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Wednesday, February 09, 2022

Mule Sledding on Fresh Snow

Kyle & Pepper came to the farm to Mule Sled. The snow just started falling when they arrived and wasn't quite deep enough as the sun went down. The next morning the temperature was aound 10 degrees, but they were ready to go at 7 AM.
Julie, Kyle & Pauline sledding in front of the house and Daisy running through the hay fields alongside the Mule.
While they were here, Julie played in a JV basketball game for Edmonson County against Cumberland County. Edmonson County won the JV game but lost the varsity game. The second picture is Julie after taking her hair down from the braids. It is usually straight. :-)
Kyle dressed and ready to be pulled through the hay fields & Dave driving the Mule pulling him.

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Friday, January 21, 2022

Scoring Burst

Julie finally showed her offensive power in a freshman game. It happened near the end of the 1st quarter after she had taken a hit to her face. First she hit a short jumper from left side base line. The next trip to the offensive end she put up a 3 point shot from the top of the free throw area a foot beyond the circle.
Her next 3 point shot was less than a minute later from close to the same area, but slightly opposite side of the court.
The quarter ended and a few minutes into the 2nd quarter, Julie drove the base line and put up a floater from about 10 feet away from the basket.

Julie ended the game with 10 points, her first time scoring double figures!

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Thursday, February 28, 2019

Nana & Roof Shingles

Stacey, Linda & I took Coco & Reece in the Silverado to Daleville Sunday. The drive was a little harder than normal due to the winds once we crossed the Ohio River. As I pulled into the driveway at the Daleville house, I noticed pieces of shingles from the roof laying on the driveway. I picked up a few and then unlocked the door. After we unloaded the truck, I took a look at the roof on the upwind side of the house. The pictures below are what I saw.
A few of the shingles were just flipped up, but others were gone.
We left the dogs in the house and went to visit Nana at the Bethany Point nursing home. When we arrived, Reba was standing up using her walker. We gave her hugs and talked with her until it was time for her to go to the dinning room. We walked with Nana and then left once she was seated at a table with other residents. During the week, Linda & Stacey went to visit with her and retrieved things from her place that she wanted. I remained at the Daleville house and took care of the dogs. The only problems were caused by people cleaning out the old fire station building and making noises that caused the dogs to jump off the couch and bark, incessantly! Steve Sargent had one of the guys that works for him repair the roof shingles with a couple new shingles and to put roofing cement/tar under the shingles to hold them down until the sun can heat the roofing enough to seal the shingles down to the rest of the roof.
Wednesday, we took Reece to see Nana at the nursing home. Reba was happy to see her dog when Reece jumped on the bed and they snuggled for several minutes. I led Reece while Nana walked with us through the lobby of the home as many of the residents reached down to rub Reece. Nana told most of them that Reece was her dog. We returned to Nana's room and Linda had one of the workers put the shadow box she had put together for Reba on the wall just outside her door. The boxes help the residents find their rooms and also lets the staff know a little bit about the person in the room and their lives before they were admitted. We visited with Nana for a couple of hours and she walked us to the door, said good bye to Reece and us as she went to the dinning room for supper.
Thursday morning we closed the house up and drove to the farm, only stopping at a rest area to let the dogs out for a few minutes. We unloaded the truck as soon as we were home, then took the dogs for a run with Daisy. I lost my cell phone during the ride. We returned the dogs to the house and looked, but never found it as it was raining.

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Friday, February 15, 2019

Flowers & Paint

Stacey received a vase of flowers from Jason for Valentine's Day. She liked them and posted a thank you on Facebook.
For about a week, Julianna Parham Painting had been working at our house. Julia used three colors of green to paint our living room, dinning room, kitchen and two hallways. A light green was used in the hallways, a medium green was used in the kitchen, living room and upper section of the dinning room with the lower section below the chair rail getting the darker green. She did an excellent job and made our house look new again on the inside walls.

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Saturday, January 12, 2019

J & K Basketball Pics

We left the farm at 8:30 AM & drove to the 5th-6th Center in Brownsville to watch Julie play basketball. We make the 90 mile drive in around an hour and a half most weekends when the grandkids are playing ball. In the summer it is softball/baseball and in the winter it is basket ball. Julie has been playing nearly the entire game most of the time. She jumps center and plays forward during the rest of the game. There are two girls and four boys usually there on her team for the games. The Celtics have won all of their games (4) so far this season. After Julie's game was over we drove to KYROCK Elementary for Kyle's game. His team is the Tigers and Brent is the coach. There are three girls and 4 boys on the Tigers. In this league it is more about teaching the game rules and some skills instead of winning or losing. Brent does a good job of letting each kid have a turn of handling the ball and trying to get a shot. We really get a kick out of watching the little ones learning and making mistakes. Most all of the fans cheer when a basket is made for either team.
Kyle is a bit ahead of most of the kids. He still has a lot to learn though.

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Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Christmas 2018

Friday, Julie & Kyle came to stay with us before Christmas because their parents were working. Linda had received a call from Imon about Nana falling. She had been taken to Indy for surgery and Linda couldn't decide whether to go be with her Mom or wait until after Christmas.
Saturday morning, Linda finally went to Indy, leaving me with Julie, Kyle & Stacey. We went shopping a little before noon, found Julie & Kyle a couple presents each, then went to Fazoli's for lunch and back to the farm. Back at the farm, I had Julie & Stacey brown hamburger. When it was done, I divided the meat, one batch for chili and the rest for Sloppy Joe sandwiches. We ate the sandwiches and let the chili cook.
Sunday morning, we made out a grocery list and went to Walmart. The store was nearly empty of shoppers, so the grocery shopping didn't take long. We returned to the farm and put the groceries away. Pauline & Brent arrived just as we finished putting the stuff away. Everyone went to Major's Pizza for lunch. We played some games and watched a few Christmas shows and ate chili for supper.
Christmas Eve, Pauline made breakfast for everyone and I cooked the ham. I sliced it later, after it cooled down. We had chili for lunch with PB&J sandwiches. Linda came home from IN about 2:30 that afternoon. We ate the ham with mashed potatoes, peas, corn casserole and rolls for dinner. Linda told us how her trip had went and what was going on with Nana.
Christmas, we had sticky buns for a quick breakfast before the gifts were opened.
It seemed to me, that everyone was happy with their gifts. It was good to have Linda back with us for Christmas. She told us all that Reba's surgery had went well and the therapist had her Mom standing up the day after her surgery. Reba will need a few days of therapy before going home, but that should happen quickly. I hope everyone had a Happy Holiday.

Merry Christmas to everyone!

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Friday, December 21, 2018

Visiting Nana

Sunday morning we left for Daleville about 8 AM. The trip went smooth in the Equinox and we arrived about 1:30 PM. Linda and Stacey went to visit Nana and get groceries.
Monday I remained at the Daleville house while Linda & Stacey spent most of the day with Nana. When the girls came back to the house we watched a Pacer game on TV.
Tuesday, we met Abner Jr & Imon at McDonald's for breakfast, then returned to the house. Stacey & Linda went shopping in Muncie before I joined them to visit with Nana. Linda gave Reba a large box of chocolates and she hurriedly opened the box and began picking through the pieces.
The dogs, Reesey & Coco, ate the pieces that Linda & Reba didn't want to finish eating. After we returned to the Daleville house we walked to Elbert's Lounge to enjoy Taco Tuesday.
Wednesday, Linda made chicken & noodles and put them in 8 separate containers, then took them to her Mom and placed them in the freezer for her. Linda commented that Nana was in a better mood that day.
Thursday morning we packed our things, closed up the house and headed to the farm. We grabbed some McDonald's breakfast sandwiches for the ride home.
Friday morning, Imon let Linda know that Reba had fallen and was taken to the hospital. As the day went on, more info from IN let her know the doctors had sent Reba to Indy and she was going to need surgery on her hip.

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Sunday, December 09, 2018

Freezing Rain

An early winter storm went south of the farm leaving us out of the snow but coating the trees with a light layer of ice. The freezing rain delayed schools in the area for a couple of hours even though the roads were warm enough that the rain did not freeze on them.

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Monday, November 26, 2018

Julie On Basket Ball Team

Kyle & Julie went to Daleville with us a few times over the summer and at holidays. During those times we've went to a parking lot and played basket ball. Recently, Julie tried out for the 7th grade Edmonson County girls' basket ball team. She is a sixth grade student, but made it on the team. As the season moved along, she wasn't getting much playing time, but I could see improvements in her endurance and skills from just the team's practice time.
So, Monday evening, after driving home from Daleville, Stacey & I went to watch Julie play the 7th grade's final season game. When we arrived, the game had just started 30 seconds earlier and Julie was in the game playing. She was now a 'starter'? We sat down with Brent and watched. The coach took her out a couple times during the game, but she played 3/4's of the game. Julie got a few rebounds ,some tie ups and stole a pass or two during the game. Edmonson lost the game, they all slapped hands and after a locker room talk, Julie came up to where we were setting on the bleachers. She was still hyped up about her playing time and told me that a few of the girls had been disciplined by the coaches and were not allowed to play. I told her that was what happens when players mess up and she would have to keep her nose clean if she wanted to play. We talked about how she played and what to do next time she has a game. When Stacey & I walked outside with the kids & Brent we discovered it was spitting snow. I unlocked our car and we headed for the farm. The snow turned to a mist on the way home.

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Sunday, November 04, 2018

Stacey's Indiana Birthday

We went to Daleville Tuesday. Turned the water on and the heat up then relaxed the rest of the day. Linda made several trips to visit with her Mom, Stacey went most of the times and I went Friday. We visited about two and a half hours with Reba. It was good to see her doing so well.
Saturday was Stacey's Birthday. Linda K & Imon came over to the Daleville house and they gave her a birthday card. Gay & Uncle Bub stopped and we all drove to Denny's for breakfast. While we were waiting on our food, Brent called with Julie & Kyle chiming in with Happy Birthday wishes on speaker phone. After breakfast we stopped and bought an old stereo at the "ReSale" store. Linda & Stacey visited with Nana once more. At 5 PM we left for the Pacer game in Indy. The Garmin GPS took us right to our regular parking lot, we walked in, they scanned our tickets, then the girls headed to the gift shop. I made a pit stop and headed to the seats. IMO - Great seats! Stacey and Linda joined me just before tip off with popcorn and drinks. The Pacers jumped out to a 10 point lead, but immediately lost it and were down 8-9 points. Tough defense and extreme quickness on both teams.
At halftime, the game was tied, 45 all. Stacey was happy the Pacers had caught back up to the Celtics. Each team had a tough defensive player guarding the other teams' star. So, the teams were battling on the boards for those second shots. Good game, tied several times.
Victor Olidepo won the game for the Pacers. He hit 4 free throws and a three pointer. The 3 point shot came while they were 2 points behind the Celtics and only three and a half seconds left in the game. Boston tried to toss the ball in from the center court line, but Victor stole the incoming pass. Pacers won 102-101. The place went wild from the bottom to the top of the Field House with a roar that filled the place after Victor hit that 3 pointer till a couple minutes after the final horn. We loved it! We left the game, walking with the crowd and it was still buzzing, everyone talking about how it ended. Back towards Daleville, stopping at Steak n Shake for sandwiches.
Sunday morning, we set the clocks back 1 hour, then packed up and headed to King Fish for lunch on the patio. Then on home to the farm.

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Sunday, October 14, 2018

Farm Camp Out

Stacey, Linda & I hosted family & friends, beginning Friday afternoon and ending Sunday about noon, for the 'Fall Camp Out 18' at Norris Farm. Below are the pictures that are not in any specific order and were taken by Jessica, Molly, Shelly and myself. Clicking these small images will open larger ones.

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Thursday, October 04, 2018

Daleville House Painted

Linda had contacted a house painter in IN and made a deal for him to paint the Daleville house. He had already started the job when Stacey and I left for Daleville Sunday morning. We pulled into the driveway a few hours later and Stacey mentioned that we might not be able to get inside because the windows and doors were masked off for painting. I checked the back door and we were able to go inside through it. The house was fairly dark inside with the windows covered, but we made the best of it.
The next morning, Thomas Gorman began removing the paper and masking tape. That let the sun light come through the windows and brighten up the inside. Thomas also did some touch ups along the underside of the overhangs and around the windows where the tape had been. I talked to him after he finished and paid him with a check.
Thomas painted the aluminum storm back door which made it look like a new one. Much better IMO.
He also removed the poison ivy vines that were all over the east side of the house. It looked smooth and clean now.
The new paint is the same whiteness as the new porch railings.

Thomas painted the porch ceiling too.

The paint job was completed quickly and well done. I think Linda will like it when she goes to Daleville.
Stacey and I had a good time while in Daleville. We visited Kim & Kenny at their day care. We also took Nana a roast beef Manhattan for lunch at her place. I talked to several friends and we went to Elbert's for Taco Tuesday. It was fun!

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Sunday, September 16, 2018

Broadcast TV in Daleville

Stacey, Linda and I left for Daleville Thursday morning.Brent's Farmily joined us late Friday.
Saturday morning, Brent used a cut off wheel on an angle grinder to cut the "u" bolts that held the top antennae, the old satelite dish and a few other odd pieces off the pole. He handed those pieces to me and I passed him the new antennae to receive the broadcast signals from the TV stations in Indy. The ladder and cut off tool were borrowed from Steve Sargent. Steve had loaned me the tools so Brent & I could cut off the porch rail posts. After shortening the 4 posts, we took a short break, then we hooked up the cable wire to the 3 TVs and all was good.
Everyone went to Nana's place to celebrate her birthday while I remained at Daleville to shower and put on clean clothes. Just before I started the shower, Bruce, Frank & Paul stopped and carried in 3 coolers of beer to watch the Notre Dame - Vanderbuilt football game. Quite a bit of BS was spread while we visited. We checked out the finished garage and drank a few more beers at half time of the garm, then went back inside. Notre Dame won and we all said our good byes.
I hopped in the shower and before I was done, I heard Brent and farmily come inside the house. When I dressed, we left to eat then headed to Anderson Speedway to watch the races. We sat in Turn #1 instead of high up in Turn #4.
The crowd was bigger this year and there seemed to be more cars.

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Monday, August 27, 2018

Porch Railing Done

Tuesday morning, we headed to Daleville and when we arrived, Steve had the porch railing installed and looking good. The sidewalk was also finished.
When Linda & Stacey went to see Nana, I remained at the house and assembled 3 of the 4 lawn chairs we bought at TSC. I used the fold down back seats on the golf cart as a work bench. I also purchased a counter top at Menard's for the second hand cabinets I had installed the last time we were in IN.
Steve had installed the new storm door we bought, I added a new porch light and Linda set 2 of the new chairs on the front porch. I disassembled a small table with a frosted glass top, sanded & painted it a gray color for the porch. I checked the size of the garage by parking the 2 trucks and our golf cart inside. They all fit, but it was fairly tight.
Stacey and I purchased fourteen 2 by 4s and I built a work bench with storage underneath. Two of the new chairs are sitting in front of the bench in the picture below.

Linda brought Nana back to the Daleville house and Shelly dropped by to give us some tomatoes from Anita's garden and say thanks for us bringing her a few paw paws. The next day we picked up Reba again and went to Camack Station for ice cream.

After a week in IN, we packed up the truck, closed the house and left for home about 10 Monday morning.

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Thursday, August 16, 2018

Stacey's Checkup

We left the farm around 8 AM and headed towards Bowling Green. We didn't get far, had to turn around and return to the farm to get the bag with Stacey's medications. We were going to her office call with Dr Zhu at Graves Gilbert Clinic and they require her medications be brought to the office visit. After picking up her pills, we went through the drive through at Hardee's and ate during the one hour and twenty minute ride. The parking lot at the clinic was crammed full and so were the hallways. I registered Stacey, then took her papers to Dr Zhu's office. We then waited about an hour before being called into the exam room. Stacey, Linda and I all waited a few minutes until Dr Zhu came into the room with a tag along Dr in training. Dr Zhu recognized Stacey and immediately started teasing her about the Pacers. Then asked us if she had any seizures since her last office visit. We answered 'no' and he relaxed and continued to talk Pacer stuff with Stacey for a few minutes. Dr Zhu turned his attention to his laptop and began asking us questions about her medications. Linda told him we had begun giving Stacey CBD oil capsules and reduced some of her seizure meds. Dr Zhu asked how that had affected Stacey. We explained that it seemed to work well and helped Stacey think more clear. Dr Zhu was OK with that, but could not legally tell us to give Stacey CBD oil. He told us of another patient he had treated and could not control his seizures. Then one office visit the guy reported he hadn't had any seizure and that smoking marijuana had stopped them. We asked if we should continue reducing Stacey's medications. Dr Zhu said that he could not legally recommend that, but if we did, we should do it a certain way, which he described in detail. Everyone in the room understood that he liked what we were doing but was unable to say so because CBD oil is not approved for seizure control by the FDA. It was his way of letting us know to keep doing what Stacey needed. We all laughed and Dr Zhu shook hands with us and said to come back in one year unless we needed to see him sooner.

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Friday, August 03, 2018

Porch Railings for Daleville House

Sunday morning we met Pauline and Brent in Cave City and took their kids with us to Daleville for another week. We stopped at the rest area just north of Louisville for a bathroom break before driving the rest of the way.
Steve and his crew had made good progress on removing the wrought iron porch railing and replacing it with a no maintenance vinyl covered railing. They also busted the old concrete steps on the left side of the porch. Steve had previously poured new steps on the right side and was working on the hand rail for them.
Linda met her brothers and visited with her Mom most days, while I stayed at the Daleville house. Julie and Kyle didn't go the Splash Park much due to rainy weather the first 3 days of our trip. We were able to play basket ball and they rode bikes quite a bit. Most of the evenings were spent watching kids movies on Netflix. Stacey and Julie were on the edge of their seats when I snapped the picture below. Kyle setup camp each night and put the pillows up each morning. Julie and Kyle took turns sleeping on the pillows like it was a reward.
Before leaving for KY on Thursday, I talked with Steve and we added building a sidewalk from the steps to the town's sidewalk to his contract, also installing a new storm door that I purchased. We left Daleville and drove to King Fish on the IN side of the Ohio River for lunch, then into KY and onto Brent's house where we dropped off Julie and Kyle. Brent gave us 2 boxes of fresh peaches to make peach jam. Linda drove us to the farm and we unloaded.

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Wednesday, July 25, 2018


Since we moved to KY over 20 years ago, I haven't seen that many sunsets. Our farm is in a valley and the sun disappears from our view before it passes the horizon. With the drone, I now have the capability to capture sunsets at the best times, thanks to the drone's ability to fly above the height of the hilltops.

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Friday, July 20, 2018

Grand Kids in Daleville

Monday, Julie & Kyle went to Daleville with us. We are keeping them for 3 weeks until their school begins in August. After the ride, J & K went to the Splash Park. They're able to walk back and forth to the park and the Daleville house or ride in the golf cart with Linda or I.
Tuesday through Thursday, we gave J & K money to buy sno-cones at the water park. They've been trying the different flavors. Julie didn't really like the Pina Colada flavor, but finished it anyway.
Kyle has braces on his teeth, but they both assured me that the ice was not going to bother Kyle's dental work. Kyle had a Black Cherry flavored sno-cone that might have gave him 'brain freeze' when I took this picture.
Each morning, J & K would ride their bikes to a church parking lot, Stacey and I rode in the golf cart, then we all played basket ball for about an hour. Then J & K would go for a bike ride and return to the house.
The new garage has been nice to put their bikes and the golf cart inside, then just hit the button to close the garage door. It is a bunch easier to use than the yard barn.
Friday morning we packed up our stuff, went to Denny's for breakfast, then returned, closed the house and drove to the farm.

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Saturday, July 14, 2018

Baseball & Softball

Brent asked us to go to a Bowling Green Hot Rods baseball game with them. We left the farm about 3 PM and drove to their house where we talked a few minutes and then loaded into their Traverse. Kyle's Little League was being honored by the Hot Rods. Kyle, his team and the other teams in the same league were all taken on the field before the game. The announcer began announcing the starting lineup and as each player ran out of the dug out one of Kyle's team mates would meet them, do a knuckle bump and run along side the player out to their position. Kyle's turn came and he did as everyone else had done. I kept watching as he and the professional player were chatting while the rest of the starters were announced and came onto the field. They remained on the field as the National Anthem was played. Then all the kids were returned to their seating area and the game began.
The Hot Rods won 4-3. See the story HERE. We quickly left and rode to Brent's, then took Kyle with us to the farm, arriving about midnight
Saturday morning, we left the farm at 6:45 AM, stopped at Hardee's and drove to Campbellsville for Julie's 9 AM game. The teams were warming up as we parked. Josh & Brent won the coin flip so they were home team and took the field first. Julie walked the first batter, stuck one out, then walked two more to load the bases. One line drive for the second out, then a strike out ended the inning without the other kids scoring. Julie pitched better the rest of the game, but they lost 5 to 4 after time expired at the end of the 4th inning.
About a ten minute break and the second game began. Linda and I could tell right away this game was against a much tougher team. Julie's team never scored and thankfully time expired after three innings of a major beat down. We found out this was a traveling team with players from Somerset, Louisville and Frankfort. They were in a class all their own and never lost a game in the tournament.
Two other teams played a game, then Julie's team began their third game. Julie was pitching again. The teams were fairly even in ability and Julie's team won 5 to 4 with a close call at the end. We had to wait for two more games to be played before being told Julie's team had not made the cut for the final games. We packed the chairs and cooler into the Equinox with Julie & Kyle after telling Pauline & Brent bye, then drove back to Burkesville. They are staying with us for the next week.

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Monday, June 25, 2018

Garage Finished

Stacey, Linda & I left Friday morning for Daleville. We stopped in Pendleton and dropped off Linda so she could drive her Mom's truck while we were in IN. Stacey and I went on to Daleville and unloaded the Equinox and turned on the AC at the house. Linda ended up having to call Imon to unlock the garage before she could get to the truck. She remained there for a couple hours before coming to Daleville.
Lana & Frank Dial visited with us Saturday evening. Stacey had trouble all day and wasn't good when they were with us. It was still enjoyable chatting with Lana & Frank.
Sunday, Stacey was fine & Linda took her and visited with Nana & Imon most of the day. Sunday morning, I worked on installing the electric garage door opener with Steve Sargent. We mounted the opener and hooked it to the power. Jim Cooper dropped in for a few beers and conversation. He even stayed after Linda & Stacey returned. It was good seeing Jim!
Monday, Steve laid the last part of the cap on the split faced block while I programmed the door opener and the key pad for it. Linda visited with her brother, Jr most of the day.
Finally, the garage was done! We moved our stuff out of the yard barn and into the garage. The yard barn is ready to be moved from our yard and located about 3 blocks away.
Rain stopped the guy from delivering the gravel for the driveway Tuesday. He will also finish grade the area around the garage when the yard barn is removed and the ground is dry. Bonnie & Donny came over Tuesday evening and we talked, then went to Elbert's Lounge for Taco Tuesday. There were several others from Daleville there, Bob Huffman, Terry Granger, Helen Craig, Christa & Bruce Corn, Mary & Steve Sargent and it was kind of an old home week.
Wednesday, we packed our things, locked the house and headed back to KY.

Thanks to Steve Sargent and his crew of workers for doing a great job building the garage!

Update The driveway is finished. Thanks to Mary Sargent for the photo taken the day after we left.

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