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Saturday, March 03, 2018

Aaron Tippin & Sammy Kershaw Concert

Stacey was not having a good day, but we were determined to take her to see Aaron Tippin & Sammy Kershaw. We had purchased the tickets a couple months in advance and she enjoys going to the Plaza Theatre. We tried to get her straightened up, but it didn't happen. Linda and I each held onto Stacey's hands and helped her walk into the Plaza just before the concert started. Aaron and Sammy took turns performing their hit songs for about an hour and a half.
The crowd was rowdy and shouted a lot of things towards the artists. Sammy told a few stories between songs, but Aaron just sang. It wasn't the best concert we had seen at the Plaza but it was fairly good. Leading Stacey out in the middle of the crowd trying to leave was difficult, but we made it and Stacey said she had a good time.

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Thursday, November 30, 2017

Mark Chesnutt Concert

We picked Jason up a few minutes after 5 PM and I drove to Glasgow. Stacey and Jason ate pizza while Linda and I had steak grinders at Mancino's. We then drove to the Courthouse Square, parked and walked the short distance to the Plaza Theatre. Reserved seats that anyone can order online make going to the Plaza a nice experience. I had ordered 4 tickets to the Mark Chesnutt show and we walked in, found our seats and waited about 20 minutes till the concert began.
Mark Chesnutt opened with one of his hit songs, then another and another. He stopped and spoke for a couple minutes, then back to the music. Linda and I had forgotten how many hit songs Mark had sung. No breaks and very little talking, only 3 songs I had never heard.
Mark played about an hour and 20 minutes, then left the stage. He came back with "Bubba Shot The Jukebox" and that was when people crowded down to the stage to take "selfies" while Mark was singing.
The concert was over, the crowd left happy and all of us thought it was a good show. We returned Jason to his house and continued on to the farm.

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Saturday, February 14, 2015

Valentine's Day

The three of us left the farm early in the HHR to watch the next to last game that Kyle will play this year. The game was at 9 AM and we arrived a few minutes before the start. Both teams showed marked improvement with Kyle being involved more than anytime previously. After the game, we went over to Pauline and Brent's house for about an hour, then we headed back to the farm. Jason had asked Stacey to go out to eat with him, Kristi & Bryant, Stephanie & Tommy, and then to go to a Travis Tritt concert at the Plaza Theatre. Jason had also sent Stacey a bouquet of roses for Valentine's Day.
We picked up some Wendy's sandwiches at 11 AM for the ride back to the farm. Linda helped Stacey with her hair and they eventually had everything ready, so we took Stacey over to Jason's place at 3:30 PM. We took a picture of Stacey and Jason while we talked to Stephanie, then we headed home.
Stephanie & Tommy brought Stacey back to the farm and dropped her off a little bit before 11 PM. She came in the bedroom and told me she had a great time. She said they had ate at Colton's Steakhouse and then went to the concert. Stacey said Travis put on a good show, that he sang a lot of his hits and the "sold out" crowd liked the show.

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Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Christmas Exchange

We called and arranged to pick up Jason at 5 PM and go to eat in Summer Shade. It really was a dark night and raining, so we took our time driving, then went inside the restaurant and ordered. Jason roots for the Boston Celtics and of course, Stacey roots for the Pacers. So, Linda and I had found a game where those two teams will play each other in Indy and had ordered 4 tickets. Linda had previously received the OK from Stephanie about Jason going to the game, but Stacey nor Jason knew about it. After the waitress had taken our order, I asked them which team would win if they played each other, of course they both said the team they rooted for would win and began explaining why. Linda handed them a Christmas card and told them that it was to both of them. Jason told Stacey to open it and read what it said. Along with the Christmas Wishes, it said they would be going to the Celtics vs Pacers game. Jason looked at me and said, "Are you kidding? I said, "No, we're not kidding and your Mom has said it was OK for you to go." They both were excited and talked about the trip and who would win until the food came. We ate and then rode back to Jason's place. We went inside and Stacey and Jason exchanged gifts. Stacey gave Jason UK coffee cups and a Christmas decoration for his apartment. I could tell Stacey really liked the Spurs Championship shirt that Jason gave her as she opened the box.
He gave her another Spurs shirt and a Christmas ornament, then Jason sprung a surprise on Stacey with a Christmas card. But inside was an invitation to go to the Plaza Theatre in Glasgow for a Travis Tritt concert. Both Stacey and Jason seemed really happy and excited with their gifts.
After a few hugs and some Merry Christmas wishes, we started to leave as Stephannie and Tommy were pulling into their driveway. Stephanie yelled for us to come and see their new grand baby, Skylar Young. We walked over and went inside and talked for a half hour or so and watched as Stephanie took care of the two month old baby. Skylar had been to the doctor and had received 3 shots in the legs and she was supposed to be cranky, but never seemed to get upset the entire time we were there talking. Her Grandma Stephanie was doing just what she wanted done, to rock and be cuddled.

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Saturday, November 17, 2012

John Michael Montgomery Concert

Stacey, Linda and I picked up Jason at 5 PM and I drove the Malibu to Glasgow. We made the regular stop at Mancino's for grinders and pizza because their food is good and the service is always quick. That way we are never late for the concerts. After eating we rode to the Courthouse Square and parked right on the corner of the square. We walked a half block to the Plaza and I picked up our four tickets at the 'will call' counter. Stacey stopped at the souvenir booth and bought an autographed CD before the music started.
"Angel Mary and the Tennesee Werewolves" were the opening act and they began right on time at 7:30. They were a family band with the lead singer, bass player and drummer all related. They were probably the best opening act we had seen at the Plaza.
There was a short intermission while the roadies changed the instruments, then John Michael Montgomery came on stage and began singing his hit songs. "Beer 'n' Bones" was one he played right away and Linda and I thought he'd had more than a few. LOL John talked a little too much at first, but then got into playing several of his bigger hits and a few ballads. His voice quality was still pretty good. He sounded as good as his recorded music. As with a lot of the artist we see at the Plaza, we had forgot how many hit songs John had recorded. He has 15 number one songs and has sold over 18 million albums.
One of the songs that brought back memories for Linda and I was "Be My Baby Tonight". We both began laughing when he began playing that song. We remembered Todd Schaefer and Brent singing that along with the radio one year while we had rented a house boat on Dale Hollow Lake.
The concert was about over when John called out the warm up band and thanked them. He then played a couple more songs, threw out a few guitar picks and finished with "Sold" and walked off for a couple of minutes. I stepped down the center aisle and picked up one of the guitar picks that had hit the floor. He came back, played two more songs and was out of there.
Everyone walked out of the Plaza about 9:50 PM. We stopped at a filling station and picked up drinks for the ride back to Burkesville. After dropping Jason off a little before 11 PM, we made the short ride to the farm and parked the Malibu in the garage.

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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Collin Raye Concert

A car club from Russellsprings, KY was having their last car show of the season so I asked Linda if she wanted to ride up there in the 56 Chevy. She thought it would be fun so I washed the car while Stacey and Linda got ready to go. Linda came out and helped dry the windows and grill while I changed my clothes and then we were ready to go. We arrived at the show and were told where to park and that they were cooking burgers and hot dogs for everyone to eat. I took pictures to put on the Cruiser's web site and we enjoyed the burgers, talking with a few friends and the beautiful weather. We were putting our chairs in the trunk of the Chevy getting ready to leave when the announcer called Linda and Dave Norris and said we had a Top Five Trophy. I was asked to pull the car up front and get the trophy, which I did.
I pulled the car back in the parking lot and took a picture of Stacey and the trophy, then we left and I drove back to the farm. I showered and we changed clothes, then left and went to pick up Jason. Stephannie and Tommy took us for a quick look at the apartment that had just been finished next to their house. Jason's brother, Bryant and his wife to be, Christy, will live there for a while after they're married later this month. It will be a nice place to start their life together and Jason can move in when Christy and Bryant find their own place. We then left for the ride to Glasgow to see the Collin Raye concert at the Plaza. We ate at Mancino's and Pauline and Brent met us there with their kids. They had been in Glasgow on an outing with their kids. We finished the meal and went to the concert. On the way in, I took the 'standard' picture of Stacey and Jason with the marquee behind them, then we went inside and were seated. A girl, that called herself "Imaj", was the opening act. She sang country themed music and had a nice voice with quite a bit of tonal range.
Collin Raye came on stage at 8:30 PM and began singing his hits to get the audience fired up. It worked.
Collin's Top 10 Hits are "Every Second" · "In This Life" · "I Want You Bad (And That Ain't Good)" · "Somebody Else's Moon" · "That Was a River" · "That's My Story" · "Little Rock" · "Man of My Word" · "My Kind of Girl" · "If I Were You" · "One Boy, One Girl" · "Not That Different" · "I Think About You" · "Love Remains" · "On the Verge" · "What the Heart Wants" · "Little Red Rodeo" · "I Can Still Feel You" · "Someone You Used to Know" · "Anyone Else" · "Couldn't Last a Moment"
He finished the night with "Love, Me" and left the stage with the crowd standing and applauding. Collin came back and sang one of his new religious songs and the concert was over.
It was 10 PM and Colin had played exactly an hour and a half. We walked out of the theatre and made our way to the car, then rode back towards Burkesville. We dropped off Jason and continued on home.

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Friday, June 15, 2012

Exile In Concert

Stacey, Linda and I picked up Jason just before 5 PM and headed to Glasgow to hear the band Exile play in concert at the Plaza Theatre. We stopped and ate at Zaxby's before going to the Court House Square to park the car.

I went to the 'will call' window and picked up the 4 tickets, then we entered the lobby of the theatre and waited a few minutes until they let everyone go on in to their seats. We walked down the aisle to row "E" and sat down in the center seats. Jason was happy with the seats once again. Pretty soon, the rest of the seats began filling up. Several people from Burkesville came by and said 'hello' while we waited for the warm up band to begin playing. After a few announcements, "Emma and the Heartsets" came on the stage and began playing at 7:30 PM.
Two of the group were from England and spoke with heavy British accents. The lead singer was a woman with a strange set of gestures that she made during her performance. Her voice was good, but she was hard to watch. They played about a half hour and left the stage as the crowd gave them a polite round of applause. A short break followed while the instruments were replaced, an announcement was made about upcoming concerts, then "Exile" took the stage. Exile sounded much better! I had forgotten how many #1 hits they had. They played a lot of them, then sang a few religious songs.
They did a medley of #1 songs they had written that other people and groups had sang. Then Exile played their biggest hit song and we thought the concert was over. They played two more songs, then left the stage. The crowd roared their approval and of course Exile returned to the stage. The band performed a medley of songs that lasted another 20 minutes, then said "good night" and walked off to a standing ovation. It was 10:15 PM and Exile had put on a great show. They had the crowd standing and singing along several times during their hit filled performance. We left the theatre and walked about a half block to the car, then drove back towards Burkesville. We dropped off Jason at his house, then went on to the farm. We parked the HHR in the garage at 11 PM.

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Friday, April 06, 2012

KY Headhunters

We began the day with breakfast with Julie and Kyle, a Mule ride with Daisy running along and preparing for the bake sale. I had to go across the creek to meet with the loggers and when I returned to the house, Pauline and Brent had arrived. We spent awhile talking with them and messing around, then it was time for Linda and I to load the HHR with our baked goods and head to town. We took a table and set it up near the entrance to the grocery store and began selling the stuff Linda had baked. Surprisingly, things were selling fairly quickly and we were soon worried about running out of items. Misty, Bernice and Cheryl brought a few of their things to replenish our supply. We kept selling and talking to people until our three hours were over and Tammy Dyer replaced us.
We returned to the house and took a break with everyone for about an hour and a half. After changing clothes, Stacey, Linda and I took the HHR and picked up Jason and headed towards Glasgow for the KY Headhunters concert at the Plaza Theatre. We stopped at Mancino's for sandwiches and pizza, then drove into the center of town and parked at the Courthouse. There was a line waiting at the Plaza's doors and the marquee said the show was SOLD OUT.
Our tickets were waiting at the "will call" area and after picking them up, we went inside and found we were in ROW D on the center aisle. I had ordered them online a few months earlier and didn't remember the location, but we were happy with them. It wasn't long till the show started with hard rock 'n' roll.
The music was loud and the beat was pounding. The crowd was loving it. After about an hour and twenty minutes, the guitar players took a break and the drummer did a 10 - 15 minute solo. Just when the crowd thought he was at his fastest drumming, he was spinning his drum sticks between beats, he stood up like it was over, threw his sticks in the air and continued playing with his bare hands for another 5 minutes. The crowd gave him a couple standing ovations and then the remaining band members returned and began playing.
They played over an hour and 45 minutes, did their finale then walked off. The cheers brought them back and they played a couple more songs, then played "Down To Dumas Walkers'" and people thought they were done. A few people in the crowd started to leave, but the guitar player said, "don't go, we're not done yet" and they played about 3 more songs.
At the end, the KY Headhunters took their final bow, then stood and told everyone thanks for coming and how they had a great time, they also thanked the Mayor for giving them the "Key to the City" that day, they waved good bye and the concert was over. Two hours and ten minutes of rock 'n' roll had came to an end and the crowd was well satisfied.

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Friday, January 20, 2012

John Anderson Concert

I had ordered tickets to a John Anderson Concert at the Plaza Theatre several months ago. Stacey had invited Jason to go with us, so we picked him up at 4:30 PM and drove to Glasgow. We stopped and ate at Zaxby's since Stacey and Jason both like that type of food. Our service was quick and the food was good. We ate quickly and were on our way to the concert.
We parked on the Courthouse Square in Glasgow and walked a half block to the Plaza. Our seats were in the second row and right on the middle aisle. We were all pleased with the location. The theatre filled up the bottom seating area and people were being seated in the balcony. I'm not sure, but if it wasn't a sellout, it was really close to being one.
After a few announcements, John Anderson began playing. He only had one other musician with him that played a guitar and the fiddle. John sounded just like his CDs and put on a great show. He played some of his old stuff, some new songs, some gospel music, then he played a few of his big hits and finished with "Seminole Wind".
He left the stage, then came back to the loud applause from the crowd and played three more songs. His last song was "Money In The Bank", which everyone enjoyed and gave him a standing ovation when he left the stage for the final time. John played about an hour and thirty five minutes.

The crowd seemed satisfied as we all slowly walked out of the theatre and crossed the street to our car. We talked about the concert as we rode back towards Burkesville. We dropped Jason off as Stephannie and Tommy pulled into their driveway. We stepped outside our car and talked with them a few minutes while Stacey and Jason exchanged CDs. We said good bye and returned to the farm about 10 PM.

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Friday, March 04, 2011

Marty Stuart Concert

I ordered 4 tickets several weeks ago for the Marty Stuart Concert at the Plaza Theatre in Glasgow and Stacey asked Jason to go with us. We left home and picked Jason up about 4 PM, then I drove to Glasgow. Stacey and Jason picked Mancino's again, so we stopped and ate there before time for the concert. Then we rode into the center of town, parked the HHR on the Court House Square and walked about a half block to the Plaza Theatre.
We talked with a few people from Burkesville that were also attending the concert. We spoke with Jason's Uncle Tim and his wife, Patti, while they were talking with Terry Murphy. I noticed Jimmy King and his wife were also there as the theater was filling up. Then after a few announcements, "Marty Stuart and His Fabulous Superlatives" began playing.
Marty and his group played several covers of popular songs and he had each member of his band be the lead singer at times. Every member of the group was a good singer and excellent instrumentalist.
Marty played the mandolin for about 10 minutes while the rest of his group took a break. They all returned and played a while longer, then left the stage. They returned for an encore after a few minutes of applause from the entire crowd. Marty hyped a few of their CDs and then played a little bit longer.
When Marty's group left the stage, they had played about an hour and forty five minutes. The show had been excellent with the crowd responding nicely to everyone of the songs they played. We exited the theater and walked quickly to the car. I drove to our regular stop where Jason bought us cold drinks for the ride back to Burkesville. We dropped off Jason a little before 10 PM and then returned to the farm.

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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Family Visits

Friday morning, Brent had let us know that they were not going to work and were coming to the farm early. They arrived around 9 AM with Julie, Kyle and their dogs. Brent and I went to the pole barn and began airing up the tires on the four wheelers. One of the tires had a split in it, so we decided to go to Columbia and try to buy a replacement tire. We stopped at the Kawasaki dealership and they didn't have one in stock. We then checked at Tractor Supply and there weren't any there. We returned to the farm to find that Linda K and Imon had arrived with his grandson, Trevon. After saying hello and talking for a while, we went to the pole barn and Imon plugged the split tire. It held air the rest of the weekend. About an hour later, around 2 PM, Shelly and Jeff pulled in with their camper. Their dog, Winston was with them too. Jeff turned the camper around and backed it to a spot near the sidewalk going to the back porch. A few minutes later, they had setup camp and were ready to begin enjoying the weekend. Linda K and Imon had brought partially frozen pizzas from Pizza King with them and Linda N finished cooking them in our oven. Those pizzas are something our family really misses, so it was nice that they brought those for supper the first night.
Saturday morning, Kyle began the day earlier than the other people in the house. Pauline brought him to the master bedroom to let everyone else continue to sleep. Pretty soon, Brent joined us and they gave Julie and Kyle baths in the master bathroom. Shelly, Jeff and Winston came inside a little bit later.
The weather couldn't have been any better, in the mid 80s during the day, not a cloud in the sky and cool at night. It was warm enough that Trevon, Shelly, Jeff and Winston were walking in the creek water.
We rode the ATVs and drove the Mule, let Winston and Daisy run with us around the hay fields, set under the shade trees and just had fun most of the day. There had been a mix up on what weekend they were coming and Linda and I had ordered concert tickets, so we had to get ready to drive to Glasgow for the Mary Chapin Carter concert at the Plaza Theatre. Jason was going with us, so we picked him up at 4 PM on the way, then stopped at Mancino's in Glasgo and ate a pepperoni pizza. We drove to the Courthouse Square and parked near the Plaza Theatre. I noticed there was a wedding happening in the gazebo, so I walked up and took a picture of the groom as he was kissing the bride. We then went inside the Plaza and were escorted to our seats.
I took a picture of Stacey and Jason setting next to each other, then the concert started. Mary Chapin Carter played a slow song as one by one, each of her band members joined her on stage, then began to play. She played several of her newest songs, then began playing her more populars songs until they said good night and walked off the stage to a standing ovation. They came back and played three more of her best songs and were done. They had played an hour and forty minutes. The concert was pretty good, a little slow at first, but built momentum until the encore was over.
We left the Plaza Theatre and stopped for drinks at a filling station on the way back to Burkesville. Stacey and Jason talked about the concert as they drank their cold drinks until we dropped Jason off at his house around 9:30 PM. We returned to the farm and found a few people still sitting outside at Shelly and Jeff's camper. We drank some of the champagne that the lawyer had presented to Pauline for her participation in the WKU trial. I guess we don't have expensive tastes. None of us liked the taste of the Dom Perignon Champagne. Oh well.
Sunday morning, Pauline was playing with the kids while Shelly and Linda N fixed breakfast. Linda made a breakfast strudel for a sweet treat after we ate Shelly's hot peppers with eggs scramble.
Around 1 PM, Linda K and Imon loaded their stuff, then I used the tractor and sat a couple big rocks into the back of Imon's pickup. Shelly and Jeff were packing their camping stuff away too. I asked all of them to step to the back side walk and I took pictures before they left.
We had a great time with everyone that came down and a little before 7 PM, Linda received a phone call from Imon and he said they had made it home and had a good time too.

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Friday, May 21, 2010

Jason Takes Stacey to A Concert

Jason had asked Stacey to go to a concert in Glasgow with him and his family, so after Linda helped Stacey by fixing her hair, I took Stacey to Stephanie and Tommy's house. Jason met Stacey as she exited the car, then Stephanie came out. Jason's brother, Bryant was there and we all talked a few minutes while standing by the car before I left for home.

Bryant and his girlfriend were going to the concert too, but in a separate vehicle. They all met in Glasgow and ate at Tumbleweeds, then went to the concert in the Plaza Theatre.
Jason said they had good seats and that the concert was pretty good too. John Connley was the artist and I believe he sang for nearly two hours.
Jason called us when the concert was over and said they were on their way back to the farm. He walked Stacey to the door and told me things went well. He said that everyone seemed to like the show. Stacey said she had fun and liked eating out and going to the concert.
Thanks go to Stephanie for the pictures!

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