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Sunday, August 20, 2017

Brent's Birthday Cruise

Linda and I had been readying the farm for Brent's friends coming to take part in his annual Birthday Cruise. I started to drive the older Mule (named Julie) to do something, but the starter just clanked and never turned over the engine. In fact the lights were barely coming on and were really dim. The battery had went bad in just a few hours from the last time we had drove it. Since the temperature was over 90 degrees with terrible humidity, I decided to just jump start it and drive in down to the pole barn, then work on it the next morning when things were cooler.
Friday morning, I went down to begin the removal and replacement of the battery. I had the battery out and hauled to NAPA in Burkesville by 7:30 AM. I purchased a new battery and then stopped at the Minit Mart for a few sausage biscuits. I took them home, where Linda, Stacey and I ate before I went to the pole barn to replace the battery. About 20 minutes later I fired up the Mule and drove it to the house.
Friday evening about 6 PM, Brent arrived with his family. Frank, Mike and Shelly all arrived separately around 8 PM. We talked with everyone until a little after 11 PM, when Linda & I went to bed leaving them talking in the living room until the wee hours.
Saturday morning, Pauline helped Linda fix pancakes & sausage for everyone to eat. As soon as breakfast was over, talk began again, but I interrupted and had the guys help me get the boat ready and hooked to the truck. The girls were making sandwiches, gathering towels and packing coolers. Shelly, Frank, Mike, Julie, Brent, Kyle, Pauline and Stacey put their suits on and we hauled them and their stuff to the pole barn. Shelly drove her car with the other girls and followed Brent in the truck with the boat and guys to town and then the lake.
They returned to the farm around 5 PM. The change in them was noticeable, as their skin was a brighter shade of red from the sun. They were also tired and thirsty. This year they didn't go for pizza, but stayed at the farm and fixed sandwiches while some played Aggravation. Others just showered and relaxed with conversation. Most of them went to bed around 10 PM or before.
Sunday morning breakfast was bacon & eggs with biscuits and homemade jam, after which a lot of stories were told. Showers and packing was done as old tales were being enhanced. Good byes with hugs and hand shakes happened about noon and they left for home.

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Friday, July 21, 2017

Norris House Boat Trip

Linda had been packing totes for a week when we went to the grocery store for supplies Thursday afternoon.
Friday morning everything was accumulated in our dining area. Pauline, Brent, Julie & Kyle arrived and we began loading the Mules with the items and headed to the pole barn. We transferred everything into the Sea Ray except the food which went into the Equinox. A little after 2 PM, we headed to town where ice and gas were picked up, then to the Dale Hollow State Dock. Julie, Kyle, Stacey and I were aboard the Sea Ray. Brent helped us launch, then parked the truck and took the Equinox with Pauline and Linda to Hendrick's Creek Dock to pick up the houseboat.
Brent drove the house boat out of the resort's idle zone around 4:30 PM with Pauline and Linda riding along. About a 20 minute cruise to Pusley Creek where I parked the house boat and the fun began.
The water was flat nearly the entire time we were on the house boat. Wednesday morning the water in the entire cove resembled a sheet of glass, until Brent tore it up with the Jobe ski. Kyle was the next person to ski.
Then Julie took a couple take offs on the trainer skis, switched to the adult skis and then made a long run. Pauline gave the skis a try but was unsuccessful. She enjoyed the sun and really warm temperatures of the air and water. Daytime temps were between 92 to 97 degrees the days we were on the house boat.
Brent and I took turns lifting the kids out of the water and driving the boat.
Julie & Kyle went knee boarding, Stacey rode the tubes and everyone enjoyed swimming from the house boat. The slide on the back was a major attraction during the week.
Friday morning was the end. We loaded the boat and began backing the house boat off the lake's bank. It took about 10 minutes of swerving the back of the house boat back and forth before it was free. Brent drove the house boat back to the resort and when the resort's employee met them at the idle buoys, Brent climbed in the Sea Ray with Kyle and I and we headed to the DHL Dock. The girls rode to the HCR dock on the house boat and checked out with them.
At the State Park, Brent hopped out and retrieved the truck & trailer, I drove the boat on the trailer and he pulled it out of the water. Kyle, Brent & I tied the cover on the boat and I drove home. The picture below was taken on our trip while we were returning the house boat, early Friday morning. The fog obscured the sun for just a minute and I snapped a picture of the house boat coming through the low hanging fog. Ten minutes of fog was the only time we experienced any inclimate weather.

Stacey, Linda and I had a great time with Julie, Kyle, Pauline & Brent on the house boat!

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Sunday, June 11, 2017

Boating Begins

I had been getting the boat ready for the upcoming season by connecting the batteries and charging them, then hooking the trailer to the truck. Stacey and Linda had been using Pledge on the hull and returning the life jackets to the storage spots under the rear pads.
We had made plans with Pauline and Brent while watching Julie and Kyle play their games at the diamonds in Brownsville. They arrived around 8:30 AM on Sunday. Brent and I tested the batteries by briefly starting the engine with the battery switch in each position. We put the road cover on and tied it down, then aired up the four tires and returned to the house to fix coolers and etc. We rode in the Mule to the barn with our things and family. After transferring to the truck we stopped for gas and ice at the Minit Mart then on to the Dale Hollow State Park.
I drove the boat off the trailer with everyone but Brent in the boat. Brent parked the truck and we picked him up at the courtesy dock. It was a little cool and the water had more than normal debris floating on top. I picked our way though and cruised to several spots to look for prime locations. We found a cove near Holly Creek that was peacefule with flat water. Kyle didn't wait for boat to stop before he was ready to jump in the water. I wasn't quite so eager, but before the day was over, everyone was in the lake. The first plunge was breath taking but after about 20 seconds it was nice.
Linda had made sandwiches and it wasn't long before those were passed around. She made enough to last all day. We had fun in the water, then let Kyle knee board, then play in the water off and on till we had enough sun.
Our first time out, we cut it short to avoid sun burns. We pulled off the lake about 3:45 PM, unloaded our stuff, tied down the cover and towed home.
Brent took his family home around 4:30 PM.

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Saturday, October 08, 2016

Surf & Turf

Pauline and Brent Norris were over this week end to pick up their kids after fall break. Thanks to Michael Lamont we enjoyed a Surf & Turf dinner Saturday evening. Mike sent us a seafood package earlier this year and we boiled the lobsters to enjoy with our steaks. Thanks Michael Lamont, you're a class act!!

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Sunday, August 14, 2016

Brent's Birthday Cruise

Brent waited too late to schedule rooms at Hidden Cave Ranch, so he invited his friends to stay at the farm this year. Guests began arriving Friday afternoon. This year's guest were Shelly & Jeff Huck, Jennifer & Frank Miles, and Michael Lamont. Pauline & Brent brought Julie & Kyle along with their dogs, Pepper & Poco to stay at the farm too. Friday evening Linda fixed taco flavored meat and let each person make their choice of chips, salad or wrap as the delivery ingredient.
Saturday morning, eggs, sausage, bacon, biscuits and jelly were offered for breakfast before they loaded up and left for the lake about 9 AM. Linda and I kept Julie & Kyle busy during the day since Stacey was asked to go along to the lake this year. Everyone except Shelly & Jeff returned to the farm around 7 PM. Shelly & Jeff went to Major's Pizza and brought pizzas back to the farm for all to enjoy. Brent started a fire in the fire pit down by the shelter house and most guests were hanging around enjoying conversation until after dark. I headed to the house just before midnight.
Sunday morning, Linda served up pancakes and sausage for breakfast. Everyone took a ride on the 4 wheelers or in the Mule as Brent took Pepper & Daisy for a run around the hay fields. Linda cut a large watermelon, that a neighbor had given to us, and several of the guests ate it before they began leaving just before noon. Pauline & Brent packed up their things, loaded their kids and dogs and left for home around 2 PM.
We didn't hear any complaints, so we must have done OK?

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Saturday, June 25, 2016

Ski Trip #1

Brent and family came over Saturday morning to go boating on Dale Hollow Lake. They had taken Stacey with them on Thursday, but Linda and I did not go along. We were going this time and had purchased a bunch of lunch meat, buns and fruit for everyone to eat while on the lake. Susie Mader had posted they had bought a new pontoon and I made a comment about we were going to the lake, so Gary and I made plans to meet in Pulsey Creek around lunch time. The Maders had bought a new Bennington tri-toon. It was a pretty, nice boat. Everyone swam in the water and talked until around 1 PM, then we pulled up anchor first and moved to the middle of the finger let to do some skiing
Julie went first and popped right up, skied a short way then dropped off. A little more coaching and she took two more turns. Kyle was our next victim
He was a little harder to get going since it had been half a year since his last experience on skis. But he made it up and went a little ways, three different times. Brent was the last one to go. He fought his way up on the Jobe slalom ski and threw a trail of water back and forth across the boat's wake. He held on until his hands gave out, then dropped off and rested until I brought the boat and rope back to his location. The third time was all he wanted.
Each one did well for their first time of the year. Julie asked to get ice cream, so I drove the boat to Willow Grove and they went inside and made their choices, then returned to the boat. We rode for a while towards Wolf River Dock, then pulled into Sewell Creek and anchored the boat in the shade of the hill. The kids had enough sun and it let us extend our time on the lake without getting them sun burned. We pulled the boat off the lake a little after 7 PM, towed it back to the farm and backed it into the pole barn.

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Saturday, September 19, 2015

Summer's Last Lake Trip

What a difference? The tourists have gone home and the "Holler" was beautiful and smooth. We were on the lake about 10 AM and took a cruise towards Sunset Dock to enjoy the smooth water and warm temperatures. We stopped to swim just past the cut through for Ashburn Creek. The high for the day was 87 degrees. Water temperature was chilly on entry, but fine after about 30 seconds. After about an hour in the water, we pulled up the anchor and moved into the middle of lake. Kyle put on the trainer skis and after a couple attempts was able to stand up and ski.
Next up was Julie with Brent holding the rope for both of them. The other end of the short rope was attached to the trainer skis, so Brent would let go when Kyle fell and the boat would not drag him. Brent just unhooked the rope at the ski end to let Julie advance her skills. She was learning to cross the boat's wake.
We went inside to eat lunch at Sunset Dock and they told us they would be closing September 28th. We finished our lunch, then rode back towards Star Point and made it through the cut over to Ashburn Creek. The depth was only about 3.5 feet as we went through the channel. We played in the water for a long time, then Brent went for long slalom ski run until he couldn't take any more.
A little water time for Julie and Kyle without their jackets to increase their swimming ability and confidence, then we took a slow ride past Lillydale, through the cut near Holly Creek and into Galton Hollow.
Stacey drove most of the way and then took us back to the State Park Dock where we pulled the boat out of the lake right at 5 PM.
It had been just a beautiful day and a great way to end our summer of boating.

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Sunday, August 23, 2015

Friends At Dale Hollow

Frank Dial had called and asked us to meet them on Dale Hollow Lake. We made plans for a boating trip on Sunday.
Sunday morning we woke up to rainy weather, so we had breakfast and Stacey watched the forecast and through the window. As soon as she saw the least amount of sunshine she busted out of her room and announced the sun was shinning and it was going to be 88 degrees. I said, "OK, we can go boating." We quickly prepared our things and drove the Mule down to the barn, put the stuff in the truck and took off. Most of the boats were headed the other way, back to IN or IL, so when we launched, there were several parking spots for the truck and trailer in the lower parking lot. We headed towards Star Point and found Lana & Frank just outside of that fingerlet. About five minutes later, Susan and Danny Rockhill joined us. Right after them came Barb & Bruce Funk with his brother, Dennis. The stories and beer began flowing as everyone was in the water and having a great time. We all took a ride over to Pusley Creek and got wet again after eating sandwiches for lunch. We made a short hop over to Willow Grove to pick up some ice cream.
Then a run down to Mitchell Creek to burn up some gas. I then took everyone to one of my favorite spots, Galton Hollow, where we found some smooth water with nobody else around. We remained there until the day was almost over, then we headed back towards Star Point and stopped just northeast of Lillydale to watch the sunset.
A few goodbyes and we took the boat out, tied up the cover and drove back to the farm.

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Sunday, August 16, 2015

Brent's Birthday Cruise

Friday evening, Pauline & Brent dropped off Julie and Kyle along with Poco to stay with us while they celebrated Brent's birthday with several friends at Hidden Cave Ranch. I fixed hot dogs, chips and applesauce for the kids' supper.
Saturday, I fixed cinnamon buns for breakfast and then took the Sea Ray to the State Park parking lot for Brent to take his guests boating. Linda followed in the Equinox with Stacey, Julie and Kyle riding along. Frank Miles, Mike Lamont, Shelly & Jeff Huck had all traveled to KY for the day of boating and two nights stay at the ranch. After dropping off the boat and being picked up by Linda, I drove the Equinox to Twin Lakes Wellness Center in Albany and we went swimming.

After two hours in the pool, I felt the kids had been in the water long enough, so we showered and I drove to the closest place to eat, McDonalds. After finishing lunch we headed back to the farm. I must have been right about the swim timing because both Julie and Kyle fell asleep on the ride. Linda took them down to the 'pop sickle' barn and let them play in there for a couple hours. Around 5:30 PM Brent called and said they were done with the boat and we could pick it up. I drove the Equinox to the parking lot and then drove the truck home with the boat. Linda followed me back to the farm in the car and then helped get the boat in the barn. She fixed chicken strips for supper later.
Sunday morning Linda fixed pancakes for breakfast with link sausage. Kyle and I ate four pancakes each, then split the last one after everyone else had what they wanted. A little before noon, Brent came in with the entire crew. Frank, Mike, Shelly & Jeff, Pauline & Brent sat down in the living room and started telling us what had happened and how their lives had been going. We ate some of the sloppy joe burgers that Pauline had made before everyone left for their trips home.
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Sunday, May 10, 2015

Dale Hollow Mother's Day Trip

Pauline had planned a day with her Mom, so Linda mentioned to Brent that he could come over with their kids and we would go to the lake. I guess that plan worked for him since he showed up early with Julie and Kyle. They brought brownies that Pauline had helped Julie & Kyle bake for Linda. After the hugs and initial excitement was over, we loaded all our stuff for the lake trip and headed out, filled up the boat with gas and drove to the State Park. There were a few sprinkles of rain hitting the windshield as I drove, but I followed the family rule and never turned on the windshield wipers. I guess that worked, because as we neared the lake the weather was getting better and better. Julie and Kyle couldn't contain their excitement as we left the dock area, immediately hollering to go faster. The water was so smooth and the air temperature was about 85, so I powered the boat on up and we went fast. That lasted about two minutes, then they were ready to find a cove and play in the water. We weren't too sure about that, we had figured the water might be too cold, but I stopped and told them to jump in. We were wrong, they jumped in, climbed out, jumped in and back out several more times. Stacey joined them in the water and said it wasn't that cold.
After letting them swim for about a half hour, we loaded them back in the boat, dried them off and Brent drove us over to Pusley Creek. We ate some of our 'cooler hoagies' that Linda had put together at the house, then stopped for more swimming.
This time Brent dove in with the kids and Stacey. He commented that the water wasn't as cold as he thought it would have been. Must have been the 85+ temperatures we've been experiencing that has warmed the water up quickly this year.
Another ride, more swimmng, more sandwiches and a little too much sun for the first trip. We decided to pull the boat off the lake around 3 PM, before anyone was burnt.
Linda's Dale Hollow Mother's Day trip gave her and the rest of us big smiles.
Brent left for home around 4 PM with two tired kids.

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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Boat Serviced

Yesterday I called Davidson's Marine and asked about getting the boat serviced. Joe said to bring it on out. So, Stacey and I pulled it out there with the truck and left it. I told Joe to winterize the motor and to change the oil and oil filter. Slightly after noon today, Joe called and said to come and get the boat, it was done. Once again, Stacey and I headed out to his place on south SR 61. I pulled in and Stacey helped me line up the hitch, then we hooked the boat trailer to the truck. Stacey went back to setting in the truck while I went inside and paid the bill. Ten minutes later we were pulling out and headed back to the farm. I stopped the truck and we opened the pole barn doors so I could back the boat into the barn.
I backed it in and Stacey yelled at me when I was far enough back. We unhooked the truck and trailer and went to the house.

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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Day Of Rest On The Lake

Monday I spent most of the morning taking the disk off the NH-55 tractor and pulling out the hay rake and tedder. I hooked the tedder to the tractor and then went to the house, prepared a cooler with drinks and loaded up all of the stuff in the Mule. Stacey drove the Mule behind me on the tractor as we went south on KY 61 to Randall Flowers hay field. I began teddering the hay around noon and finished about 4:30 PM.
Tuesday, I hooked up the hay rake and prepared the things we needed to take, loaded the stuff in the Mule and headed back to the field a little before noon. My neighbor was supposed to help rake the hay too, but the rake he borrowed tore up on the way to the field. I ended up raking the entire field. I finished it about 4:45 PM. Linda and Stacey helped me push the equipment back in the pole barn when I was done.
Wednesday I needed a day of rest, but Linda had taken a day off from working at the school and she wanted to go to Dale Hollow. Well, I'm not one to turn down a trip to the lake, so we packed a couple small coolers and opened the pole barn doors. I drove the truck out with the boat behind it and we were off. After filling the boat with gas, we drove to the State Park Dock. Only one truck & trailer was in the entire parking lot. I guess everyone else was waiting on Labor Day to be on the lake with a thousand other boats. LoL Once we left the dock area, the lake was practically deserted, so I told Stacey it was her turn to drive.
Stacey drove us past our usual stop and on over to Pusley Creek, where we picked a cove that was usually taken by house boats. We anchored there and swam for a long time. We had planned on going to Cedar Hill for lunch, so around 11:30 AM we pulled in the anchor and headed towards the dam. The water was the smoothest I've ever seen it, everywhere! When we hit a rough spot, the Sea Ray just glidded across the inch high ripples. LoL
We pulled into the dock area at Cedar Hill, asked where to park and if the restaurant was open. It wasn't, so we didn't bother to tie up. We went on towards the dam and passed the swinging bridge in the Pleasand Grove Recreation Area.
Linda had taken enough stuff so that we could have a snack, which we did while floating in the large area by the dam. Then I drove back towards Pusley Creek. We made the trip in 30 minutes and never met another boat during that time, just smooth water!
We played in the water until about 3 PM, then we rode to Wisdom Dock and went inside and ate at the restaurant. Their food is pretty good, but they don't have a large selection. After that, we took some time to swim in a cove we had never stopped at, then took a ride past the cliffs to dry off and then to the head waters, where past there, it is Idle Zone Only.
We turned around and motor boated back towards the State Park Dock. It was a few minutes past 7 PM when we pulled the boat out of the water and up the ramp. Not another vehicle with a trailer in the lot. Wow!

There are different types of days on the lake, days with family, days with friends, and days like today, some better than others, all great in their own way. But this was one of those PERFECT days!

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Sunday, August 17, 2014

Smooth Water

Brent & Pauline came over with their kids Friday evening. We tried a new dish we made from a recipe I found on the computer. It was called "Lazy Stuffed Peppers". Everyone ate it, said it needed something, but ate more and more until it was nearly all gone. Either they were really hungry or it was pretty good just the way it was made??
Saturday we had planned on going to the lake. It was a little cloudy and a rain shower had went over before daylight, so we were slow getting started. After breakfast everyone fired up as the sky was getting brighter, so we loaded up and headed to the lake. We launched the boat and headed to our favorite cove, but it was occupied, so we went to Pusley to find a spot. When we pulled in there, the water was so smooth it "looked like glass", I mentioned it looked like it would be great for knee boarding.

Kyle was the first one out, then Julie, then Brent. Then Julie took a couple turns on her skis, then Brent skied. Once they were all ready for a rest, we pulled out of there as more boats had found our sweet spot and were churning up the water. We moved to another cove that not many people know about and it looked like it was just our lake.
We spent most of the day enjoying the privacy, eating lunch and swimming in that cove. We finally took a ride near the end of the day, saw Cindy & Bruce Beck and talked to them on the radio. They told us where Brenda & Gary Brown had their house boat, so we went over there a little bit, talked about a half hour and then went back out on the main part of the lake. We swam a little more, then took the boat out and headed home just as it began to sprinkle rain.
Sunday morning after breakfast, we loaded the crew into the Mule, along with Daisy, with the small black trailer behind and took chainsaws to clean up the last one of the trees that had fell in the hay field. Brent and I were both cutting the tree into pieces as the girls were picking up the small pieces and throwing them on the trailer. I quit sawing a little before Brent and began tossing the larger pieces on the trailer, then the kids picked up the debris and tossed it in the edge of the woods. We were completely done in about 45 minutes. We pulled the trailer back behind the equipment shed and dumped off the wood, put the tools and trailer up and went to the pole barn for refreshments while the kids were swinging on the rope swing. Brent started the brush pile burning in the fire pit and Julie wanted to roast marshmallows or roast hot dogs or something. LoL I went to the store and bought hot dogs, buns, marshmallows, small chocolate bars and graham crackers. When I returned it began raining, so we headed to the patio at the pole barn. Brent took the hot dogs and roasted them in the rain, then a few marshmallows so that everyone could have what they wanted to eat. It wasn't perfect, but the kids didn't care and neither did we, it was still fun! I think they left for home a little after noon.

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Saturday, July 26, 2014

Just Us At The Lake

Stacey, Linda and I went to the lake around 10 AM. After launching and running the boat while the water was smooth, we pulled into Jolly Creek and stopped in one of the side coves. We enjoyed the calm water and peaceful time. Around 12:30 PM we headed on over to Sunset Dock and went inside to eat lunch. They were swamped with boaters and campers and it took awhile to get seated and served. Not one of their best days.
After lunch we headed back towards a quieter part of the lake, but along the way, noticed a water spout over along the shore. We pulled up closer and saw a guy standing on top of the water spout with a hose running down to a jet ski. He could maneuver the platform across the lake with the jet ski following. Another guy was attempting to ride one but wasn't as skillful and kept crashing into the lake. Later at home, I found out those are called "flyboards".
After watching for a while we went on to Pusley Creek and anchored. We took turns laying around and swimming till it was time to head back to the State Park and take the boat out.
Once the boat was on the trailer, we pulled to the middle parking lot and wiped it down with Pledge, then tied down the cover and towed back to the farm.

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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Another Day Boating

Linda had to work at the school this week, so Stacey and I needed a new crew to go to the lake. Pauline and Brent volunteered for the position and both took a day off work to join us. We headed to the lake and rode towards Star Point. We were ahead of the scheduled meeting time, so Julie and Brent both took turns on the skis. Then we pulled in and anchored with some of our friends. A lot of the same people were still on the lake, but several had left to return home and had been replaced by new arrivals.
At one point, Lana and Franks' grandkids had joined our grandkids and were on the back of the boat. I asked them to all stand there for a minute while I took a picture.
I think they are the next generation of "cove dwellers" that are taking over from us! LoL

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Sunday, July 20, 2014

Friends @ DHL

Julie and Kyle are staying a few days with us while Brent runs a swim meet in Louisville and Pauline goes along. Some friends from IN had told us they were coming to the lake for nearly an entire week, so we made plans to meet with them. We took food and drinks and loaded those along with everything else we needed into the boat. Then filled it with gas and headed to the State Park Dock. Linda drove the boat off the trailer with the kids riding along and I parked the truck and trailer, then joined them. When we left the dock area, the weather did not look that great. It had rained for the last two days and the clouds were making it look like it might continue raining.

We rode over to the predefined meeting location and arrived about an hour before the designated time. That gave us enough time to let the kids swim and then have a picnic lunch before the others arrived.
By the time lunch was over, the clouds had cleared away and it was beginning to look like a nice day. Then the boats began pulling in and the people were happy to have the weather break for their vacations. At one point in the day, there were at least 45 people in the group according to a couple of the guys. I never took the time to count. LoL
We moved over to Pusley Creek and Donnie Cox asked Julie to ride along in the tube with his grand daughter to help give her confidence, since it was her first ride in a tube. Julie was more than happy to go along.
Julie even skied a little later, then about 6:30 PM we told everyone 'so long' and headed to the dock, where we pulled the boat out. Then towed it home and put it in the pole barn. What had started as a real 'iffy' day, turned into a great day on the lake with friends!

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Sunday, July 06, 2014

4th of July, Lake, Birthday

Julie and Kyle had been staying with us all week, so Pauline and Brent came over Thursday evening. Friday, the 4th, we let the kids play in the kiddie pool in our yard, then we all went to the park in Burkesville. Julie and Kyle hit the inflatable slide the first thing. They made trips up and down, up and down, until they had enough.
We ate 'fair food' under the pavilion, then listened to some home town people competing in a talent contest.
The "Road Crew" band took over and played for about an hour and a half. Then they quit playing just in time for the fireworks, so we walked about 50 yards to Brent's Traverse, pulled out our lawn chairs and sat back and enjoyed the fireworks show.
We had prepared well for the 4th on Dale Hollow Lake. We had hoagies made up, chips and plenty of drinks because the few restaurants are always crowded on the 4th. We took two vehicles to the lake to aid in parking the truck and trailer. Usually the lower parking lot is full, the roadsides are filled, the middle lot is sometimes full and if you are walking it's a long haul uphill when fetching your vehicle after boating. Pauline drove their Traverse to pick Brent up after he parked the truck and trailer, then returned to the lower lot with him and parked. That was a much shorter walk.
It is hard to tell it from the pictures, but there were boats everywhere on the lake, more than I had seen in the last few years. We managed to get a spot in our favorite cove though, and we spent a large chunk of time there swimming and eating, until about 1 PM.
We moved around the lake taking our time to check out where lots of the houseboats were parked and just seeing how many camping spots were taken. The kids laid down and took naps during the ride.
We found another quiet place in Galton Hollow and even let Julie ski. She has really made progress, this time holding the rope without it being attached to the skis was the next step in her learning curve. Brent and I worked with Kyle a little bit too. We had him in the water and putting the skis on, learning to turn over and to move around on his own with the skis. We never tried to pull him with the boat, but Brent would get him setting straight in the water, then I would tug on the rope pulling Kyle 20 feet or so to the boat. It gives him a feel for being pulled through the water and it won't be so scary when we actually let him try. We pulled off the lake about 7 PM. The water was rough most of the day from all of the boat traffic, but it had still been a decent day on the lake swimming and riding around.
This morning, Brent cooked breakfast and later we had a lunch of chicken breasts with fried potatoes and peppers, all cooked on the grill. Pauline and Brent took their kids and Poco and went home about 4 PM.

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Sunday, June 22, 2014

Celebration @ DHL

My plan was that we would leave early to go to Dale Hollow and maybe come home early in case of afternoon thunderstorms. Everyone complied and we left the house at 8:15 AM after 'sticky buns' for breakfast. We all rode in the truck and stopped to fill the boat with gas where I noticed a thunder storm cloud getting bigger. At the dock, Brent backed the boat into the water, parked the truck in the lower lot and joined us in the boat. Sweet, we left the dock and headed out across the lake. The lake was flat, hardly any other boats and the water was nice and warm. We made a quick run to our favorite cove and most of us jumped in and started having fun. Pauline and Linda remained in the boat. A half hour after we began swimming, we had to climb out. That thunderstorm had followed us and was threatening. We pulled up anchor and made a run across the lake in the opposite direction to Star Point. I pulled the boat into an open slip and we tied it up just as the rain began. Pauline had made cupcakes, so we got those out and sort of celebrated Julie's birthday again.
Shortly, some geese/ducks swam up and the kids were busy feeding them the heals from the loaf of bread we had brought for sandwiches.
A half hour rain shower, then it was over and we headed back out on the lake. We drove in the direction the storm had came from and were able to drive to sunny weather. It had been slightly over a 30 minute delay, but it didn't take any time once we stopped the boat for the fun, fighting, swimming and sun bathing to begin.
Julie had told Brent and I that she was going to ski on her birthday, so we began the attempt. I had her stand on the back of the boat and pose with her skis, then Brent had her get in the water and put the skis on. We both talked about what she needed to do and Brent kept her calm.
I drove the boat, tightened up the slack in the rope and when Julie said she was ready, I took off. Julie popped right up and went right back down. Brent was holding the handle with the rope so he could let it go when Julie fell. That was so the boat wouldn't drag her. A couple more attempts and she skied far enough people in other boats were cheering. Julie then swam to the boat full of self confidence and talking a hundred miles a minute! LoL
Kyle was eager to go when everyone was cheering for Julie, so he and Brent went knee boarding, then Pauline joined in the fun. She and Brent rode until they were both tired and let go.
We enjoyed more cupcakes, sandwiches, swimming and playing in the water until another storm cloud caused us to head for the dock. It was nearly 5 PM anyway, so it was about the usual time we leave. We put the boat on the trailer, covered it up and had left the State Park before the rain hit us.

The YOUTUBE video of Julie sking is below.

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Sunday, June 15, 2014

Father's Day Weekend

We didn't have much at home because we just returned from IN, so Kyle, Stacey, Linda & I went to the grocery store midmorning on Friday while it was misting rain.

After returning to the house, I was able to mow with the tractor and finish mower even though the grass was still a little wet. Julie, Pauline & Brent arrived about 1:30 PM on Friday. I think they were all eager to see Kyle, who had been staying with us for a week. We sat and talked for a while and then went to eat at Major's Pizza in Albany.
Saturday morning Pauline fixed breakfast and then several of us made up 'cooler hoagies' and packed things for our day on the lake. We left a little later than usual since it wasn't going to be really hot, the predicted high temperature was 85 degrees. A couple of crazy things began happening! The gas pumps were not working at the filling station. OK, we went to a different station and filled up, no big deal. Right outside the State Park, a Tahoe with a pontoon behind it was blocking the road. We stopped and the guy's trailer had came off his hitch. I left our truck and boat blocking the road and began helping. We moved his truck, let the pontoon and trailer roll down to level ground, then six or seven guys picked up the tongue of the trailer and reset the jack wheel. We then had the guy back his vehicle up and we hooked on the trailer. OK, on to the lake. No more problems the rest of the day, it was nice. We began by going to Pusley and putting Julie out on her new set of trainer skis that she had received for her upcoming birthday. Like any child, she was scared and it took some coaching to get her to give it a good try. She popped up right away, but would quickly fall. After three attempts, we brought her back in the boat and sent Kyle out with a knee board. Brent rode a knee board alongside Kyle on a knee board and coached him into a good ride. Swim, eat hoagies, ride, swim, eat cookies, ride, and we were down at the dam area about 3:30 PM. No chance of rain, just able to relax and enjoy the boating trip. On the way back, I suggested to Brent to pull into Galton Hollow, where there was usually some real smooth water. He drove nearly to the end of it and we turned around. Julie wasn't as eager to try skiing this time and Brent had to urge her to try. The thing that worked was, Brent told Julie she could quit trying when she skied a certain distance. Boom, she got up and skied, then was able to get back in the boat. Once in the boat, she was proud of her accomplishment and was talking about how easy it had been. Five minutes earlier, people would have thought we were killing kids. LMAO! We boated away and as we passed another boat, the people yelled "Good Job!" to Julie. We stopped at Willow Grove's new store. They have built a new floating store and added a floating bar/dance floor/band area. We also stopped at Mike's Landing @ Sulphur Creek. No changes there, but it needs some. A new dock would be safer. We pulled the boat out of the water around 7:30 PM and towed it to the farm. I parked the boat by the house and we went inside. Linda had a roast in the crock pot, but nobody wanted to eat and it wasn't long before we all went to bed.
Sunday morning Linda made pancakes and smoky links for everyone. About a hour later, we went outside to clean up the boat. We took nearly everything out of it, jackets, skis, ropes, floats, pillows, bumpers, even the snap-in carpet. Then Pauline and Brent used buckets of soapy water and washed down the ski well, motor compartment and storage compartments. Julie and Kyle helped me wash the skis, knee boards and wake board while Linda used the carpet cleaner to clean the boat carpets. It amazes me how much stuff we put in a boat. By then, it was lunch time and we needed to let things dry out before returning them to the boat. I started the grill and cooked a bunch of steaks while Brent and I sat there and drank a couple beers. Linda had the rest of the stuff fixed by the time the steaks were done, so we went inside and ate. A couple hours after lunch, we went outside and loaded the things back in the boat. We sorted out a few things we weren't going to take every time and took them to the pole barn when we parked the boat in the barn. After several hugs, Pauline and Brent took their kids and dogs and went home about 4:30 PM.

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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

ATV Repaired

About a month ago, Stacey, Linda and I went for an ATV ride to test out the new tires we had installed. We drove up the highway and turned right, then went up the hill onto a gravel road that runs along Jone's Ridge. We stopped at the top and I was setting up the camera to take our picture when the ATV I was riding decided it was going to tear up. I thought the motor or the transmission had tore up. I rode back to the farm on the ATV Stacey had been driving, we hooked the little black trailer to the Mule and went back to pick up the ATV that had the problem. We pulled it on the trailer and brought it back to the pole barn, put it inside and left it. I didn't really know what was wrong or where to get it fixed.
About two weeks later, we were out on Dale Hollow Lake in the boat and talking with some friends from IN. I was telling them about the ATV and Gary Mader said he could get it fixed for us. It sounded too good to be true. Gary said he would come by the farm on his way back to IN, pick up the ATV and haul it to Muncie where he knew a guy that could fix it. I said OK, if he didn't mind the trouble.
The next evening, Susie and Gary stopped with their trailer hooked behind their truck. Gary, Brent and I loaded the ATV on the trailer and after talking a few minutes, Susie and Gary went on their way. A few days later, Gary called and let me know that the motor wasn't the problem, it was the stator and a bolt had broken and messed up a few things. He said his mechanic friend could fix it and would have it done in about a week. I told Gary that would be great!.
Susie and Gary came back down to KY on the next weekend and brought the ATV back to the farm. I stopped mowing and helped take the hold down straps off, then started the ATV and backed it off of Gary's trailer. It started right up, ran good and everything worked. WOW! We went inside the house and I paid Gary what he had paid the mechanic. He said he didn't want anything for doing a favor, I said I had figured that would be his answer, so I gave him a thank you card I had made for them. He took that, opened it and read the card, then saw the gift card Linda and I had enclosed in the card.

We just want to say Thanks Again to Susie and Gary Mader.

They took one of our problems and fixed it! They had it back to us quicker than if I had taken it somewhere around here, plus it works!

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