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Posted on Saturday, January 31, 2015

Kyle's Day

Stacey, Linda and I headed to another one of Kyle's basket ball games this morning. I called to find out which school the game was at and Pauline said Julie and her were remaining home to get things ready for Kyle's party in the afternoon. We met Kyle and Brent at Kyrock Elementary just a few minutes before the game began. Kyle did better this game than the last time, he was able to get a couple rebounds and was paying attention during most of the game. After the teams slapped hands when the game was over, we asked Kyle if he would go with us and he did. We let him open two birthday presents while we were in the car. One was a book and the other was a Pacer shirt from Stacey. Kyle put the shirt on while I was driving. It was lunch time when we made it to Bowling Green, so the first thing we did was stop to eat at Mancino's. I ordered while Kyle checked out the vintage Ms Pac Man game and Stacey and Linda retrieved our napkins and drinks. I took a picture of Kyle in his Pacer shirt right before the girl brought our food. It looks like he was being sworn in, but he's really showing me he is going to be 5 years old on Tuesday, February 2nd.
When the food arrived, Kyle ate everything we had ordered for him and some of our stuff. I think basket ball gave him a good appetite. After our lunch, we headed to Toys 'R' Us and walked up and down each aisle letting Kyle stop and check out some new toys. We bought him his second choice, a remote controlled motorcycle and all the batteries it needed to make it run. His first choice was some kind of flying thing that didn't look like it would last. Anyway, Kyle was happy with what he picked out at the store and we went to take him home.
Pauline and Brent were home with Julie and her friend, Amber, who had showed up early for the party. Brent put the batteries in the motorcycle and it didn't work to well, so they may have to return it. That was still to be decided when we headed home about 3:30, a half hour before party time.

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Posted on Saturday, January 24, 2015

Best Kind Of Snow

This is the best kind of snow. It comes during the night, looks really pretty, doesn't cover the roads or driveway and then is gone by noon.
This was also the first snow accumulation of the season.
Linda returned from IN about a half hour after noon. She wanted to talk about everything, but was tired from driving, so we talked a little while, then she took a long nap.

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Posted on Monday, January 19, 2015

January Thaw

It has warmed up significantly over the weekend. The predicted temperatures are to be in the mid 50s or lower 60s for most of this week. Linda received news on Saturday, that her friend, Kim Bourke, had her Dad, Hoadley E. “Pud” Flook, pass away. Linda packed her clothes and was ready to go to IN, but was waiting on a call from Kim to find out when the services were going to be. Kim called this morning and Linda left about an hour later, so Stacey and I are in charge at the farm for a while. Around lunch time we went to the Pool Room Restaurant to eat, then I called Linda's cell phone to see if she was doing OK. She had made it through Louisville and was nearly halfway to Indy when we talked. Back at the farm, Stacey and I took Daisy for a run. We all enjoyed being outside in the fresh air.
I called again, about 7 PM, and Linda had made it to Daleville, turned on everything and was at Kim & Kenny's house at that time, talking to them. She said everything went OK during the trip and the Daleville house was in good shape, but there was snow on the ground.

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Posted on Saturday, January 10, 2015

Kyle's Cardinals

We left the farm about 9:30 AM and drove the Malibu to South Edmonson Elementary School to watch Kyle play basket ball. We were already seated when Pauline brought Julie and Kyle into the school. They gave us hugs and we talked a few minutes until it was game time.
After the first quarter was over I could see that Kyle had improved since his first game that we had watched before Christmas. He has a good coach that is more concerned with teaching kids the fundamentals than being a winner. I highly approve of this strategy at this age level. I wish the league would not even keep the score, they do have a rule that everyone must play at least half of the game, which is also good.
The coach let each player be involved as much as possible. Both teams scored more than I expected them to after seeing their first game, but Kyle's team ended up behind 4 points when time ran out. I really don't think Kyle knew the difference, he told me he had a "good game" and that is what counts the most, that each kid leaves the gym with a positive attitude about how they did.

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Posted on Thursday, January 01, 2015

New Years Trip

Stacey, Linda and I packed up our things and a few tools and headed to Daleville Monday morning. We grabbed a few sandwiches along the way and arrived at the Daleville house about 2:30 PM. We unpacked and put Coco in the cage, then went to Lowe's in Anderson to purchase two sheets of plywood and a few other items. We made a quick stop at GFS for some food supplies that had run out, then back to Daleville.
Tuesday morning, after breakfast, I began installing a threshold on the door to the basement to finish the tile job we had done on the kitchen floor. Linda and Stacey went to see Linda's Mom in Pendleton while I was working. I also installed a couple of metal pieces to protect the edges of the peel 'n' stick tile on the step down to the back door landing and on the landing. Brent called while I was working and said they were on their way and would be there in a couple of hours. After I finished working, I sat down and was eating a sandwich, and they arrived. They quickly changed clothes and headed to a indoor water park in Indy. About two hours later, Stacey and Linda returned. About 5 PM Brent called and asked if we would meet them and Liz and Jim at the Pizza King in Anderson. We agreed and began preparing to go. We drove to 38th Street and Columbus Avenue and went inside the Pizza King. They had Amber, Clayton, Julie and Kyle setting at one table and they were in a booth right across the aisle with an extra chair ready so the adults could all set together. We all chatted about what had been happening in each of our lives as we waited for the pizzas to be brought to the tables. The kids were doing fine and things were working out well until the waitress brought the pizza to the adult table. She said she had dropped the one for the kids and they were rapidly preparing another one for them. It didn't take long and it surprised me how well the kids waited for their pizza. Now for the embarrassing part, I reached for my wallet and didn't have it. Linda didn't have her purse either. Brent said he was paying anyway, but I was still worried all the way back to Daleville, as I didn't even have my driver's license with me. We drove back to Daleville and picked up my billfold and then went to Menard's to buy a new light for the bathroom, a smoke detector and a carbon monoxide detector, plus a few other small items. Back at the house, Brent installed the smoke detector in the hallway and we plugged in the CO detector before going to bed.
Wednesday morning started with donuts for breakfast, playing with the kids while Pauline, Stacey and Linda were preparing to go look around in Anderson. Brent and I were preparing to work on the bathroom ceiling. We took down the ceiling light and immediately realized we needed a longer wire. We tried pulling it further down, but the 1950's type insulation just pulled off the wire. I called Steve Wilson's Electric and asked if they could send over an electrician. Yes, they would be over shortly. Brent and I cut one of the pieces of paneling for the ceiling and had it lifted up against the ceiling trying to screw it to the ceiling joists. Right then is when the electricians knocked at the front door. I braced the piece against the cabinet and answered the door. I told them that was the fasted service call I had ever had answered, then showed them they caught us with the paneling in the air. We took it down and I showed the guys what I needed done. I showed one electrician how to get into the attic while the other one went to the truck for parts. Twenty minutes later their job was done. I asked them to also repair an outlet while they were at the house. Done, all of it in less than thirty minutes. Brent and I went back to working on the ceiling when the electricians left. We struggled with the first sheet of plywood, but finally managed to put it up against the ceiling and then screw it tightly to the ceiling joists. I called "lunch time" and we walked over to Elbert's and each of us ordered a sandwich and a beer. Several people came in and started up conversations, Bobby Huffman was one of them, as we drank the beers and waited on the food. We both had another beer with our sandwiches. When we finished eating, we returned to the house and put the smaller second piece up without much trouble. The girls returned with the kids, so we had to quickly put up the tools and make the place safe. Brent and I installed the new ceiling light and called the job done for the time being.
It was time to get ready to go to Shelly & Jeff Huck's house for their New Year's Eve get together. Pauline and Brent left first with their kids, then we took showers and dressed to go. The new light in the bathroom made it easier to take showers and see while in the bathroom. Shelly and Jeff had a lot of snacks and things to eat already on their kitchen work bar, but what I noticed right away was a bottle of Fireball whiskey setting in the middle of the table. The reason that had my attention was that Shelly had been telling me, "NO whiskey!" a couple of times, so I had purchased two bottles of wine. She checked as I sat the bottles out on the counter, laughing the entire time. OK, she won that one. It wasn't long though, until Brent cracked the seal on the Fireball bottle and started filling up the shot glass size "red solo cups". Seemed like everyone had a good time the rest of the evening. Then at midnight, Jeff popped the cork on a bottle of champagne and everyone, that was still walking, had a glass. They also had a nonalcoholic version for the drivers and nondrinkers. We left sometime before 1 AM and Linda drove the truck back to Daleville with Stacey, Julie and Kyle in the back seat.
Thursday, we had toast with pb&j for breakfast and all the remaining donut holes the kids wanted with a glass of milk. It wasn't long until Pauline and Brent were there to pick them up. They were going to stop and visit with Nana before going on home. We sat there and relaxed a while, then shut things down and turned things off and headed back to the farm in KY. We had to make a short detour where INDOT had the exit off of I-465 onto I-65 south closed without any warnings. We made it home about 5:30 PM. Checked on Daisy and unloaded, then a good nights' rest. I like going to IN for a little while and visiting with friends and family, but it felt good to be home.

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Posted on Thursday, December 25, 2014

Our 2014 Christmas

The Norris Family had a really enjoyable Christmas this year. Here are a few of the pictures I took while it was happening.

Our entire Norris Family would like to wish all the people that read our blog around the world, Seasons' Greetings!

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Posted on Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Christmas Exchange

We called and arranged to pick up Jason at 5 PM and go to eat in Summer Shade. It really was a dark night and raining, so we took our time driving, then went inside the restaurant and ordered. Jason roots for the Boston Celtics and of course, Stacey roots for the Pacers. So, Linda and I had found a game where those two teams will play each other in Indy and had ordered 4 tickets. Linda had previously received the OK from Stephanie about Jason going to the game, but Stacey nor Jason knew about it. After the waitress had taken our order, I asked them which team would win if they played each other, of course they both said the team they rooted for would win and began explaining why. Linda handed them a Christmas card and told them that it was to both of them. Jason told Stacey to open it and read what it said. Along with the Christmas Wishes, it said they would be going to the Celtics vs Pacers game. Jason looked at me and said, "Are you kidding? I said, "No, we're not kidding and your Mom has said it was OK for you to go." They both were excited and talked about the trip and who would win until the food came. We ate and then rode back to Jason's place. We went inside and Stacey and Jason exchanged gifts. Stacey gave Jason UK coffee cups and a Christmas decoration for his apartment. I could tell Stacey really liked the Spurs Championship shirt that Jason gave her as she opened the box.
He gave her another Spurs shirt and a Christmas ornament, then Jason sprung a surprise on Stacey with a Christmas card. But inside was an invitation to go to the Plaza Theatre in Glasgow for a Travis Tritt concert. Both Stacey and Jason seemed really happy and excited with their gifts.
After a few hugs and some Merry Christmas wishes, we started to leave as Stephannie and Tommy were pulling into their driveway. Stephanie yelled for us to come and see their new grand baby, Skylar Young. We walked over and went inside and talked for a half hour or so and watched as Stephanie took care of the two month old baby. Skylar had been to the doctor and had received 3 shots in the legs and she was supposed to be cranky, but never seemed to get upset the entire time we were there talking. Her Grandma Stephanie was doing just what she wanted done, to rock and be cuddled.

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Posted on Sunday, December 14, 2014

Peeled & Stuck

Stacey, Linda and I left the farm Friday around 3:30 PM and drove towards IN. We stopped at the rest area just across the Ohio River at the 23 mile marker in IN and I asked a few people about the construction on I-65 going north. They said both lanes were open until the Southport exit near Indy where construction had reduced it to one lane. I decided to take US 31 to IN 46 and then IN 3 the rest of the way to Anderson. That only added an extra half hour to our travel time, so we were able to pick up a few items at the grocery and a pizza before going to Daleville. We unpacked our things and ate our pizza, then watched a little TV before going to bed.
Saturday morning, we had a few places to go, so we ate breakfast before going to Lowe's in Anderson to check out a few items. After browsing, Linda and I decided to put peel and stick tile on the landing at the back door. Otherwise, we would have needed to remove the door and cut the bottom off about 3/8", then install a new threshold. The peel and stick option was much easier and wouldn't be that big of a deal to get done. After that, we drove to Shelly and Jeff's to pick up a few pieces of wood. We stayed a little bit and talked with them about Shelly's new job and how things had been going. I had received some parts that had been back ordered that I needed to take to Imon for the 56 Chevy, so Linda called to see if Linda and Imon were home, then we drove over to their house. Imon took a quick look at the parts and seemed to think they were the rest of what he needed to finishing installing the new rear end and hook up the disc brakes. We stayed there a little over an hour, then went back towards Daleville and had a late lunch at Bird's Smokehouse before returning to the Daleville house. Stacey and Linda left to do some shopping, so I watched a little TV (napped) before starting the peel and stick tile job.
Linda and Stacey returned to the house and it didn't take long until it was peeled and stuck. Now we need to buy a trim board for the edge of the ceramic tile in the kitchen and some metal trim pieces for the edges of the peeled and stuck tiles and that job will be finished, provided the tiles stay stuck down. LoL!
Sunday we had breakfast then shut things off and headed home. We avoided Indy again and took a new way home from Louisville to avoid construction on I-65 south of Louisville. We made it home just before dark. It was nice to see the scenery along a different route, but I probably won't go that way again.

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Posted on Saturday, December 06, 2014

Kyle's First Game

Stacey, Linda and I left the farm in the Malibu and drove to South Edmonson Elementary School at 11 AM Saturday to watch Kyle play basket ball. He is still 4 years old, his birthday is in February, so he was amongst the youngest players allowed to play. Kyle is third from the left in the fuzzy cell phone picture above. They play with smaller basket balls and lower goals, but they learn some of the fundamentals while getting exercise too. Everyone gets to play and it is fun to watch, more learning than real competition, but high intensity for the young players, especially with their parents yelling and screaming. Kyle took a couple hard passes to the face, but he never quit playing, he didn't cry and he didn't run to his mommy, like a few other players did. So that was good! He played tough and was getting tired near the end of the game but, with a little encouragement, he kept going until the final buzzer. Both teams slapped hands as they walked past the other team to show good sportsmanship, then I rounded up the Cardinals, with the coach, for the picture above.
After the game, we drove to Pauline and Brent's house, left our car there and rode in their Traverse into Bowling Green. Pauline and I picked Toot's Restaurant for lunch. We ate and had a few drinks (beers) then went back to their house and talked while a movie played. Stacey, Linda and I left for home around 6:30 PM. Stacey talked to Jason using my cell phone while we were driving on the parkway, then called him when we made it back to the house to finish their conversation.

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Posted on Sunday, November 30, 2014

Back In Town

Saturday morning, Pauline and Brent arrived early because we had made plans to go to the Wellness Center in Albany and let their kids swim while we were in the pool too. We gathered up our towels and put on our swim suits, loaded in their Traverse and Brent drove us over to Albany. We went in and were greeted with a "pool is closed" from the guy working the front desk. Supposedly, something had broke and they would know about the repairs when a service man came on Monday. I told Linda this was the same scenario they played on us last year and they never did get the pool heated during the winter months. The kids were disappointed and so were we! Nothing could be done about it, so we left and ate at the Mexican Restaurant before leaving Albany. Brent drove us across the Wolf Creek Dam and to Greensburg. We went through town and stopped at Central Furniture to look around at their stuff. We eventually had looked at all of their items and left for the farm. We took Daisy for a run and messed around outside for a while.
Sunday, Kyle talked Linda into getting out Brent's old Optimus Prime, a Transformer, he had when he was about Kyle's age.
Linda gets Optimus Prime out of the original box and will let Kyle hold it, but won't let him play with the toy. She's working to get Kyle to be gentle and not break his toys. She used her diamond necklace to teach Julie to handle things carefully a few years ago. Now it is Kyle's turn. Brent showed Kyle how Optimus would change shapes and transform before Linda put it back in the box.

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