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Saturday, March 03, 2018

Aaron Tippin & Sammy Kershaw Concert

Stacey was not having a good day, but we were determined to take her to see Aaron Tippin & Sammy Kershaw. We had purchased the tickets a couple months in advance and she enjoys going to the Plaza Theatre. We tried to get her straightened up, but it didn't happen. Linda and I each held onto Stacey's hands and helped her walk into the Plaza just before the concert started. Aaron and Sammy took turns performing their hit songs for about an hour and a half.
The crowd was rowdy and shouted a lot of things towards the artists. Sammy told a few stories between songs, but Aaron just sang. It wasn't the best concert we had seen at the Plaza but it was fairly good. Leading Stacey out in the middle of the crowd trying to leave was difficult, but we made it and Stacey said she had a good time.

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Thursday, November 30, 2017

Mark Chesnutt Concert

We picked Jason up a few minutes after 5 PM and I drove to Glasgow. Stacey and Jason ate pizza while Linda and I had steak grinders at Mancino's. We then drove to the Courthouse Square, parked and walked the short distance to the Plaza Theatre. Reserved seats that anyone can order online make going to the Plaza a nice experience. I had ordered 4 tickets to the Mark Chesnutt show and we walked in, found our seats and waited about 20 minutes till the concert began.
Mark Chesnutt opened with one of his hit songs, then another and another. He stopped and spoke for a couple minutes, then back to the music. Linda and I had forgotten how many hit songs Mark had sung. No breaks and very little talking, only 3 songs I had never heard.
Mark played about an hour and 20 minutes, then left the stage. He came back with "Bubba Shot The Jukebox" and that was when people crowded down to the stage to take "selfies" while Mark was singing.
The concert was over, the crowd left happy and all of us thought it was a good show. We returned Jason to his house and continued on to the farm.

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Saturday, February 14, 2015

Valentine's Day

The three of us left the farm early in the HHR to watch the next to last game that Kyle will play this year. The game was at 9 AM and we arrived a few minutes before the start. Both teams showed marked improvement with Kyle being involved more than anytime previously. After the game, we went over to Pauline and Brent's house for about an hour, then we headed back to the farm. Jason had asked Stacey to go out to eat with him, Kristi & Bryant, Stephanie & Tommy, and then to go to a Travis Tritt concert at the Plaza Theatre. Jason had also sent Stacey a bouquet of roses for Valentine's Day.
We picked up some Wendy's sandwiches at 11 AM for the ride back to the farm. Linda helped Stacey with her hair and they eventually had everything ready, so we took Stacey over to Jason's place at 3:30 PM. We took a picture of Stacey and Jason while we talked to Stephanie, then we headed home.
Stephanie & Tommy brought Stacey back to the farm and dropped her off a little bit before 11 PM. She came in the bedroom and told me she had a great time. She said they had ate at Colton's Steakhouse and then went to the concert. Stacey said Travis put on a good show, that he sang a lot of his hits and the "sold out" crowd liked the show.

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