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Thursday, April 20, 2017

Friends In Daleville

When everyone left after the egg hunt, Linda and I decided to go to Daleville Monday morning. I fixed egg and ham roll ups before we left about 8:30 AM. The trip went as usual and we arrived at the Daleville house about 4.5 hours later with a pizza. We ate, unloaded the car, hooked up the TV, turned on the water and furnace, then relaxed. Linda and I made a lap around town in the golf cart before dark to check out the progress on the Salem Apartments development and the water park.
Tuesday, Linda and I cleaned up the area in front of the house where we had the old shrubs pulled out. We removed the black plastic and several pieces of the shrub roots, then raked the river rock to level it in the entire area. Stacey and I rode the golf cart to pick up cans that had been tossed out along the roads. As evening was beginning, we headed to Elbert's for Taco Tuesdays. I decided to put the golf cart in the yard barn, but it wouldn't start. When I raised up the seat to look for a problem, Cindy Reed & Jody Ratz were standing behind me and Cindy was in my case about I was supposed to let her know the next time I was in Daleville. Uhh, no reply, caught! We all hugged and went to Taco Tuesday at Elbert's. Cheryl Ballard and Terry Granger came in and joined us. Then Karen Wilson popped in and sat with us. Next, Vicki Fritz pulled up a chair. OMGosh, it was a homecoming it seemed. Stories began circulating with people tossing in comments left and right. People that I hadn't thought about in years were suddenly back in my memories. Then the get together was over and everyone went their separate ways. I put a battery charger on the golf cart battery and let it charge. The cart started and I put it in the yard barn.
Wednesday we went to visit Linda's Mom. We stopped at Jimmy's Dairy Bar and bought sandwiches to eat with Nana. She ate well as we talked. We stayed a little over two hours and then headed back to Daleville. Linda and Stacey went to Kim Bourke's house to see what she was doing while I hung out on the bench in front of Elbert's. I'd rather set outside than be inside a dark bar because I'm mainly over there to visit, not drink. One of the guys working on the water park was telling me that the water park was going to be free access. There will be two stages for music acts to use too. I went back to the house before dark. Linda and Stacey came back around 10 PM.
Thursday, we ate toast for breakfast, loaded up and stopped in Jeffersonville for lunch. King Fish had their parking lot fenced in to deny access to people during the Thunder Over Louisville boat races, so we had difficulty finding our way into the parking area. They charge $495 for a metal table with 4 metal chairs outside on their patio and nothing else during the boat races. We pulled in our driveway at 2:30 PM.

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Thursday, March 30, 2017

Linda K & Imon Visit

Linda K & Imon with their dog, Katy, arrived at the farm Thursday afternoon.
Friday we went to their property and helped draw floor plans on the pole barn floor. They checked out the work we had arranged. The water line had been installed and was working along with the septic tank and laterals.

Linda & Imon had stopped Thursday at the Taylor County Electric office and filled out the paper work to have their electricity connected. The crew arrived while we were there and installed a transformer on the pole, connected the power line to the building and plugged in the meter. The power was on!
I drove to Albany and we all ate at Hunter's BBQ before returning, getting Imon's truck and then back to the farm.
Saturday Imon and I did some ATV riding while the girls talked down at the shelter house. They packed up their stuff, loaded Linda N's 65 Mustang on a trailer and headed to IN.
Sunday we watched the NCAA basketball games and decided to go to IN on Monday.
Monday I drove the Equinox to Daleville. We didn't have many plans, basically let Linda visit her Mom. I went to bed early instead of watching the Pacers with Stacey and Linda.
Tuesday, Linda and Stacey visited with Nana while I watched NetFlix at the Daleville house. We went to Elbert's for Taco Tuesday when they returned.
Wednesday, Linda went to visit her older brother, Abner Jr, in the morning. Stacey and I rolled out the golf cart and went around Daleville picking up beer and pop cans. It is good exercise for Stacey and gives me a chance to see what has changed in Daleville. The Salem Apartments construction has began with earthwork. The old Lion's Club building is gone and the field in front of the American Legion is now mud. People in town are pissed, but progress moves on, I guess?
Thursday morning we packed our stuff, closed down the house and headed to King Fish. We again ate outside and watched the muddy river and the traffic on it. There is a new pier under construction for the upcoming Thunder On the Ohio hydroplane races.

The off and on rain showers we had drove through in IN were gone as we headed into KY and on to the farm, arriving about 2 PM, but the rain showers resumed around 6 PM. The predicted severe thunderstorms never materialized.

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Thursday, February 23, 2017

Spur of the Moment Trip

We didn't have much on our calendar, so we decided to take a trip to IN since the weather reports were for mild temperatures during the upcoming week. We left Saturday morning arriving just before dark in Daleville. I parked the truck, carried in a few things, then took a couple pictures of the tax sale lot and the new electric meter and weather head that Wilson Electric had installed. They had temporarily hooked up the power to the old electric drop until the electric company could come out and shorten the wire and connect it properly.
Sunday morning, I took a picture of the new electrical panel that had been installed in the basement. Linda took Stacey and went to Pendleton to visit her Mom while I remained at the house. I removed the golf cart from the storage barn and took a ride around town. After Stacey and Linda returned from her Mom's, Imon & Linda K stopped to visit and we all went to Bird's Smoke House for supper, then returned to chat longer.
Monday, Lee Enterprise used a small tractor and drug the dirt a little smoother, then spread grass seed and spread straw over the entire lot.They worked on the gray house lot, taking down the persimmon tree with the track hoe. Tim and Ed Bolton were interested as it looked like the tall limbs might fall on their house. Nelson took his time and broke the tree down without hitting anything.
Tuesday, we went to the Indy Boat, Sport & Travel Show at the Indianapolis Fairgrounds. We went during the daytime to avoid the crush of people that usually show up during the evenings and on weekends. There weren't many new trends or hi-tech improvements, it was mostly new colors on the boats or bigger motors. The pontoon in the picture impressed me, it had two 300 hp Evinrude outboards mounted on the back of a 27 footer with a wing on top. It looked like it would literally fly! There was a bathroom on board (in case the speed caused a person to shit down their leg I guess).
When we returned to Daleville, Lee Enterprise had placed large rocks at the back property line as I has asked. Hopefully it will keep the bar patrons from driving in the yard.
Wednesday, the electric company showed up and disconnected the temporary hook up, shortened the wire and reconnected the power. Linda's brother, Abner stopped in and chatted for an hour or more. Later that evening, we went to Lapel to visit with Kim & Kenny Bourke. Kenny cooked breaded tenderloins and French fries for all of us to eat. They were delicious and the conversation was good too.
Thursday we packed up and left the Daleville house, then stopped and visited with Nana for over an hour. We left Pendleton and stopped in Jeffersonville at KingFish for a late lunch, then on to the farm.

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Tuesday, January 03, 2017

Pacer Game & New Year's

Lee Enterprises had made some progress on filling in the tax sale lot, but it had rained too much for them to finish. They did remove the over grown shrubs in front of the Daleville house which let us see the steps were falling apart.
Pauline & Brent joined us Friday afternoon with Julie. After everyone returned from visiting Nana, we went to Bird's Smoke House for supper.
Saturday we played Aggravation before going to Shelly & Jeff's house for their New Year's Eve Party.

We hung around the Daleville House after Pauline & Brent took their kids and headed home. We really sat around too long and were about late for the Pacer game. It started an hour earlier than we thought, not because of the time difference, because we didn't look at the tickets.
I may take decent pictures, but I'm really lousy at taking "selfies"! LOL
Of course we stopped at King Fish. We ate inside because it was raining, but it was warm enough Coco could stay in the truck.
We had a good trip, had fun with family and friends, saw a good ball game and ate good food.

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Thursday, December 29, 2016

Last Daleville Trip of 2016

We met Brent, Pauline, Julie and Kyle in Glasgow to pick up Kyle. He returned to the farm with us so we could leave for IN early Thursday morning.
We ate sausage breakfast and took our medicine before leaving the farm a few minutes before 8 AM CST. We stopped at the rest area and let Coco and everyone do their business, then continued on to Daleville. Traffic was at a minimum and we arrived at 1:30 PM EST. After unloading our things, I called Pizza King and ordered. Twenty minutes later I was headed back to Daleville with a 16" Royal Feast. Everyone was eager to tear into the box, but I managed to slow Kyle down to take a picture.

We posted it on FB to tease Pauline & Brent. Several other people were jealous because they like Pizza King and it isn't available in KY. I took some pictures of the white house with the empty Tax Sale lot, the gray house lot and Elbert's.

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Thursday, December 01, 2016

Gray House

I was glad to sign over the gray house to Nelson Lee yesterday in exchange for him demolishing the tax sale house. That means, no more $1,100+ property taxes, no more water, no sewage, no insurance or electricity bills to pay on a place we didn't want and that wasn't generating any income for us. Nelson Enterprises boarded up the windows and parked their track hoe in the yard. His current plans are to demolish the house trailer and rehab the house. Just glad it is not our problem any longer.

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Friday, November 25, 2016

Anniversary & Thanksgiving

Wednesday Nov 23 was Linda and my 43rd wedding anniversary. Seems like a big number!
Pauline, Brent, Julie & Kyle came over early. Brent drove a truck that Pauline's Dad, Larry, had left at their house for them to use. Pauline came a few minutes later in the Traverse with their kids and dogs. Brent brought the truck to take home a load of wood to burn in the fire pit he had built on his patio. After about a half hour of chatting, we took the Mule and truck across the creek and cut up some of the tree tops the loggers had left on Sondra Jones' place. Pauline, Julie, Kyle & Stacey also joined in helping pick up the pieces we cut and toss them in the back of the pickup truck. We stopped cutting around 11:30 AM and went back to the house for Thanksgiving Dinner. Everyone had agreed to have it a day earlier because of plans for Friday. Linda had most of the items ready and just needed a little help with setting the table.
After eating we stayed inside, played games and watched TV.
Thursday, Thanksgiving Day, the weather was cloudy and the ground was damp from an overnight rain. Brent and I went to the storage shed and brought back the Christmas Tree and decorations. We set those on the back porch and went to cut some more wood to finish filling the truck bed. When we were done with that, we returned to the house and the Christmas Tree was up and they were decorating it with hundreds of lights. Bulbs and ornaments were the last items put on. Linda had steaks laid out and wanted them cooked on the grill down by the shelter house. A little windy, but we took the steaks and started the charcoal burning in the grill. I had just placed the steaks on the grill when they all came walking down ready to eat. I laughed and told them the steaks would be very rare if we ate right then. The kids played on the rope swing and around the creek as the adults sat and talked until the meat was completely done. We had the steaks and leftovers from Wednesday's Thanksgiving Dinner.
Brent's family packed their things Friday morning, after breakfast and left for their home. We packed our things and left for IN just before 11 AM. We arrived in Daleville a little before dark and could see the tax sale house was gone and there was a hole left in the ground. Lee Enterprise had filled in some, but I think that rain had stopped the operation before they could fill the hole entirely.
We called Pizza King and I went to pick up our order. I had never seen that many people working in the Chesterfield Pizza King. I think there were at least ten people making pizzas and folding boxes.
I guess a lot of people were tired of Thanksgiving leftovers and didn't want to cook, so Pizza King was busy!

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Saturday, November 12, 2016

Pacers vs Celtics

We had purchased Pacer tickets for Stacey's birthday a couple months ago. The game was at Banker's Life Fieldhouse in Indy. We came up to IN a few days early to watch Lee Enterprises demo the tax sale house. We just hung around the Daleville house, ate lunch and left for the game around 4 PM. We stopped at Meijer's in Anderson for Linda to buy some curtains, then drove to Indy. We found a parking spot close to the Fieldhouse that only charged $5 to park. We walked to the Fieldhouse and were surprised to find a door open that let us get in easily. They handed each one of us a "Roger Brown" bobble head. We were close to our seats when we climbed the stairs and only had to walk across the concourse and down to our section. We sat in the top row of the lower section. The Pacers led until late in the third quarter.
They traded the lead with the Celtics until the last 4 minutes of the 4th quarter, when they ran out of steam and missed several crucial shots. Stacey was not a happy camper when the final horn sounded and the Celtics had beat the Pacers. We quickly walked out and to our car, found an easy way to the Interstate and headed back towards Daleville. We stopped at Steak 'n' Shake for sandwiches before returning to the Daleville house.
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Wednesday, November 09, 2016

Demo Day

We arrived in Daleville right at dark and were unable to see what had been done on the tax sale house. After unpacking, we went to Elbert's Bar, behind the house, for $1 Taco Night and a couple cold drinks.
Wednesday morning, I noticed Nelson Enterprise had removed the front porch Tuesday before we arrived. They began work and had the dozer and the track hoe running. Nelson switched to the track hoe and slowly began picking off pieces of the roof and crunching the walls as he moved towards the front porch.
Stacey and Linda stood and watched as piece by piece came down and nothing hit our house. Other people stood in the yard and watched too.
Finally the entire roof was down and things were safer at last. Nelson crunched some of the pieces into the basement which will be dug out including the concrete. He busted up the cement floor and foundation of the old garage. They began loading those pieces of concrete onto their truck at the end of the day.
There will be dumpsters delivered and the crunched up debris will be loaded into those in coming days.

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Thursday, November 03, 2016

Stacey's Birthday

I woke Stacey and Linda up at 6:30 AM and handed the cell phone to Stacey. It was her "Happy Birthday" call from her brother, Brent, with Julie & Kyle singing along. We went to Denny's afterwards for breakfast with Stacey ordering an American Slam while Linda ordered Pumpkin Spice pancakes. I had Banana & Carmel pancakes.
Nelson Lee had started tearing down the tax sale house with a track hoe when we returned from breakfast. He also brought a bull dozer to shove the debris back into the shell of the house.
Around the time people were getting home from work, a crowd formed. Linda, Stacey and Imon were sitting in the golf cart. Others were setting in a couple of lawn chairs or standing around enjoying drinks from the bar and a little free entertainment.
The track hoe was not running right so Nelson used the dozer to keep things shoved towards the house's basement. He plans on putting a new fuel filter on the track hoe tomorrow with the hopes that will solve the problem.
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Wednesday, November 02, 2016

Randy Bramwell

We left the farm and headed to Daleville to watch the demolition of the tax sale house. Lee Enterprises wasn't ready to demo the house so we visited with friends for a few days.
Wednesday, Linda went to McDonald's to pick up breakfast and when she returned, she mentioned she had seen Randy Bramwell while there. We ate our breakfast and about a half hour later Randy knocked on the door. He was driving a black Ford Galaxie 500, so I went outside to take a look.
The car was in great shape and looked extra nice. The paint was perfect and the sides were straight and looked like a mirror. After walking around the car several times, we went inside to chat. Randy and I had been friends since the early 70s and used to street race our Fords against the other brands. We talked about back in the day times and what had been going on in our lives recently too. Around and hour later, Randy and I said our good byes and he went outside, hopped in the Galaxie, revved it up a couple times and took off.

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Monday, October 24, 2016

Grouting Tile

We left for IN Thursday morning, stopping in Louisville for lunch, then on to Daleville. After unpacking, we went to Lowe's to pick up grout to put down in the living room and dinning room.
Friday morning we ate breakfast, then I mixed the grout with water and began spreading it on the tile floor in the living room. I worked along the walls and finished the living room by going down the middle towards the dinning room. I had enough grout to do along the outside wall in the dinning room and stopped. Linda had Stacey helping her wash the drying grout off the tiles. I also helped with the wipe down of the tiles to remove the dry film of grout. We worked most of the day cleaning the grout off.
Saturday morning Stacey was experiencing problems. Not seizure trouble, just sick to her stomach, but we weren't sure how things were going to pan out, so we held off on tile grouting. Around lunch time, Stacey seemed to be feeling OK, so I asked her if she wanted a Beef 'n" Cheddar sandwich from Arby's. Oh yeah! After eating the sandwich, she seemed fine, so Linda and I went to work on finishing the grout job. I spread the grout and Linda washed it away. We only had to finish about 2/3rds of the room and it went quick, but our legs were tired from the previous day's work. Several buckets of clean water later, we had it good enough to let dry completely, so I took a shower. We went to Wilson's Furniture Store in Daleville and picked out a love seat, two recliners and two end tables for the Daleville house. The recliners had to be ordered and should come in about Thanksgiving. We left the store and I called the Pizza King in Pendleton and picked up a large Royal Feast, a 2 liter of Coke and a large unsweetened tea, then we went to Nana's house and ate with her.
Sunday we relaxed, rode around town in the golf cart and watched the NASCAR race on TV. Linda washed the tile a couple more times.
Monday, Wilson's Furniture delivered our love seat and two end tables. We went to Pendleton, picked up Reba and bought Dairy Bar BBQ sandwiches, then went to Daleville to let her see our tile work and talk a while.
Linda and Stacey took Nana back home while I went to the Town of Daleville Office and paid for demolition permits for the tax sale house. Lee Enterprises should be demolishing it in the upcoming weeks.
Tuesday morning, we ate breakfast, then I checked and it was said it would probably be next week before they started work on the tax sale house, so we packed up and headed home. We ate outside at King Fish and the weather was great. We made it home about 4:30 PM.

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Tuesday, October 04, 2016

Indiana Tile Job

Saturday morning, Stacey, Linda and I took Coco and drove to Pauline and Brent's house. Linda and Stacey were going to take care of Julie & Kyle, Poco, Pepper & Coco while Pauline, Brent and I went to lay the tile in the Daleville house. We left their house around 9 AM and drove to IN. We stopped and ate lunch, then continued the drive to Daleville, arriving around 2 PM. After unpacking, we took a ride around town in the golf cart. We ate pizza that evening.
Sunday morning Pauline fixed breakfast, then we mixed up mortar and began laying tile in the center of the two rooms. First, we worked towards the front door and to the edge of the living room. Then Brent reversed direction and worked towards the dinning room. Laying the nearly 3 foot long tiles took longer than laying the 1 foot square tiles. They wanted pizza again, so we ordered again from Pizza King.
Monday morning we ate breakfast and began laying tile in the dinning room. Imon and Bobby came to the front door to plug in an air compressor. They were moving the old garage from the tax sale lot down to Imon's house and needed to air up one of the trailer tires. We went outside to watch Bobby pull the garage off the foundation and down the street. After they left, Brent and I went back inside to continue laying tile.
When the mortar ran out, we took a short trip towards Muncie, stopping for ice cream at Cammack Station. After picking up two more bags of mortar at Lowe's, we returned to the house and worked till around 9 PM, then quit for the night.
Tuesday morning, we hustled through breakfast, then began filling in the missing tiles that had to be cut with the tile saw. I had cut most of them Monday while Pauline was buttering the tiles for Brent to lay, but I still needed to cut some that required other tiles to be filled in before an accurate measurement could be obtained.
The results were pretty good. The tiles fit really close to the tiles at the kitchen, hallway and front door. The last tile was laid about 11:45 AM, then we showered, packed our things, closed up the house and headed for Pendleton. We stopped at Jimmy's in Pendleton and bought several BBQ sandwiches, then took them to Nana's house and ate with her. She was surprised that Pauline and Brent were with me. Of course she had a couple of jobs for Brent to do after he ate his sandwich. LoL We stayed a little over an hour, then after saying good bye, I headed the truck towards KY. The area around King Fish was packed with cars and people attending a party at a nearby restaurant. We left the restaurant after eating inside and crossed the old I-65 bridge, which is nearly refinished. We arrived at Pauline and Brent's house around 7:30 PM, where we talked with Linda & Stacey and played with Julie and Kyle for a while since Julie and Kyle were going to the farm. Linda, Stacey and I left there and made it to the farm by 9:30 PM with Julie and Kyle. Everyone went right to bed.

Many thanks to Pauline and Brent!! They both worked really hard and did an excellent job. I would have had an extremely hard time getting the tile laid without them. Thanks for the time and effort!

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Monday, September 26, 2016

Daleville Grand Prix

We left the farm and headed to Daleville Thursday morning. We arrived around 2 PM, unloaded the Equinox and ordered lunch from Pizza King. After eating, we brought out the golf cart and took a ride around Daleville.
Friday morning we ate breakfast and then started the painting. Linda and I painted a coat of Kilnz on the living room walls to cover the 50 year old paneling. We were worried because, as you can see in the picture below, it didn't cover very well.
We let the paint dry through the night and put another coat of Kilnz on, then went to see the Daleville Grand Prix Parade while the paint dried thoroughly. Alton "Big Al" Sneed led the parade with some of the Steel Horse riders behind him. Rick Cooper was riding his new Harley in the parade.
Phil Davis, the Grand Marshall, gave us a wave as he rode by in a golf cart.
Gene Bronnenburg went walking past us to see the parade. He was one of the town's barbers when I was a kid. The other was Carlos Hummel, but he wasn't in town to watch.
Gary Sneed was the race director for Dalevillle. He and I went to school and graduated the same year (1969). The carts and racers had to go through inspection before and after each race.
We watched races both Saturday and Sunday between painting the living room.
Sunday morning before the races started, Imon brought Trevon and his John Deere small tractor to Daleville. Trevon, Linda and I loaded the tractor with the junk that had been left in the small garage on the Tax Sale property. Imon dumped the junk next to the house so he can move the garage to Markleville.
The last painting we did was some touch up of the walls and also painting the ceiling trim around the room.
We made sure we had everything accumulated for laying tile next week, then packed our things and drove to the farm in KY.

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Tuesday, August 09, 2016

Tax Trip

Stacey, Linda and I left the farm Friday morning and I drove to Daleville. Traffic was light and the interstates were open with only a few slow downs. After opening the Daleville house, Linda took Stacey and went grocery shopping. Rick Cooper stopped by and showed me his new Harley. Wow, it was sharp!
Saturday morning, all of us went to Lapel and delivered some things to Kim Bourke at her day care. We remained there until noon chatting with Kim, then back to Daleville for lunch. Rick had asked me to come to his brother's, Jim's house, for a cook out so Linda and I took Stacey and went to Kathy & Jim's house. Jim was surprised to see us and showed me around his shop. We talked a little while with Bart Donovan and a few other people we knew. There were about 40 guests at Jim's cookout, it was a nice party. We quietly slipped out and drove to Shelly & Jeff Huck's place to drop off a tub of clothes for Airianna. They were not at home, so we left the clothes and went back to Daleville where we pulled the golf cart out of the yard barn and rode around town to see what was going on. There is a controversy in Daleville about an apartment complex that is going to be built.
Sunday morning we ate breakfast and went to visit Linda's Mom in Pendleton. Nana was sitting in the porch swing when we drove up. We sat down on the porch and talked with her. It was nice being outside as the temperature and humidity were lower than it had been for a while. About an hour later, Imon came chugging down the street in his 55 Chevy gasser and stopped to talk too. We left when Imon left right before noon and we went back to Daleville and had lunch. Linda and Stacey went shopping in Muncie while I watched the NASCAR race. I also took pictures of the two other houses we own in Daleville for property tax appeals.
Linda and Stacey returned with their items they had bought. Donnie Cox came by and talked with us for a while about his parents' situation. Then Donnie and I went outside to check out his 1962 Belvedere. It is a sharp car that has been restored, it has a 440 CI motor and a Torque Flite transmission. The motor sounds strong!
Monday, we ate and went to Muncie to file appeals on two of our houses. Linda had filled out the forms, we turned in those and the pictures I had printed at Walmart. The process went quick, and we were on our way back to Daleville in less than a half hour. We took another ride around Daleville in our golf cart, then returned it to the yard barn and locked the barn doors just before dark.
Tuesday, we cleaned up the house, packed the car and headed back to the farm.

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Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Painting In Daleville

Linda had purchased a gallon of Kiln's to paint the paneling in the dinning room at Daleville. She began by cutting in around the ceiling, the baseboard, and doing the grooves in the panels so I could roll the walls. After waiting till the next day, the next step was to cut in with the gray color we had picked. Once again I rolled the walls. We waited for it to dry a little and we could see where the Kiln's paint was showing through, so we touched it up as the places began to show. Next I did the trim around the ceiling with a white color. Below, we had just placed several of our floor tile along the baseboard to get an idea of how it was going to look when done.

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Sunday, July 17, 2016

Lori's Wedding

Linda wanted to attend Lori Bankson's wedding to Michael Gossett, so we left the farm Saturday morning and went to Daleville.
Sunday, Linda dressed for the wedding while I went to pickup take out for lunch. When I returned, Linda left for the wedding. Stacey and I remained at the Daleville house and watched the NASCAR race. Cecil Bankson and Larry Campfield walked Lori down the aisle as the wedding began.
Mr and Mrs Michael Gossett coming down the aisle after the wedding ceremony.

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Friday, June 10, 2016

Trip To Daleville

We left the farm Saturday morning at 6 AM and headed to Daleville. With an early start, traffic was light most of the way and we arrived before noon. We unloaded the Equinox and then had a pizza for lunch around 1 PM. Linda and Stacey went to Kim & Kenny Bourke's house for their grandson, Jordan's graduation party.
Sunday morning we had a light breakfast, then took a ride around town in the golf cart. Just before lunch, we headed to Pendleton to visit with Nana. We purchased sandwiches at Arbys' on the way. When we arrived, Reba was cooking chicken noodle soup with mashed potatoes, but quickly turned those off and started eating the roast beef sandwiches we had carried into the kitchen. We stayed and visited with her for nearly 4 hours before leaving. I drove to Linda K & Imon's house, but no one was home. Next we stopped at Shelly & Jeff Huck's house, but again, no one was home. We returned to Daleville.
At 3 AM Monday morning, Linda woke me and told me Stacey was burning up and she was giving her Motrin. OK? About a half hour later, I noticed Stacey's arms were trembling. These symptoms are usually indications of Stacey about to have a seizure, so Linda and I decided to give Stacey 10 mg of Valium along with her other meds. The Valium usually causes Stacey to become more alert and responsive, but not this time. She became drowsie and slept for hours. Then severe diarrhea set in and I began to realize that this wasn't seizure related, but an illness. We kept Stacey hydrated and used Motrin to curb her temperature, but could not get her to eat all day Tuesday.
Wednesday the diarrhea had let up somewhat, so we decided to pack things up and head for KY, while we had a chance. We never attempted to put down any of the tile flooring in the dinning and living rooms, which is what the trip was supposed to accomplish. We left Daleville early and immediately were in the Indy traffic created by people going to work. During the car ride to KY, Linda and I discussed taking Stacey to the doctor on Thursday, if she wasn't better. Not stopping to eat got us home before lunch. At home, Linda said Stacey needed something to stop the diarrhea, so I drove to Dr Rice's clinic and asked the nurse what we should do. She told me that Dr Rice was in the ER at the hospital and to take Stacey there to see him. I returned to the house and we loaded Stacey into the car and I took her to the ER. After blood tests, Dr Rice said it was a viral infection and prescribed a medicine to stop the diarrhea, but for her to drink Gatorade and juice. He said her seizure medication levels were good and that other people had been experiencing passing out and severe weakness from these flu like symptoms too. Linda picked up the prescription and the recommended fluids while I took Stacey on home.
Thursday, Stacey was a little better.
Friday, a little better, but not quite back to normal yet.

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Monday, May 02, 2016

Hauling Tile

Stacey, Linda and I left the farm in the Silverado and drove to Daleville Friday morning. We unloaded our clothes and things, then began the arduous job of unloading roughly 1,700 lbs of porcelain floor tile. Lumber Liquidators had set the pallet of tile into the bed of the truck using a fork truck, but we had to unload it box by box. I had to pick up the boxes, carry them up the porch stairs to the front door, Linda would take them into the back bedroom and stack the boxes. There were 34 boxes @ 50 lbs a box. We stopped a few times and took breaks as I wondered if the bedroom floor would hold the weight? Much later, we moved things around and made a place to start working.
Saturday, our legs were sore and we didn't feel like bending down and working at floor level. Luckily, Nancy & Steve Riddle stopped in to visit us in Daleville. They had never been to our house in IN, so we gave them a quick tour and then talked a while. I suggested we go to Cammack Station for ice cream, so we loaded in the Silverado and I drove us there. The employees gave us samples of their flavors and we each picked a different flavor.
After finishing our ice cream, we went to IN Glass in Muncie, at least that is the name I know it by, I think it has changed. Nancy and Linda bought some candles and a few other items, then back to Daleville. Later, I went to Lowe's and purchased some tools and materials to use on the tile job when we decide to do it.
Sunday was slow in the morning, then Stacey and Linda went to see her Mom. I think they went shopping for Nana and then went to visit Imon. I remained at the house most of the time, but I did take a long ride in the golf cart when the sun was shining.
Monday morning, I was sent to McDonald's to purchase breakfast while Stacey and Linda readied the house for us to leave. On the way home, we went inside to eat at King Fish, then on back to the farm.

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Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Flooring For Daleville House

Stacey, Linda and I went to Lumber Liquidators in Bowling Green on Wednesday 4-6-16. The first thing we did was pick out tile flooring that resembles wood planks off of an old barn and find out how much it would cost. We ordered the flooring. We then returned the Chinese manufactured flooring to them after making arrangements with their corporate office and receiving a release form so we won't be involved in the class action suit. The guys at the local store were polite and very helpful. They brought out a fork truck and helped unload the 11 boxes of laminate onto a pallet, then took it into their warehouse. We went back inside and settled up on the difference in price, received the paperwork and left.
Monday, 4-11-16 the Lumber Liquidators in Bowling Green called and left a message stating that the flooring had arrived at their Bowling Green location and we could pick it up.
Tuesday, Stacey and I went in the pickup truck and they loaded the tile flooring in the back of the truck with a fork truck. Sweet, everything had worked out. We drove back to the farm and put the truck in the pole barn awaiting a trip to Daleville.

I laid one piece out on the tailgate of the truck to see what it actually looked like in the sunshine.

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