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Posted on Sunday, August 17, 2014

Smooth Water

Brent & Pauline came over with their kids Friday evening. We tried a new dish we made from a recipe I found on the computer. It was called "Lazy Stuffed Peppers". Everyone ate it, said it needed something, but ate more and more until it was nearly all gone. Either they were really hungry or it was pretty good just the way it was made??
Saturday we had planned on going to the lake. It was a little cloudy and a rain shower had went over before daylight, so we were slow getting started. After breakfast everyone fired up as the sky was getting brighter, so we loaded up and headed to the lake. We launched the boat and headed to our favorite cove, but it was occupied, so we went to Pusley to find a spot. When we pulled in there, the water was so smooth it "looked like glass", I mentioned it looked like it would be great for knee boarding.

Kyle was the first one out, then Julie, then Brent. Then Julie took a couple turns on her skis, then Brent skied. Once they were all ready for a rest, we pulled out of there as more boats had found our sweet spot and were churning up the water. We moved to another cove that not many people know about and it looked like it was just our lake.
We spent most of the day enjoying the privacy, eating lunch and swimming in that cove. We finally took a ride near the end of the day, saw Cindy & Bruce Beck and talked to them on the radio. They told us where Brenda & Gary Brown had their house boat, so we went over there a little bit, talked about a half hour and then went back out on the main part of the lake. We swam a little more, then took the boat out and headed home just as it began to sprinkle rain.
Sunday morning after breakfast, we loaded the crew into the Mule, along with Daisy, with the small black trailer behind and took chainsaws to clean up the last one of the trees that had fell in the hay field. Brent and I were both cutting the tree into pieces as the girls were picking up the small pieces and throwing them on the trailer. I quit sawing a little before Brent and began tossing the larger pieces on the trailer, then the kids picked up the debris and tossed it in the edge of the woods. We were completely done in about 45 minutes. We pulled the trailer back behind the equipment shed and dumped off the wood, put the tools and trailer up and went to the pole barn for refreshments while the kids were swinging on the rope swing. Brent started the brush pile burning in the fire pit and Julie wanted to roast marshmallows or roast hot dogs or something. LoL I went to the store and bought hot dogs, buns, marshmallows, small chocolate bars and graham crackers. When I returned it began raining, so we headed to the patio at the pole barn. Brent took the hot dogs and roasted them in the rain, then a few marshmallows so that everyone could have what they wanted to eat. It wasn't perfect, but the kids didn't care and neither did we, it was still fun! I think they left for home a little after noon.

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Posted on Friday, August 08, 2014

Wheel Bearings

In order to clean up the trees at the edge of the hay fields, I needed to replace a wheel bearing on our small black trailer. I towed the trailer to the pole barn and jacked up one wheel, took off the grease cap and removed the bearing nut. Then took the entire wheel and hub off the axle, pounded out the bearing races and took all the pieces to NAPA. The tech found me two new sets of bearing and also sold me a tub of grease to pack the new bearings. I returned to the farm and pounded in the new bearing races, greased the new bearings and placed them on the axle and in the wheel.
Wow, things actually went as they were supposed to go. I tightened the bearing nut, put the pin in to lock the nut in place and tapped the bearing cap back on the hub.
The wheel bearings were making a noise from lack of grease, maybe caused by a bad bearing seal letting water in the back side. Now, they're running quiet.

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Posted on Thursday, August 07, 2014

Hay Fields

The Garmons are in the process of finishing the second cutting of the hay fields across from the house. It has been hot and dry enough that they were able to cut one day and almost finish rolling the hay the next day.
The thunderstorm we had about a week ago left several small trees laying at the edge of the hay fields. Now that they have the hay cut, I will need to get those cleaned up. I will trim the limbs off and keep the larger pieces of the tree trunks for firewood, then shove the debris out of the fields with the tractor scoop. Looks like two of trees will be good to cut up and will make decent firewood , so I might get some extra benefit out of the clean up job.
Without sowing any seeds, the grass in the area that was bulldozed earlier in the year has filled in fairly well.

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Posted on Sunday, August 03, 2014

Class of 1969 45th Reunion

Stacey, Linda and I left the farm about noon on Friday and headed to Daleville. Traffic was terrible around Louisville and then 20 miles south of Indy it was literally stop and go on I-65. We made it without being involved in a wreck, but it was a close call a few times. I hooked up the TV and turned on the water and the water heater while Linda went to Chesterfield for groceries and a pizza. When we finished that, we walked over to Elbert's for a couple drinks, then back to the house and called it a night.
Saturday morning I had to go to the BMV to try to get Mom's car title changed into my name. Even with court papers, death certificates, the old title, letters of administration, letters for guardianship, it was impossible according to the ladies behind the counter. They recommended I have it done in KY. I proceeded to explain that I had already been to the IN BMV once, then to the KY County Clerk's office once and neither of them would change the title regardless of the paperwork I had shown them. It looked like I wasn't going to get the title changed, then the lady leaned over and whispered to me, "Here's what I'd do if I was you..." and proceeded to explain that if I could get someone in IN to buy the car they could change the title. To make a very long story short, I called our niece Shelly and she and her husband came to my rescue. We made the title out to her, basically sold it for $1, I paid the fee and they will get the title in less than a week. Then they can sell it back to me. I hope... for just a dollar. :-) I have confidence in everything going well. Imon and Linda K came to the Daleville house and visited with us for a while around noon. While they were there, an old friend dropped in. Jim Cooper walked over and came in for a while to talk. We had some great times back in the day and he had all of us giggling like crazy before he left.
My class reunion started at 6 PM, so Linda and I drove to the Lions' Club and started to go inside. The teasing began before I was able to shut the car door. Inside were a bunch of old people, not the young kids I remembered. Then it hit me, these people had aged just like I had. Geez, what the heck? I recognized most as I met them, but there were a few I could not put a name with the face. A few people had trouble with my name also. We stood and talked for a while, then Jeff Dickey gave a short prayer before we all filled our plates and then enjoyed conversations during the meal.
Janet Robbins presented Ron Everett with a special quilt she had made. The quilt had every classmates name embroidered on it and Ron asked each of us to sign it later during the evening. Then they asked the people that had served in the Armed Forces to stand in front of the USA Flag for a picture.
Then it was time for a group shot with everyone at once.

Then the girls in attendance. From Left to Right are: Deborah Hale, Janet Robbins, Debra Oakley, Nancy Selby, Hannelore Gascho, Kathy Brandenburg, Vicky Daily (hidden), Judith Anderson, Kathi Robertson, Mary Beth Maddox, Ronnette Nixon, Charlene Luttrell

Then the guys in attendance. From Left to Right are: Jeffrey Babb, Russell Bradway, Charles Clevenger, Ronnie Everett, Gary Sneed, Wayne Atkinson, Wayne Reagan, Steven Keesling, Jeffrey Dickey, Reddric Robertson, Eric Hopper, Keith Earhardt, Steven Nale, Virgil Hall, David Norris, Benjamin Parsons

As soon as the picture taking was over, we began to break into groups and reminincse about the old times and also what had happened in our lives since we left high school. Some left sooner than others, some stayed late. I totally enjoyed the get together and seeing people I had not seen in 45 years. In one second we were right back like we were still in school and a second or two later the time was now!


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Posted on Saturday, July 26, 2014

Just Us At The Lake

Stacey, Linda and I went to the lake around 10 AM. After launching and running the boat while the water was smooth, we pulled into Jolly Creek and stopped in one of the side coves. We enjoyed the calm water and peaceful time. Around 12:30 PM we headed on over to Sunset Dock and went inside to eat lunch. They were swamped with boaters and campers and it took awhile to get seated and served. Not one of their best days.
After lunch we headed back towards a quieter part of the lake, but along the way, noticed a water spout over along the shore. We pulled up closer and saw a guy standing on top of the water spout with a hose running down to a jet ski. He could maneuver the platform across the lake with the jet ski following. Another guy was attempting to ride one but wasn't as skillful and kept crashing into the lake. Later at home, I found out those are called "flyboards".
After watching for a while we went on to Pusley Creek and anchored. We took turns laying around and swimming till it was time to head back to the State Park and take the boat out.
Once the boat was on the trailer, we pulled to the middle parking lot and wiped it down with Pledge, then tied down the cover and towed back to the farm.

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Posted on Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Another Day Boating

Linda had to work at the school this week, so Stacey and I needed a new crew to go to the lake. Pauline and Brent volunteered for the position and both took a day off work to join us. We headed to the lake and rode towards Star Point. We were ahead of the scheduled meeting time, so Julie and Brent both took turns on the skis. Then we pulled in and anchored with some of our friends. A lot of the same people were still on the lake, but several had left to return home and had been replaced by new arrivals.
At one point, Lana and Franks' grandkids had joined our grandkids and were on the back of the boat. I asked them to all stand there for a minute while I took a picture.
I think they are the next generation of "cove dwellers" that are taking over from us! LoL

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Posted on Sunday, July 20, 2014

Friends @ DHL

Julie and Kyle are staying a few days with us while Brent runs a swim meet in Louisville and Pauline goes along. Some friends from IN had told us they were coming to the lake for nearly an entire week, so we made plans to meet with them. We took food and drinks and loaded those along with everything else we needed into the boat. Then filled it with gas and headed to the State Park Dock. Linda drove the boat off the trailer with the kids riding along and I parked the truck and trailer, then joined them. When we left the dock area, the weather did not look that great. It had rained for the last two days and the clouds were making it look like it might continue raining.

We rode over to the predefined meeting location and arrived about an hour before the designated time. That gave us enough time to let the kids swim and then have a picnic lunch before the others arrived.
By the time lunch was over, the clouds had cleared away and it was beginning to look like a nice day. Then the boats began pulling in and the people were happy to have the weather break for their vacations. At one point in the day, there were at least 45 people in the group according to a couple of the guys. I never took the time to count. LoL
We moved over to Pusley Creek and Donnie Cox asked Julie to ride along in the tube with his grand daughter to help give her confidence, since it was her first ride in a tube. Julie was more than happy to go along.
Julie even skied a little later, then about 6:30 PM we told everyone 'so long' and headed to the dock, where we pulled the boat out. Then towed it home and put it in the pole barn. What had started as a real 'iffy' day, turned into a great day on the lake with friends!

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Posted on Sunday, July 13, 2014

Week In Indiana

Monday afternoon, Stacey, Linda and I drove the Malibu to IN. Our first stop was at Lowe's in Anderson. We talked with an appliance salesman and determined that if we bought a new washer, dryer and refrigerator that Lowe's would deliver the appliances on Thursday. We purchased the appliances and then drove to Chesterfield, bought groceries and a pizza at Pizza King, then to the Daleville house.
Tuesday I had to drive to Muncie, go to the UAW Legal Services, pick up papers and then to the Delaware County Courthouse. Pay the Auditor, pay the recorder and then both the Daleville houses were in our names. Then I went to the Health Department to get a death certificate, then to Anderson to the Health Department to get a death certificate, then to the BMV to find out that I was unable to transfer the car title because I live in KY. In the evening, we went to Kim & Kenny's house to eat with them. Kenny had fresh tenderloins he had cooked in his new deep fryer ready when Kim came home from work. Hoadly was there too and ate with us. Kim showed us her garden and we talked about how they could repair a roof on their out door shelter house.
Wednesday, we worked on getting some of the stuff out of the way in the basement and sorting out the junk. We went to Pendleton and stopped at the Dairy Bar for sandwiches which we took to Nana's house. We ate with her and talked for about 3 hours.
Thursday morning, George O'Bryant came to the house with two guys to haul off some of the old appliances. I had called him Tuesday and told him we had 2 freezers, a washer and a dryer he could have for junk. It was all 4 of us could do to lift the upright freezer out of the basement. The smaller chest freezer, washer and dryer were easier. George didn't want to charge me, he said he would get money for junking out the motors and metal, but I gave each one a $20 bill for their help.
Shortly after noon, the Lowe's delivery driver called and said they would be there in 20 minutes. They showed up, took the doors off and rolled in the new refrigerator first. They replaced the doors on the fridge and the house, hooked up the ice maker's water line and turned it on. Next they took the washer and dryer down to the basement, set them on the blocks, hooked up the water line and vent and were out of there.
Friday, Linda organized the rest of the basement junk. I carried out the trash bags as she filled them. We sat the bags in the yard and later 'little' Al let Linda use their golf cart and we hauled the trash to a dumpster. We also rode around town and talked to some friends while we had the golf cart.
Saturday, we cut the top edge off a trash can and set it under the drain that was leaking in the basement. We went to 'big' Al's 50th Wedding Anniversary party. It started at 2 PM with a large meal, then live music and talk.
Sunday morning, we packed our stuff, shut off the water and AC unit, then drove to King Fish for lunch. The new bridge supports are being built right next to the current bridge. I'm guessing one bridge will be for north bound traffic and the other for south bound. Just a guess.
After eating, we drove to the farm and were surprised to see the little house was completely gone.

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Posted on Sunday, July 06, 2014

4th of July, Lake, Birthday

Julie and Kyle had been staying with us all week, so Pauline and Brent came over Thursday evening. Friday, the 4th, we let the kids play in the kiddie pool in our yard, then we all went to the park in Burkesville. Julie and Kyle hit the inflatable slide the first thing. They made trips up and down, up and down, until they had enough.
We ate 'fair food' under the pavilion, then listened to some home town people competing in a talent contest.
The "Road Crew" band took over and played for about an hour and a half. Then they quit playing just in time for the fireworks, so we walked about 50 yards to Brent's Traverse, pulled out our lawn chairs and sat back and enjoyed the fireworks show.
We had prepared well for the 4th on Dale Hollow Lake. We had hoagies made up, chips and plenty of drinks because the few restaurants are always crowded on the 4th. We took two vehicles to the lake to aid in parking the truck and trailer. Usually the lower parking lot is full, the roadsides are filled, the middle lot is sometimes full and if you are walking it's a long haul uphill when fetching your vehicle after boating. Pauline drove their Traverse to pick Brent up after he parked the truck and trailer, then returned to the lower lot with him and parked. That was a much shorter walk.
It is hard to tell it from the pictures, but there were boats everywhere on the lake, more than I had seen in the last few years. We managed to get a spot in our favorite cove though, and we spent a large chunk of time there swimming and eating, until about 1 PM.
We moved around the lake taking our time to check out where lots of the houseboats were parked and just seeing how many camping spots were taken. The kids laid down and took naps during the ride.
We found another quiet place in Galton Hollow and even let Julie ski. She has really made progress, this time holding the rope without it being attached to the skis was the next step in her learning curve. Brent and I worked with Kyle a little bit too. We had him in the water and putting the skis on, learning to turn over and to move around on his own with the skis. We never tried to pull him with the boat, but Brent would get him setting straight in the water, then I would tug on the rope pulling Kyle 20 feet or so to the boat. It gives him a feel for being pulled through the water and it won't be so scary when we actually let him try. We pulled off the lake about 7 PM. The water was rough most of the day from all of the boat traffic, but it had still been a decent day on the lake swimming and riding around.
This morning, Brent cooked breakfast and later we had a lunch of chicken breasts with fried potatoes and peppers, all cooked on the grill. Pauline and Brent took their kids and Poco and went home about 4 PM.

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Posted on Thursday, July 03, 2014


We took a ride to Columbia in the 97 Mustang convertible and the kids couldn't keep their heads up because of the wind. LoL Everything was OK though when we stopped at Sonic for burgers and ice cream.
We also took a ride around the farm and let Daisy run along. Kyle wanted to ride on a 4 wheeler, so I took him with me. He sat in front of me and that's his blond hair in the bottom of the picture. Stacey rode another 4 wheeler while Julie rode in the Mule with Linda. I was amazed at how quickly the hay has jumped up since the first cutting on Memorial Day.
We stopped and let the kids throw rocks in the creek or look for creek glass to put in Linda's jar. They had on flip flop shoes, so it didn't matter if they were in the water or wandering up and down the gravel bar.

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