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Posted on Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Jam Time

Linda has been picking strawberries for a few days.
I began making strawberry jam and have finished 20 half pint jars. She has another gallon of berries picked, I cleaned the stems off of them, she will wash them in the morning and I will make more jam after she goes to work at the school.
Linda says there are more berries in the patch that need picking.

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Posted on Monday, May 02, 2016

Hauling Tile

Stacey, Linda and I left the farm in the Silverado and drove to Daleville Friday morning. We unloaded our clothes and things, then began the arduous job of unloading roughly 1,700 lbs of porcelain floor tile. Lumber Liquidators had set the pallet of tile into the bed of the truck using a fork truck, but we had to unload it box by box. I had to pick up the boxes, carry them up the porch stairs to the front door, Linda would take them into the back bedroom and stack the boxes. There were 34 boxes @ 50 lbs a box. We stopped a few times and took breaks as I wondered if the bedroom floor would hold the weight? Much later, we moved things around and made a place to start working.
Saturday, our legs were sore and we didn't feel like bending down and working at floor level. Luckily, Nancy & Steve Riddle stopped in to visit us in Daleville. They had never been to our house in IN, so we gave them a quick tour and then talked a while. I suggested we go to Kamack Station for ice cream, so we loaded in the Silverado and I drove us there. The employees gave us samples of their flavors and we each picked a different flavor.
After finishing our ice cream, we went to IN Glass in Muncie, at least that is the name I know it by, I think it has changed. Nancy and Linda bought some candles and a few other items, then back to Daleville. Later, I went to Lowe's and purchased some tools and materials to use on the tile job when we decide to do it.
Sunday was slow in the morning, then Stacey and Linda went to see her Mom. I think they went shopping for Nana and then went to visit Imon. I remained at the house most of the time, but I did take a long ride in the golf cart when the sun was shining.
Monday morning, I was sent to McDonald's to purchase breakfast while Stacey and Linda readied the house for us to leave. On the way home, we went inside to eat at King Fish, then on back to the farm.

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Posted on Saturday, April 16, 2016

Opening Day

We left the farm at 11:15 AM and drove to the Brownsville baseball diamonds to watch Julie and Kyle play. Julie's game was first at 1:30 and I saw some improvement in her game.

It was just a short walk from where we had watched Julie play to watch Kyle's game, which began at 3 PM. Kyle was distracted most of the game. Messing with his hat or watching the other team's dugout.
After the games were over, Pauline and Brent invited us over for a nice dinner. Brent cooked chicken breasts outside on the grill while Pauline made the side dishes inside. After we had finished, we sat and chatted till nearly dark, then headed home.

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Posted on Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Flooring For Daleville House

Stacey, Linda and I went to Lumber Liquidators in Bowling Green on Wednesday 4-6-16. The first thing we did was pick out tile flooring that resembles wood planks off of an old barn and find out how much it would cost. We ordered the flooring. We then returned the Chinese manufactured flooring to them after making arrangements with their corporate office and receiving a release form so we won't be involved in the class action suit. The guys at the local store were polite and very helpful. They brought out a fork truck and helped unload the 11 boxes of laminate onto a pallet, then took it into their warehouse. We went back inside and settled up on the difference in price, received the paperwork and left.
Monday, 4-11-16 the Lumber Liquidators in Bowling Green called and left a message stating that the flooring had arrived at their Bowling Green location and we could pick it up.
Tuesday, Stacey and I went in the pickup truck and they loaded the tile flooring in the back of the truck with a fork truck. Sweet, everything had worked out. We drove back to the farm and put the truck in the pole barn awaiting a trip to Daleville.

I laid one piece out on the tailgate of the truck to see what it actually looked like in the sunshine.

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Posted on Monday, April 04, 2016

Quick Pickup

We left the farm Saturday morning in the Silverado and headed for Daleville. It was sunny, a little windy but warm. We were talking about getting the golf cart out when we arrived in IN and staying till Wednesday. I had made a mistake authorizing a new debit card and was required to visit a local branch of PNC to make the card work. Our nearest branch was in Bowling Green, 90 miles away, so I thought I would find a location near our route on the way to Daleville. Google found one for us in Elizabethtown, near where we entered I-65. The GPS guided us turn by turn to the parking lot and I went inside. I was told to wait for the Customer Service Manager who was with another customer. OK, went to the waiting area where I found someone ahead of me. One hour and 15 minutes later, our new debit card would now work and we were back on the road, almost. By then, Stacey and Linda were wanting a sandwich, so we drove through a Wendy's and kept going. A wrong exit on I-65 as we were ready to cross the Ohio River put us in a circle maneuver of around 10 blocks, then across the old SR 61 bridge into IN and back on I-65. A couple slow downs for construction zones and then the wind started blowing us around as we neared Indy. It became worse as I exited the Interstate and drove to Chesterfield to shop for groceries. Then I headed towards Daleville and we noticed the police at the county line railroad crossing because the long arm of the signals had been blown across the top of the electrical power lines. As we parked at the house and began carrying things in the wind was blowing really hard. We hooked up the TV and turned on the other things, then read that the power was out in a lot of the area around Anderson and Chesterfield. WTHeck was happening, all of a sudden it was snowing, not just flurries, but snowing with accumulation on the grass and bed cover of the truck. It snowed several more times as we watched the NCAA basketball games.
Sunday morning we had breakfast, then Stacey and Linda went to visit with Kim for most of the day. They had slept in the truck the day before and were wanting to do something, I had not slept and wasn't wanting to do much, so I stayed at the house and watched the NASCAR race on TV. I managed a nap or two while they were gone. The reason for the trip was to pick up the flooring we had bought from Lumber Liquidators (LL) for the house and return it to the store in Bowling Green. Supposedly, it had three times the allowed cancer causing agents in it. I had been persistent in calling LL three times and going once in person to their store to get them to agree to take their defective product back. Linda had moved a few of the boxes of flooring before she left, I moved the rest into the dining room. They returned to the house a little before dark.
Monday morning it was still cold and cloudy. I told Linda I was going to load some of the boxes of flooring into the truck instead of doing them all the day we left. She said she was ready to go home right then. Oh?? I let that be a few minutes and then asked if she was sure. Yep. We loaded all 11 boxes in the truck, then had sausage biscuits before shutting everything down. I went and filled up the truck with fuel while they packed the clothes, then I returned and packed the rest of our things in the truck as Linda did the dishes. We stopped in Pendleton to visit with Nana for a couple of hours. As we were stepping off the porch to leave, Imon and Linda K pulled up and got out to say hello. Linda K was on her lunch hour, so we didn't talk long, then they left, then we left. A drive through lunch and on to the farm.
It was 39 degrees when we left Pendleton and it was 74 degrees when we arrived at the farm. It is full spring time down here and still winter in IN. What were we thinking?

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Posted on Saturday, March 26, 2016

Picnic & Egg Hunt

Brent brought his family over early Saturday morning. We caught up on our conversations and played with the dogs while Linda baked a ham. We took the two bigger dogs across the creek and let Pepper and Daisy run together around the hay fields. It settled Pepper down after keeping up with Daisy around all the fields. I put Daisy back in the barn stall and parked the Mule behind the house. We loaded the food in the back and everyone filled up the seats, then we headed down to the shelter house and ate a picnic lunch while Brent started a small fire in the fire pit. Linda and I had filled 110 plastic eggs with various kinds of candy and loose change for the egg hunt. Pauline and Linda went to the house and brought back the eggs, then I took Julie and Kyle on a Mule ride to a place they like to dink around in the water that flows out of the hillside. The others hid the eggs before we came back. I parked the Mule and the kids jumped out, I set the camera's timer and took our picture right before they started hunting eggs.
Ready, set, go. Julie and Kyle raced around the area finding all the eggs they could, sometimes dropping an egg out of their bags and the other kid picking it up later.
After about 20 minutes, we stopped the hunt and counted the eggs. Eight eggs were still hidden, so back to the hunt. All eggs were finally accounted for, so they opened them up and began eating candy.
We went to the house and ate some of the chocolate pie Linda had baked, then went back to the shelter house to burn some more wood. Kyle made Linda and I feel great when he was setting by the fire and said, "I love this life!" Kyle lasted as long as he could, but finally laid down on the rocks with a jacket under his head and went to sleep by the fire.
Brent carried him to the Mule when we all rode to the house. None of us lasted very long after we went inside. It was a good day!

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Posted on Wednesday, March 09, 2016

Tree Trimming

Tri-County Electric is having an independent crew trimming trees that are within 15 feet of the power line. They worked on the trees on both sides of the driveway going down to the pole barn. They asked if I had any trees I wanted trimmed and I told them I did. They said they could not do the work while they were on the clock, but they would come back and do what I needed done. They showed up a few minutes after 5 PM and trimmed the walnut tree that had limbs hanging on the roof of the old smoke house. It took them about 45 minutes to cut the limbs, pick up all the debris and mulch it into the back of their truck.
The limbs inside the fire pit are ones we've picked up over the winter.

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