 had 21 points in the 4th quarter and 32 for the entire game.

The Pacers won 94-82, but right after the final buzzer both teams began pushing and chest bumping like they were going to fight. Nothing happened though. We waited a little longer to let the crowd disperse, then made our way out and back to the truck. I saved the location on our Garmin GPS so I can find the same parking lot the next time. We drove back to Anderson and finished our night off at Steak 'n' Shake before returning to Daleville.
Sunday morning I went to McDonald's and picked up breakfast, then took it back to the house while Linda and Stacey were packing. We left early and made it back home by 2 PM.

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Posted on Sunday, December 27, 2015

Christmas 2015

We started our Christmas on Wednesday a little before noon. Stacey had called Jason and made plans to take him to eat and exchange gifts, but after I heard that Brent was planning on going to the Star Wars movie, we changed plans slightly. We picked Jason up at 10:45 AM and went to Glasgow. We ate, then met Brent's family at the theater and we all watched Star Wars - The Force Awakens. Our entire group seemed to enjoy the movie (if you liked the original movie you should enjoy this episode too) After the show Pauline and Brent went to the farm with their kids, but we returned to Jason's place where he and Stacey exchanged their presents.
Afterwards we returned to the farm and enjoyed playing with Julie and Kyle.
Thursday morning we did some farm work. We moved several sheets of metal siding left in the rafters of the equipment shed to the rafters of the pole barn. Birds had been roosting on the metal and their droppings were collecting on the tractors and vehicles parked below. A few days ago, I had posted about a tree down on the side of the hill. Brent took the chainsaw and climbed the hill to cut the base of the tree away from the trunk, then I used the 4 wheel drive tractor to pull the tree down the hill side. I kept pulling it through the hay field until I crossed the creek. There we cut the tree trunk into sections and hauled it in the tractor scoop to near the wood shed to be split later. Several times we took breaks and sat in the new shelter house enjoying the record warm temperatures.
Friday, Christmas Day, after 'sticky buns' for breakfast, Julie, Kyle and Stacey passed out presents.
After all the presents had been passed out, we all began opening and checking out what we had received.
Christmas night, Julie, Pauline, Kyle and Brent put on their pajamas they had received as presents.
Saturday morning we had breakfast then Pauline and Brent packed some of their gifts into their car. Others were putting on their swimming suits. Once we called and made sure the pool was open, we loaded into the Silverado and went to the Wellness Center in Albany. We went swimming for a couple of hours, then lunch at Major's Pizza and back to the farm. P&B finished their packing, everyone hugged and away they went around 2:30 PM. Stacey, Linda and I simply passed out for an hour or more, then made a come back and watched some of the Pacer game on TV.

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