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Posted on Sunday, November 29, 2015

Thanksgiving & More

Stacey, Linda and I had been going to the grocery and preparing for Thanksgiving for a few days before Pauline and Brent came over with Julie and Kyle Thursday morning. When everything was cooked we gathered around the table and took a picture before beginning to eat.
After dinner, Linda was intent on getting everyone outside to do something since the weather was so nice. The temperature was around 70 degrees and it was sunny, so we went out to cut down a tree that a group of beavers had chewed up. They stand up and chew around the base of some trees until it resembles the middle of a hour glass, then leave it like that until it falls. This particular tree was a tree that would make good firewood so I decided to take it for us to burn. We finished cutting the tree down and dropped it into the creek, then hooked a chain to the trunk and tractor, then pulled it onto the creek bank. After Brent cut the small limbs off, I pulled the rest into the hay field. That meant there was nothing we had to pick up that we didn't want to keep. We hauled the wood back to near the wood shed with the Mule and trailer, then dumped it into a pile.
Friday we did our usual things, I made omelets, we let the dog run, rode ATVs, swung on the rope swing, ate pop sickles and dinked around. Everyone but me went swimming at the Wellness Center in Albany, then they ate at Major's Pizza. I remained calm at home until they returned.
Saturday Pauline made breakfast, then we all went to the Wellness Center to swim and stopped at McDonald's on the way back. The rain outside gave Linda an opportunity to get help putting the Christmas Tree up and getting it decorated. Julie, Pauline and Stacey helped her.
The kids watched some Christmas shows on TV while the adults played cards until bedtime.
Sunday after "sticky buns" for breakfast and rain still coming down outside, we played a game of Aggravation. We play as teams with all members having to get their marbles to home. Stacey, Julie & Brent were on one team with Pauline, Kyle and I on the other. Julie and Kyle took teasing really well as the "bumping" was happening.
After the game was over, we had chili, salsa, chips and cheese, then they packed their things up and went home a little before noon.

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Posted on Monday, November 23, 2015

Wedding Anniversary

Linda and I celebrated our 42nd wedding anniversary by going to Major's Pizza in Albany with Stacey. Stacey took our picture with my phone when they brought the pizza to the table.

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Posted on Friday, November 20, 2015

Let's Burn One

For SAFETY's SAKE, Monday evening, I started taking down the old single wall stove pipe by scooting the wood stove out from it's normal position. The stove pipe had accumulated a fine black powder that fell out as I slowly removed the pipe. When I pulled the pipe loose from the through the ceiling fixture, more soot fell on me. I laid the four pieces of old pipe out on the back porch and went back inside. About then, the phone rang and Linda answered. Sandra had killed a deer back in the 'holler' across from the house and was asking for help to get it out and take it to Jone's Ridge Meats. I told Linda to tell her I'd be right out to help. I went to wash my hands and looked in the mirror. My face looked like a raccoon with black all around my eyes, and my blue shirt was coal black. I drove the Mule and picked up Sandra and Regina and as we crossed the creek it began raining, then I drove back to where she had been hunting. The deer had dropped within 10 feet of where she shot it, so that was no problem. I backed the Mule up to the deer and we tried lifting it into the bed of the Mule. It was a big 9 point buck and we could not lift it high enough to put it in the Mule's bed. Somebody suggested pulling the Mule into the branch, where it would be lower and we might be able to get the deer in that way. OK, I drove the Mule into the branch and nearly immediately had the Mule stuck in knee deep gravel & sand. I tried 4 wheel drive, posi-traction, rocking it back and forth, Regina driving with Sandra and I pushing, nothing would get it out. I had on tennis shoes and Sandra had hunting boots on, so she decided she would walk across the creek and get her ATV. Then I would ride it back to the tractor shed and get my tractor. We did that, then I used the back hoe attachment on the tractor to pull the Mule out. I drove the Mule back up to level ground and parked it. Then I pulled the tractor over close to the deer and put the scoop down, we slid the deer in the scoop. Don't know why I didn't think of that at first. We hauled the deer up the road and dropped it off at Jone's Ridge Meats, then went back to the farm. Sandra thanked me and apologized for being so much trouble. I told her it wasn't that bad, nobody got hurt, we had everything back where it belonged and the deer was being processed. Incidentally, that is the third deer she has killed back in that 'holler'. I returned to the house and put the rod together and the brush, taped a bag around the bottom of the flue and pushed and pulled the brush up and down in the triple wall stove pipe that goes from the attic to the top of the chimney. More soot fell in my face while I was doing that and when I took it all out. After that, I took a hot shower, scrubbing my hair and beard to remove the black soot.
Tuesday morning, I cut the one inch off of a piece of single wall pipe to make the pieces fit the dimension from the top of the stove to the bottom of the ceiling fixture. Then I snapped all four of the new pieces together. I removed the ladder I had been using and waited on Linda to come home from the school to help hold the pipe as I slid the stove back in place. No interruptions when we did that and it all went smoothly.
Wednesday it rained all day.
Thursday we let the ground dry out.
Friday, Stacey and I hauled wood from the wood shed to the back porch and stacked it in the racks on the porch. Tonight we have the first fire of the season in the stove. Ohhh, it feels good.

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Posted on Sunday, November 15, 2015

Maxx Visits Our Farm

Brent came over with his family and Maxx Lobo early Saturday morning. Maxx and Brent had been buddies while both attended Western Kentucky University. They had stayed in contact with each visiting the other a time or two after Maxx moved to California. The time seemed to evaporate between then and now as they started talking. The only times the conversations stopped were when Linda fixed something for everyone to eat and a short night's sleep. We all enjoyed the time Maxx spent visiting us. I took the picture above as they were leaving. After they return to Pauline and Brent's house, Maxx is on his way to see his dad in Louisville and then back to California.

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Posted on Tuesday, November 03, 2015

Olevia's Childcare & Stacey's Birthday

Friday after school, we packed the Equinox and headed towards Daleville, IN. Most of the trip was uneventful, but as we neared Indy, the traffic came to a stop on I-65. We were at the 90 mile marker and an overhead sign had notified everyone that there was a single lane of traffic at the 97 mile marker. I transferred to the right hand lane and about a mile later I exited the interstate to take IN 44 towards Shelbyville. In Shelbyville I turned onto IN 9 for the rest of the way to Anderson. Pizza and unpacking once at the Daleville house, then relax.
Saturday morning came early as Kim called Linda and asked if she was ready for her to pick Linda up. Linda said "No, we're going to eat breakfast first, then Dave will bring me over to Lapel." So that was the way it went, we all went to Lapel, arriving about 10 AM. Linda and Stacey helped Kim with whatever she needed done while I hooked up the 4 PCs and made sure they all worked one at a time. The electrician was a little scared of having all 4 PCs running on one circuit. There were several people there helping put things in place and get ready for the open house later than evening. We had a light lunch of a coney dog, corn and chips before I helped Jeremy attach the signs Linda and I had made to the outside fences.
After that, Stacey and I went back to the Daleville house and hung out. Linda remained at the childcare location to hand out goody bags to the kids and help with whatever was needed. Kim brought Linda home a little bit after 10 PM. Kim seemed pleased with the turnout and happy that there had been several people come to help her get the childcare ready to go.
Sunday morning we had breakfast, then Linda called Imon to see what they had going on. Fairly soon Linda K and Imon were knocking on the front door. They came in and we chatted for a good while, then went to Bird's Smoke House, where Imon bought our lunches. We ate, then sat there and talked for another hour before splitting up with Imon and Linda K going to Lowe's and us going back to the house in Daleville. Linda called her Mom and took Stacey to see her in Pendleton. I watched the NASCAR Race between naps. Mostly naps, LoL! Linda told me that she had a good visit with Nana when they returned to the house about 9:30 PM.
Monday morning we ate breakfast and slowly packed up to leave. Traffic through Indy was pretty light and it was easy driving. We stopped at Edinburgh and Linda went in several of the Outlet Mall's shops while I went inside the Harley Davidson shop. I bought two coffee cups and returned to pick up the girls. At Kingfish in Jeffersonville, we left all 4 windows down about an inch with Coco inside the car. We went in this time because Stacey wanted to celebrate her birthday by eating inside, so we went in and ordered our meals, then Linda went back outside to see how warm the car was getting. She said Coco would be fine, so we enjoyed our meals.
We made it home a little before dark with the time change. I checked our messages and had one from Chuck Anderson. He wanted to stop by on Tuesday, so I called and we made plans for that to happen.
Tuesday morning, Brent called before 8 AM to wish Stacey a Happy Birthday. Around 10 AM, Chuck arrived with a Butler Sweatshirt and a couple posters. He's trying to switch Stacey from the Pacers to the Boston Celtics or the Butler Bulldogs. She told him that wasn't going to happen.

We talked for a while, Linda fixed lunch and we talked after lunch. Chuck was on his way to his winter residence in Florida and was stopping along the way to see several friends. Before he left the door bell rang and Stacey received a delivery of flowers and a white teddy bear from Jason Strange. Chuck said good bye a little after 2 PM. Stacey received several phone calls with birthday wishes the rest of the evening.

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Posted on Sunday, October 18, 2015

Farm Camp Out 2015

Friday, a little bit after noon, campers started arriving and most stayed until Sunday afternoon. They were: Imon, Linda, Shelly, Jeff, Airiana, Trevon, Seth, Jennifer, Lee, Graham, Christopher, Kierstan, Valerie, Bobby, Julie, Kyle, Pauline and Brent.
I don't want to try to describe what all went on, because I wasn't everywhere all the time. LoL, so I'll just let the pictures that Linda and I took explain.
Stacey, Linda and I had a really great time hosting the Fall Camp Out. IMO - it was a blast.
We all hope everyone that attended had as much fun as we did.

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