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Posted on Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Boat Serviced

Yesterday I called Davidson's Marine and asked about getting the boat serviced. Joe said to bring it on out. So, Stacey and I pulled it out there with the truck and left it. I told Joe to winterize the motor and to change the oil and oil filter. Slightly after noon today, Joe called and said to come and get the boat, it was done. Once again, Stacey and I headed out to his place on south SR 61. I pulled in and Stacey helped me line up the hitch, then we hooked the boat trailer to the truck. Stacey went back to setting in the truck while I went inside and paid the bill. Ten minutes later we were pulling out and headed back to the farm. I stopped the truck and we opened the pole barn doors so I could back the boat into the barn.
I backed it in and Stacey yelled at me when I was far enough back. We unhooked the truck and trailer and went to the house.

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Posted on Saturday, October 18, 2014

IN Tax Sale

Stacey, Linda and I headed to IN on Tuesday afternoon.
Wednesday morning, we went to Muncie for a Delaware County Tax Sale at 10 AM. It was our first time to attend such a sale, but we wanted to try and get an abandoned property next to the Daleville house. We signed in and were given bidder # 24, then waited. There were 571 properties for sale and the one we wanted was listed 9th from LAST on the list! We thought we would be there all day, just waiting. The auctioneer started explaining the procedure, which took about 10 minutes, and we found out that they would let the people that were there to buy just one property go first. WOW! That was a great plan! We ended up being the third person he chose. He called off the property number, the minimum bid, I raised our bidder number, he asked "any other bids?", there were none. He said, "going once, going twice, sold to #24." Simple and quick. We walked to the front and a clerk handed us our paperwork to take to the courthouse. We were out of there by 10:30 AM and were also nervous wrecks! We went inside the Treasurer's Office at the Delaware County Courthouse and paid the 2014 taxes on the abandoned house. The house is still not ours though, we must wait ONE YEAR and do some paperwork. We walked across the street to an attorney's office and hired them to do the title searches, to send the proper paper work to the current owners and to the court offices. I took some Tylenol on the way back to Daleville for my busting head. Linda was able to wait until we went in the Daleville house to take something for her headache.
Thursday, Linda and I worked on covering the dining room floor with the backer board. Linda removed the tack board that was still along the edges of the room after we had taken out the carpet. I used a power driver to screw the backer board in place. Imon dropped in for a short visit while we were working. It was a good time to take a break.
Friday morning I finished screwing the boards to the floor and we did a few other things. Stacey and Linda picked up Nana and went shopping. They came to the Daleville house with a pizza and Nana ate with us and we all talked while we ate.
Saturday, Shelly and Jeff came by for a little while to check on a project I had asked Jeff to build for us. We talked a while before they left to buy their pool closing items. After that we took our time to pack our things, set the thermostat to 50 degrees, turn off the water, pull the switch on the water heater and then we left, just before noon. We went inside at King Fish to eat in comfort, like normal people, since it was cool enough we could leave Coco in the car. We made it to the farm about 5:30 PM.

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Posted on Sunday, October 12, 2014

Farm Campout 2014

People began arriving at the farm Friday a little after noon. Imon and Linda K had towed their trailer with my Mom's old Thunderbird down to KY for us. Shelly and Jeff had towed their camper to KY to sleep inside. The weather was damp at that point. Imon rolled the Thunderbird off the trailer and Shelly and I went to the Courthouse to transfer the IN Title back to me. It was a relief to finally get all my Mom's estate finished. We returned to the farm and began riding the trails in a light mist with Daisy running along and Imon's dog, Katy, riding in a home made seat behind Imon and Linda K on his ATV. Shelly was riding with Jeff and Trevon was riding by himself. Linda N was driving the Mule with the kids. After a lap around the farm to see the new trails and the dozer work I had done, we went to the garage and sat in there until Linda N called us inside the house for soup 'n' ham sandwiches. That's when Pauline and Brent arrived.
Saturday morning, Pauline fixed everyone breakfast, then we loaded the 56 Chevy onto Imon's trailer so he could replace the rear end using his car lift in IN. I had to pull it up onto the trailer with the tractor. Jeff and Brent helped Imon securely chain the car to the trailer. Then Brent started a camp fire in the fire pit and we hung around there until it was time to eat lunch. I picked up a tenderloin from Hamilton's BBQ and Linda N cooked the side dishes to go with it. After lunch, Imon and Brent repaired a leaky carburetor on the 1958 Triumph as others sat around the fire pit in a sprinkling rain. Didn't seem to bother them, I guess? We roasted hot dogs and marshmallows, then made campfire pies with our home made peach jam and pie makers. We eventually loaded the new parts for the 56 Chevy into the trunk and then backed Imon's truck and trailer into the barn and loaded the new rear end parts into the back of the truck. As the fire died down and darkness set in, we went to the house, had a 'wine tasting' (only 2 bottles) and ate supper. Knocking off some butterscotch pie, chocolate pie, banana pudding and some zucchini bread finished the evening.
Sunday morning, Imon loaded his ATV on the front of his trailer and Linda K and him, along with his dog Katy, headed home after a few hugs and good byes. Shelly, Jeff, Airianna and Trevon passed out hugs and goodbyes, then left a little after noon.

We wish everyone could stay longer and come more often. It was a great time for us! We love it!
THANKS to everyone that helped us make it fun!

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Posted on Wednesday, October 08, 2014

Grand Kids Picked Up

We left the farm early and drove towards Bowling Green, picked up Julie and Kyle at their baby sitter's house and then went on into town. We stopped at the Greenwood Mall, ate at the food court, shopped some there and at a couple other stores, then headed back to the farm. Julie and Kyle were ready for some time at the farm. I took Daisy to town to get her yearly rabies shot, then came back and we let her run while the kids played in the creek.
Both the kids got their feet wet and Daisy was in up to her shoulders.
They all had fun and we had fun watching!

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Posted on Monday, October 06, 2014

Busted Up

The weather forecasts had been for severe thunderstorms in our area in the afternoon. Well, they hit the mark this time. It was about 4 PM when the weather radio sounded the alarm for a minute and it was a severe thunderstorm in our area. As soon as that alarm stopped, the phone rang and it was the "Code Red" service notifying us of the issue too. About thirty seconds later the storm hit. At first it was just a hard rain for about a minute, then a few small hail. Just when we thought it was over the hail became intense and larger. It seemed to be coming from all directions, but mostly hitting our house on the garage door end. It lasted several minutes with the hail pounding our roof, windows and siding. It finally stopped, so Linda went outside and picked up a few of the hail stones.

That is a Kennedy half dollar laying on the plate for size comparison. We waited a little bit to make sure the storm was over, then we ventured outside to see how bad it had been. As we walked around, we found holes in our vinyl siding and the metal garage door dented. It looked as if the roof was OK. I rode in the Mule down to the barns and found the two fiberglass sky lights in the equipment shed had several holes punched through each one. I said that was the worst hail storm I had ever been through. There were reports on some news web sites of hail stones 2" in size around the Burkesville, KY area.

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Posted on Saturday, October 04, 2014

Roller Coaster Yard Sale

The weather was fairly nice, cool, but nice, so we decided to ride around the area and follow the Roller Coaster Yard Sale route. Other that almost hitting cars stopping in front of us without using their turn signals, it wasn't too bad. We stopped and ate lunch in Summer Shade, then went on through Glasgow and turned back on SR 63 towards Tompkinsville. We actually got out and looked at a few places, Linda made those decisions. She bought a few kids' clothes for Kyle and I bought a couple Pyrex casserole dishes. But when we drove close to Temple Hill, oh my, the traffic was bumper to bumper and barely moving. No side roads to turn off on, so we just had to slowly move, stop, move, stop and so on. It probably took a half hour to go about two miles. We cleared that mess and went on towards Celina, TN. Highway 63 was truly like riding a roller coaster, winding up and down and around for about 27 miles between Glasgow and Tompkinsville, KY. Highway 163 from Tompkinsville towards Celina wasn't much better, but it was only 19 miles and no traffic back ups. Just before we crossed the Cumberland River on TN 52, we stopped at a ball diamond/tractor pull complex and shopped some more.
After walking through row after row of items for sale, we decided to go on. We went through Celina and headed towards Livingston. Wow, they have rebuilt a lot of the 17 miles of TN 52 between Celina and Livingston in the last two years and it is a great road, where once it was terrible. A lot of it was 4 lane highway. After turning off of TN 52 onto TN 127 and driving 20 miles, we stopped again at the Shell filling station in Byrdstown to check out a few hot rods that had gathered on the parking lot.
We drove the 28 miles back to the farm, making it just before dark. The entire trip had been 160 miles and taken roughly 7 hours, but that included eating lunch, getting a shake at Sonic and seeing some hot rods. LoL

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Posted on Friday, September 26, 2014

Cruise To Sonic

We had met a couple of friends from earlier car shows on Wednesday and they had told us, if we weren't busy to cruise over to Sonic on Friday night. So when Linda came home from school, we drove the Mule down to the pole barn, uncovered the 65 Mustang and loaded into it. We drove with the top down to Albany and stopped at Sonic. We backed into a spot like we used to do at Frisch's in Anderson and watched as others arrived and parked their hot rods.
We met some people we already knew and also some people we didn't know. We walked around looking at the other cars for a while and talking with the owners.
We ended up setting at the tables out front and having a little grub to eat as we listened to and told hot rod stories. We had called Brent earlier and told him to call us when they were about half way to our house. He called about 6:30 PM, so we said so long and headed back to the farm.
It was great timing because, just as we turned into the pole barn driveway, Brent and his family were headed up the driveway to the house.

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Posted on Thursday, September 25, 2014

Technicalities Stop Chicken House Ordinance Change

The following statements are excerpted from the Cumberland County News:

The September 8th Cumberland County Agriculture Committee meeting in which the committee agreed to present changes in the poultry ordinance to the fiscal court has been found null and void due to the meeting not being posted correctly.
Cumberland County Judge Executive John Phelps said someone had complained to the Attorney General’s office that the meeting was not properly advertised, and he was contacted by that office about the complaint.
Phelps said the agriculture committee meeting wasn’t posted in the building where the meeting was held, and the attorney general’s office felt the meeting could be declared invalid.
That means the committee will meet again. It also means the Cumberland County Fiscal Court’s approval of the amended poultry ordinance on September 9th is void, and they will have to approve it once more for it to be valid.
The Agriculture Committee will meet on Monday, October 6 at 4:00 p.m. on the third floor of the courthouse. The committee’s agenda is: agenda approval, approval of committee chairperson, open discussion of possible changes to Ordinance 199899-03 Poultry House Restrictions, hear Keystone request pertaining to Ordinance #199899-03 (replacement/changes), public comment, approval of suggested replacement/changes to Ordinance #199899-03, adjorn.
The Fiscal Court will meet in special session on Tuesday, October 7 to discuss possible recommendations from the agriculture committee.
<end of excerpt>

Can you imagine having FOUR of these houses about 1,500 feet from your bedroom or living room window?

This is what we get when we don't elect smarter people to run our county.

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Posted on Saturday, September 20, 2014

Bluegrass Festival

Stacey and I went to the Blue Grass Festival about lunch time. There were local groups playing in a talent contest while we were there and other groups playing all around the park.
Of course we went to the food vending area almost as soon as we arrived. I search out these events just for the Italian Sausage with green pepper and onion sandwiches. Some people go for the music. It seemed like the attendance keeps getting larger each year they have the event. It's free and that's what people like around here.
I've been working on a ditch, about 3-4 hours a day, for three days and I'm going to call it finished until we get enough rain to see how the water flows out, or if there are high spots that need cut down.
The picture on the left is the way it looked when Joey moved to another spot to work. He never returned because his track loader broke down and is still setting in the back of the 'holler' across from the house. So I finished the ditch the best I could with two of my tractors.

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Posted on Sunday, September 14, 2014

Painting In Daleville

Thursday, Linda had some minor surgery at Dr Rice's office, then came home and we loaded the Malibu and headed to IN. We were in the 'going home from work' traffic most of the way, but it wasn't the worst we've drove to IN in at all. We picked up groceries and a pizza in Chesterfield and then went to Daleville.
Friday morning, after breakfast, we began painting the dinning room ceiling tile. We taped the trim around the room, then Linda was using a brush to paint the grooves between the tiles while I began painting with the roller. It didn't take very long to get that done, then we decided to paint an old cabinet that was Mom's. Linda and Stacey went to buy the paint while I stayed at the house with Coco. They returned and we spray painted the cabinet and left it on the front porch to dry. Kim Bourke stopped at the house after she got off work and talked with Linda and I until about 10 PM.
Saturday I needed to take some pictures of the other house we have in Daleville. I'm planning on disputing the 'assessed value' this fall to try to get the taxes lowered. No one has lived in the house or trailer and it is depreciating quickly IMO.
With that done, I went back to the other house and put a second coat of paint on the ceiling in the dinning room. When it dried, Linda and I agreed, it looked a lot better. I also moved the cabinet we painted into the kitchen.
When we were finished, Linda and Stacey went to Pendleton, picked up Nana and went shopping. Linda drove Reba's truck when they went shopping and they picked up over 20 sheets of tile backer board at Lowe's. Then they all came to the Daleville house and Linda showed Nana the improvements we had made while I unloaded the sheets of backer board. Then we all sat down and talked for a couple of hours before Linda, Stacey and Nana went to Muncie for a little more shopping. Linda paid to fill up Nana's gas tank, right before taking her home, so she wouldn't be worried about not having gas in her truck again. When Linda and Stacey came back to Daleville, it was late and I was already sleeping. They talked, but I don't know what they said.
Sunday morning, I wanted to leave early to avoid the traffic backups at the three construction zones between Daleville and Elizabethtown, so we packed up, shut things off and left. We grabbed some breakfast wraps at McDonald's and were on the interstate towards home. They told me some things, that I didn't remember them telling me last night, but it sounded like Nana, Linda & Stacey had a good time together. We made a quick trip back to the farm in KY with hardly a slow down at the construction zones. We did stop in Columbia for a few groceries and then rolled into the garage at home a few minutes after noon.

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