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Posted on Thursday, December 01, 2016

Gray House

I was glad to sign over the gray house to Nelson Lee yesterday in exchange for him demolishing the tax sale house. That means, no more $1,100+ property taxes, no more water, no sewage, no insurance or electricity bills to pay on a place we didn't want and that wasn't generating any income for us. Nelson Enterprises boarded up the windows and parked their track hoe in the yard. His current plans are to demolish the house trailer and rehab the house. Just glad it is not our problem any longer.

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Posted on Friday, November 25, 2016

Anniversary & Thanksgiving

Wednesday Nov 23 was Linda and my 43rd wedding anniversary. Seems like a big number!
Pauline, Brent, Julie & Kyle came over early. Brent drove a truck that Pauline's Dad, Larry, had left at their house for them to use. Pauline came a few minutes later in the Traverse with their kids and dogs. Brent brought the truck to take home a load of wood to burn in the fire pit he had built on his patio. After about a half hour of chatting, we took the Mule and truck across the creek and cut up some of the tree tops the loggers had left on Sondra Jones' place. Pauline, Julie, Kyle & Stacey also joined in helping pick up the pieces we cut and toss them in the back of the pickup truck. We stopped cutting around 11:30 AM and went back to the house for Thanksgiving Dinner. Everyone had agreed to have it a day earlier because of plans for Friday. Linda had most of the items ready and just needed a little help with setting the table.
After eating we stayed inside, played games and watched TV.
Thursday, Thanksgiving Day, the weather was cloudy and the ground was damp from an overnight rain. Brent and I went to the storage shed and brought back the Christmas Tree and decorations. We set those on the back porch and went to cut some more wood to finish filling the truck bed. When we were done with that, we returned to the house and the Christmas Tree was up and they were decorating it with hundreds of lights. Bulbs and ornaments were the last items put on. Linda had steaks laid out and wanted them cooked on the grill down by the shelter house. A little windy, but we took the steaks and started the charcoal burning in the grill. I had just placed the steaks on the grill when they all came walking down ready to eat. I laughed and told them the steaks would be very rare if we ate right then. The kids played on the rope swing and around the creek as the adults sat and talked until the meat was completely done. We had the steaks and leftovers from Wednesday's Thanksgiving Dinner.
Brent's family packed their things Friday morning, after breakfast and left for their home. We packed our things and left for IN just before 11 AM. We arrived in Daleville a little before dark and could see the tax sale house was gone and there was a hole left in the ground. Lee Enterprise had filled in some, but I think that rain had stopped the operation before they could fill the hole entirely.
We called Pizza King and I went to pick up our order. I had never seen that many people working in the Chesterfield Pizza King. I think there were at least ten people making pizzas and folding boxes.
I guess a lot of people were tired of Thanksgiving leftovers and didn't want to cook, so Pizza King was busy!

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Posted on Sunday, November 20, 2016

Lacy & Julie Visit

Karen King had asked Linda to let Lacy stay a night with us while they attended a meeting in Louisville. Linda picked Lacy up at school Friday afternoon while I went to meet Brent & Julie in Glasgow. Julie then rode back to to farm with me. When we arrived Lacy, Stacey & Linda were starting supper. The girls played together the rest of the evening.
Saturday after breakfast, we took Daisy for a run around the hay fields and stopped to let Lacy & Julie walk along the creek bank and pick through the gravel for their treasures.
After lunch the temperature dropped and all the girls wanted to have a fire in the wood stove, so we hooked up the black trailer to the Mule and took a trip to the wood shed. We formed a line to hand the wood from the back of the shed to one of the girls that would throw it on the trailer. When the trailer was loaded, we hopped in the Mule and road to the back porch where we unloaded the wood into a stack between the wood racks.
After returning the trailer to the barn and parking the Mule, I went inside and started a fire. The girls got warm and watched TV together until Karen picked up Lacy around 8:15 PM.
Linda & Stacey took Julie home Sunday morning and visited with Kyle, Pauline & Brent.

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Posted on Saturday, November 12, 2016

Pacers vs Celtics

We had purchased Pacer tickets for Stacey's birthday a couple months ago. The game was at Banker's Life Fieldhouse in Indy. We came up to IN a few days early to watch Lee Enterprises demo the tax sale house. We just hung around the Daleville house, ate lunch and left for the game around 4 PM. We stopped at Meijer's in Anderson for Linda to buy some curtains, then drove to Indy. We found a parking spot close to the Fieldhouse that only charged $5 to park. We walked to the Fieldhouse and were surprised to find a door open that let us get in easily. They handed each one of us a "Roger Brown" bobble head. We were close to our seats when we climbed the stairs and only had to walk across the concourse and down to our section. We sat in the top row of the lower section. The Pacers led until late in the third quarter.
They traded the lead with the Celtics until the last 4 minutes of the 4th quarter, when they ran out of steam and missed several crucial shots. Stacey was not a happy camper when the final horn sounded and the Celtics had beat the Pacers. We quickly walked out and to our car, found an easy way to the Interstate and headed back towards Daleville. We stopped at Steak 'n' Shake for sandwiches before returning to the Daleville house.
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Posted on Wednesday, November 09, 2016

Demo Day

We arrived in Daleville right at dark and were unable to see what had been done on the tax sale house. After unpacking, we went to Elbert's Bar, behind the house, for $1 Taco Night and a couple cold drinks.
Wednesday morning, I noticed Nelson Enterprise had removed the front porch Tuesday before we arrived. They began work and had the dozer and the track hoe running. Nelson switched to the track hoe and slowly began picking off pieces of the roof and crunching the walls as he moved towards the front porch.
Stacey and Linda stood and watched as piece by piece came down and nothing hit our house. Other people stood in the yard and watched too.
Finally the entire roof was down and things were safer at last. Nelson crunched some of the pieces into the basement which will be dug out including the concrete. He busted up the cement floor and foundation of the old garage. They began loading those pieces of concrete onto their truck at the end of the day.
There will be dumpsters delivered and the crunched up debris will be loaded into those in coming days.

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Posted on Thursday, November 03, 2016

Stacey's Birthday

I woke Stacey and Linda up at 6:30 AM and handed the cell phone to Stacey. It was her "Happy Birthday" call from her brother, Brent, with Julie & Kyle singing along. We went to Denny's afterwards for breakfast with Stacey ordering an American Slam while Linda ordered Pumpkin Spice pancakes. I had Banana & Carmel pancakes.
Nelson Lee had started tearing down the tax sale house with a track hoe when we returned from breakfast. He also brought a bull dozer to shove the debris back into the shell of the house.
Around the time people were getting home from work, a crowd formed. Linda, Stacey and Imon were sitting in the golf cart. Others were setting in a couple of lawn chairs or standing around enjoying drinks from the bar and a little free entertainment.
The track hoe was not running right so Nelson used the dozer to keep things shoved towards the house's basement. He plans on putting a new fuel filter on the track hoe tomorrow with the hopes that will solve the problem.
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Posted on Wednesday, November 02, 2016

Randy Bramwell

We left the farm and headed to Daleville to watch the demolition of the tax sale house. Lee Enterprises wasn't ready to demo the house so we visited with friends for a few days.
Wednesday, Linda went to McDonald's to pick up breakfast and when she returned, she mentioned she had seen Randy Bramwell while there. We ate our breakfast and about a half hour later Randy knocked on the door. He was driving a black Ford Galaxie 500, so I went outside to take a look.
The car was in great shape and looked extra nice. The paint was perfect and the sides were straight and looked like a mirror. After walking around the car several times, we went inside to chat. Randy and I had been friends since the early 70s and used to street race our Fords against the other brands. We talked about back in the day times and what had been going on in our lives recently too. Around and hour later, Randy and I said our good byes and he went outside, hopped in the Galaxie, revved it up a couple times and took off.

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