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Posted on Saturday, March 31, 2018

Tiller for Strawberries at Easter

Early in March I had ordered, from Tractor Supply Co, a 48" tiller to use behind the New Holland 55 tractor. It came to the Columbia store and we picked it up on the 23rd using the lawn mowing trailer behind the red truck. Back at the farm, I unloaded the tiller with the scoop on the tractor and set it down in the pole barn. Some assembly was required along with servicing the unit with oil and grease before use.
It rained a lot while I was working in the pole barn on the tiller, but the creek didn't get out of the banks during the day. The next morning I did have some debris in the fields where the creek had risen during the night. I went to work removing the debris early, before the rain had stopped, being careful not to make tire ruts in the fields. That way, the debris I missed would be washed down into the fields by the rain almost like it never happened.
In a few days time, the ground had dried enough. so I was ablt to till 3 rows next to our old strawberry patches and 5 more rows in the area where the old house trailer used to set. We left about 5' between the rows of strawberrys for grass walkways.
Saturday morning, Brent's family came over and around noon we planted 200 strawberry plants. Brent & I set the stakes for the twine string that had marks on it for the plant spacing. Then we made the holes for the plants with Julie and Pauline planting as Linda & Stacey separated the plants and handed each one to them. Kyle did the stepping and fetching for all of us. I think we had the planting completed in about an hour.
We also had a ham dinner with pies and other good stuff. Oh, and Julie & Kyle enjoyed an Egg Hunt with candy and loose change inside plastic eggs.

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Posted on Saturday, March 03, 2018

Aaron Tippin & Sammy Kershaw Concert

Stacey was not having a good day, but we were determined to take her to see Aaron Tippin & Sammy Kershaw. We had purchased the tickets a couple months in advance and she enjoys going to the Plaza Theatre. We tried to get her straightened up, but it didn't happen. Linda and I each held onto Stacey's hands and helped her walk into the Plaza just before the concert started. Aaron and Sammy took turns performing their hit songs for about an hour and a half.
The crowd was rowdy and shouted a lot of things towards the artists. Sammy told a few stories between songs, but Aaron just sang. It wasn't the best concert we had seen at the Plaza but it was fairly good. Leading Stacey out in the middle of the crowd trying to leave was difficult, but we made it and Stacey said she had a good time.

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Posted on Saturday, February 17, 2018

Julie & Kyle Basketball

This season, Julie & Kyle played Little League Basketball. Kyle was in his 2nd year playing and Brent was his coach this year. The league was made up from 1st, 2nd & 3rd grade kids and Brent had all 2nd graders or younger. Kyle and the entire team made improvements throughout the season. Brent had the players take turns during games letting all of them handle the ball. The game scores were usually lopsided in the other teams' favor, but that doesn't matter, I don't know why the league even keeps score, it is a developmental league.
Julie had played two years in the girls' league, but this season there were not enough girls signed up, so the girls were placed on boys' teams. The level of ability was quite a bit better in the boys league and it was a tough transition for Julie to make. Her coach was tougher and his team, the Thunder was one of the two best in the league. Julie learned the plays and went through several learning experiences during the season. The Thunder had one loss during the season. The championship game was a thriller. The Thunder was 4 points down with under a minute to go. Two foul shots brought them within 2 points. Then a rebound of a foul shot with 4 seconds left on the clock, the player running from the baseline to half court and heaving the ball at the basket with the buzzer going off right before the ball crashed against the backboard and bounced straight through the basket!!! A THREE POINT SHOT!! The Thunder WON !! I stormed the court. Then settled down and took their pictures. LoL
Julie took her turn climbing the ladder and cutting a piece of the net down.
Stacey, Linda and I thoroughly enjoyed watching all of their games this season. It doesn't matter whether they win or lose.
Their games are a good reason to stay in touch with their lives.

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Posted on Monday, January 29, 2018

Regina Jones

My neighbor, friend, cousin, Regina Jones passed away early this morning in the hospital from the results of a brain hemorrhage
Sunday morning, Linda and I were outside, loading a few items from the barn into the pickup. I heard a car horn blow a couple times at Regina's house. A couple minutes later a car drove into our driveway, rolled down the car window and told us they couldn't get Regina to come to the door. It was Sue Baker and her daughter Tammy driving. We all went to Regina's house and Linda retrieved a house key that Regina had told her where it was hid. She unlocked the door. Regina was in her favorite chair and unresponsive. Tammy used the house phone to call an ambulance. I went outside to flag them down while Sue & Tammy tried to wake Regina. The ambulance arrived, they loaded her on the gurney and headed to the hospital. I drove one of the emergency personnel's truck that he left setting on the side of the road back to the hospital and returned it to him. He said Regina made it to the hospital alive. Linda stayed at the hospital to wait on Regina's girls, I took Stacey home with me. Around 5 PM, Linda called and both girls had arrived and she wanted me to pick her up.
Slightly before 7 AM, Monday morning, Regina's granddaughter Casey Jones, called and told me that Regina had passed away overnight, a little after 1 AM.
In the picture below, Regina is in the middle between her two daughters, Sondra on the left and Pamela on the right ( taken in Oct 2016 ).
Regina with her great grandson, Trystan.

Regina was my link to the past. She knew me longer than anyone else. She knew where I came from and why I'm like I am, we understood each other. Normally in winter, I might not have seen her all this week, but now, I already miss her. :-(

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Posted on Sunday, January 14, 2018

Start A New Year

Between Christmas and New Years, Stacey's desktop computer bit the dust. We found a new Acer all in one to replace it. When it arrived, we set it up and also let Stacey join Facebook. She has been enjoying having her iTunes working again to listen to music and learning her way around FB.
Friday night it was supposed to start sleeting and maybe snow.
Saturday morning we woke up to about 2 inches of the white stuff. Usually when this happens the snow melts before the next night, but this time the forecast is for temperatures below freezing for the next week. I took our drone outside and flew it over the farm for a few minutes before we made any tracks in the snow.
As I was flying the drone back to land, I took this selfie with the drone. It is the best selfie I have taken! LoL
Since we are experiencing really cold temperatures, we have been keeping Daisy in the garage. We let her in the house several times during the day and she goes outside when the need arises. Stacey and Linda like this setup more than I, but I do enjoy it too.

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Posted on Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Christmas 2017

Frank Miles sent us a small stuffed toy lobster and a pack of gummy lobsters as a 'Thank You' for us letting him stay at the farm during Brent's Birthday Cruise. It was a poke at Mike Lamont sending real frozen lobsters a year or so ago. Julie & Kyle enjoyed eating the gummy lobsters, really so did Brent & Linda.
After posing for a Christmas Day picture, the madness of opening presents began. Regardless of how many presents we have, it goes too quickly. Linda & I would like seeing each one open each present, but that is never going to happen. LoL
We picked up most of the debris and cleared a place on the Santa Rug to take more pictures.
We had a great Christmas and everyone seemed happy. Brent's Family stayed from Saturday morning to Tuesday afternoon. We ate as much as we could and played with the kids and games.

Linda & I want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
We hope all are warm and safe.

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Posted on Saturday, December 23, 2017

Shopping & Package

We went Christmas shopping in Somerset. After we had picked up several presents, we stopped and ate with the Big Boy at Frisch's Restaurant. Stacey hugged the Big Boy after we finished before returning to the car.
Valerie Bankson sent a package to Stacey for Christmas and had told Linda to have her open it while I took a few pictures. Stacey brought it into the bedroom and began opening the gift package. It was a jewelry tree and a necklace to hang on it.
It is fairly easy to tell that Stacey really liked both of the gifts by the smile on her face.
Thanks Valerie, for thinking of Stacey!

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Posted on Thursday, November 30, 2017

Mark Chesnutt Concert

We picked Jason up a few minutes after 5 PM and I drove to Glasgow. Stacey and Jason ate pizza while Linda and I had steak grinders at Mancino's. We then drove to the Courthouse Square, parked and walked the short distance to the Plaza Theatre. Reserved seats that anyone can order online make going to the Plaza a nice experience. I had ordered 4 tickets to the Mark Chesnutt show and we walked in, found our seats and waited about 20 minutes till the concert began.
Mark Chesnutt opened with one of his hit songs, then another and another. He stopped and spoke for a couple minutes, then back to the music. Linda and I had forgotten how many hit songs Mark had sung. No breaks and very little talking, only 3 songs I had never heard.
Mark played about an hour and 20 minutes, then left the stage. He came back with "Bubba Shot The Jukebox" and that was when people crowded down to the stage to take "selfies" while Mark was singing.
The concert was over, the crowd left happy and all of us thought it was a good show. We returned Jason to his house and continued on to the farm.

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