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Monday, August 07, 2017

Farm Pics

We've had plenty of rain this summer and the farm is really green as a result.
The creek has slowed down a few times but continues to have water flowing.
The view below was from our shelter house.

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Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Grand Kids

Pauline had to make a trip to North Carolina to help another university with their chemistry lab, so Brent drove her. Linda and Stacey went to their house and stayed with Julie and Kyle. That way the kids could go to school. P & B left on Sunday and returned Wednesday evening. Linda and Stacey returned to the farm then.
Thursday, Brent called and asked if we could keep Julie and Kyle because their school was being closed for 5 days due to illness. We met them in Glasgow and picked up Julie and Kyle, then returned to the farm.
Friday was chilly and the kids played inside. We did take Daisy for a run though.
Saturday was warmer, around 65 degrees and we headed outside early. The weather has been so mild that the daffodils are up and blooming. Julie and Kyle wanted to have a fire in the pit, so we hooked up the black trailer to the Mule. We drove around the hay fields and they picked up dead limbs that had fallen off the trees and landed along the trails. We took those back to the fire pit and lit a fire. I let Julie and Kyle toss on wood to keep the fire going all day. Julie and Linda raked up dried leaves and burnt those during the day. They were damp enough to make lots of smoke.
We roasted hot dogs and marshmallows over the fire. It was a nice day, so nice that Julie didn't want to go inside. We picked up some more dead limbs along the creek bank and threw them on the fire which rekindled the flames as darkness approached.
Pauline and Brent came over on Sunday. Brent rode a 4 wheeler with Julie, while teaching her to drive. Later in the day, I rode along with Julie as she took her first solo ride back in and out of the 'holler' across from the house.
We had three fires in three day and only lit it once. Julie was really proud of that and enjoyed being the 'fire manager'. Kyle played on the swing, in the creek and on the pile of gravel by the pole barn. They had a good time. We met Pauline and Brent Tuesday evening, returned their kids to them and traded our Jeep for their Traverse. I'm taking it for free service at Don Franklin Burkesville for Brent.

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Tuesday, November 03, 2015

Olevia's Childcare & Stacey's Birthday

Friday after school, we packed the Equinox and headed towards Daleville, IN. Most of the trip was uneventful, but as we neared Indy, the traffic came to a stop on I-65. We were at the 90 mile marker and an overhead sign had notified everyone that there was a single lane of traffic at the 97 mile marker. I transferred to the right hand lane and about a mile later I exited the interstate to take IN 44 towards Shelbyville. In Shelbyville I turned onto IN 9 for the rest of the way to Anderson. Pizza and unpacking once at the Daleville house, then relax.
Saturday morning came early as Kim called Linda and asked if she was ready for her to pick Linda up. Linda said "No, we're going to eat breakfast first, then Dave will bring me over to Lapel." So that was the way it went, we all went to Lapel, arriving about 10 AM. Linda and Stacey helped Kim with whatever she needed done while I hooked up the 4 PCs and made sure they all worked one at a time. The electrician was a little scared of having all 4 PCs running on one circuit. There were several people there helping put things in place and get ready for the open house later than evening. We had a light lunch of a coney dog, corn and chips before I helped Jeremy attach the signs Linda and I had made to the outside fences.
After that, Stacey and I went back to the Daleville house and hung out. Linda remained at the childcare location to hand out goody bags to the kids and help with whatever was needed. Kim brought Linda home a little bit after 10 PM. Kim seemed pleased with the turnout and happy that there had been several people come to help her get the childcare ready to go.
Sunday morning we had breakfast, then Linda called Imon to see what they had going on. Fairly soon Linda K and Imon were knocking on the front door. They came in and we chatted for a good while, then went to Bird's Smoke House, where Imon bought our lunches. We ate, then sat there and talked for another hour before splitting up with Imon and Linda K going to Lowe's and us going back to the house in Daleville. Linda called her Mom and took Stacey to see her in Pendleton. I watched the NASCAR Race between naps. Mostly naps, LoL! Linda told me that she had a good visit with Nana when they returned to the house about 9:30 PM.
Monday morning we ate breakfast and slowly packed up to leave. Traffic through Indy was pretty light and it was easy driving. We stopped at Edinburgh and Linda went in several of the Outlet Mall's shops while I went inside the Harley Davidson shop. I bought two coffee cups and returned to pick up the girls. At Kingfish in Jeffersonville, we left all 4 windows down about an inch with Coco inside the car. We went in this time because Stacey wanted to celebrate her birthday by eating inside, so we went in and ordered our meals, then Linda went back outside to see how warm the car was getting. She said Coco would be fine, so we enjoyed our meals.
We made it home a little before dark with the time change. I checked our messages and had one from Chuck Anderson. He wanted to stop by on Tuesday, so I called and we made plans for that to happen.
Tuesday morning, Brent called before 8 AM to wish Stacey a Happy Birthday. Around 10 AM, Chuck arrived with a Butler Sweatshirt and a couple posters. He's trying to switch Stacey from the Pacers to the Boston Celtics or the Butler Bulldogs. She told him that wasn't going to happen.

We talked for a while, Linda fixed lunch and we talked after lunch. Chuck was on his way to his winter residence in Florida and was stopping along the way to see several friends. Before he left the door bell rang and Stacey received a delivery of flowers and a white teddy bear from Jason Strange. Chuck said good bye a little after 2 PM. Stacey received several phone calls with birthday wishes the rest of the evening.

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Saturday, February 14, 2015

Valentine's Day

The three of us left the farm early in the HHR to watch the next to last game that Kyle will play this year. The game was at 9 AM and we arrived a few minutes before the start. Both teams showed marked improvement with Kyle being involved more than anytime previously. After the game, we went over to Pauline and Brent's house for about an hour, then we headed back to the farm. Jason had asked Stacey to go out to eat with him, Kristi & Bryant, Stephanie & Tommy, and then to go to a Travis Tritt concert at the Plaza Theatre. Jason had also sent Stacey a bouquet of roses for Valentine's Day.
We picked up some Wendy's sandwiches at 11 AM for the ride back to the farm. Linda helped Stacey with her hair and they eventually had everything ready, so we took Stacey over to Jason's place at 3:30 PM. We took a picture of Stacey and Jason while we talked to Stephanie, then we headed home.
Stephanie & Tommy brought Stacey back to the farm and dropped her off a little bit before 11 PM. She came in the bedroom and told me she had a great time. She said they had ate at Colton's Steakhouse and then went to the concert. Stacey said Travis put on a good show, that he sang a lot of his hits and the "sold out" crowd liked the show.

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Monday, November 03, 2014

Happy Birthday Stacey

Jason came through again by sending flowers for Stacey.
They arrived just in the nick of time as Stacey was calling him to ask if he wanted to go out to eat with us. Jason was asking her, "Did you get anything today?", and Stacey kept telling him, "No." But right then the door bell rang and the dog started barking. It was a delivery, from Jason, of flowers with a helium filled balloon. So they were able to talk about it on the way to eat. But really, the main topic was the fight between Jeff Gordon, Brad Kesoloski and their NASCAR pit crews.

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Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Julie & Kyle Visit

Stacey, Linda and I went to Sam's Club Tuesday afternoon, and after shopping, we stopped at Pauline and Brent's house to pick up Julie and Kyle. We just stayed a few minutes, then loaded the kids in the car and took them back to the farm.
This morning, Linda fixed breakfast and before anything else could happen, Stacey began having some involuntary movements in her arms. Linda called me in the bedroom and we decided to give Stacey a 10 mg Valium to stop the seizure from continuing. About 25 minutes later, we gave another 10 mg of Valium. Within a half hour, Stacey was setting up, watching TV, and talking. We monitored her the rest of the day without her having any problems. We even took a short Mule ride with everyone, let the kids throw rocks, Daisy run and then back to the house. Stacey walked in and out of the house without help. Kyle needed something to keep him busy, so I printed out some coloring pages with the alphabet letters in the pictures. We sat down at the breakfast bar and I gave him instructions about how to hold his crayon and to use his other hand to hold his paper. He followed directions fairly well about making little strokes too.
His picture turned out great for a four year old without any help, just voice directions. Linda's flower log is looking pretty too!

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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Back Home

Saturday morning we woke to a rainy day. There were thunderstorms and the rain was coming down steadily. I fixed breakfast. A little later, Linda painted the trim in the hallway and the bathroom door. We decided we would go home without visiting anyone because we were both sick and didn't want to spread the dry cough we had to others. Alton Sneed stopped by and we talked with him for about a half hour. He agreed to mow Mom's yard again this year and to also mow the yard at the gray house across the street. Linda and Stacey packed up our things and I carried the stuff out to the HHR in the rain. We locked up the house and headed towards Burkesville at 2 PM in a pouring rain. Linda slept in the back seat all the way to Jeffersonville where I woke her to get ready for King Fish. The sun was shinning as I parked and we all went inside to eat. The food was delicious as always. After we ate, we continued on to the farm and parked the HHR in the garage just before dark. We carried in our clothes and left the tools in the car till morning.
Sunday morning was hot and clear as I went outside early. The flowers at the back of the house had bloomed while we were gone.
I took Daisy for a run since she hadn't been out for a few days. A little before lunch, Linda and I began mowing and we finished several hours later. Just before dark, Linda had Coco outside and he found a "little bitty bunny" in the flower beds. She said the bunny was squeaking and it was like one of Coco's toys.

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Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Early Arrivals

Friday morning the creek was out of it's banks because of the overnight rains. Sunday night and Monday morning more storms dropped lots of rain on the area. There were several tornado warnings close to Burkesville during that time too. This morning, I drove the Mule around to see what the mild flooding had done and found several places that needed some work done with the tractor to get the ditches back in shape. I also found some early arrivals. The daffodils down by the old smoke house were up and blooming.

There are a few other flowers sticking their shoots up through the ground, but the daffodils were the only ones blooming. 

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Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentines Day

Linda drove the pickup truck to school so that Stacey and I could use the HHR to drive to Bowling Green. We left a little after 10 AM and drove to Mancino's for lunch, then over to Aldi's for some canned goods. After that we stopped at Sam's Club and stocked up on the other items we needed to supply our pantry. It took us a while to find everything, checkout and then drive back the Cumberland Parkway to the farm. It was nearly 3 PM when we pulled into the garage and began putting the supplies away. Around 3:30 the door bell rang, I answered and it was a flower delivery for Stacey. I called her to the door and she took the flowers. I snapped a picture and she read the card.
Stacey told me the flowers and card were from Jason. She went into the bedroom and called Jason to thank him for the flowers. They talked a short time and when she came out of the bedroom, she said he would call later at their regular time. Linda came home after working and walking with Nancy and while we were eating supper, Jason called.

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Monday, September 13, 2010

Helping Our Neighbor

Linda and I had finished the side walk Saturday.
Sunday, she laid down weed block around the flowers between the house and the new side walk. I used the tractor to scoop up the river rocks and dump them into several 5 gallon buckets with the ones that missed the buckets falling back in the pile. I then set the full buckets in the empty scoop and drove them to the edge of the side walk. I carried the buckets to where ever Linda need more rocks to cover the weed block. We did this until we had covered the entire flower bed with the round river rocks. I also scooped up enough rocks to finish the two flower beds on the other end of the house the same way, while Linda redid the square flower bed outside the master bath window. Linda dug out around the flowers, then laid down a weed block and covered it with mulch instead of rocks.
Monday, after we had breakfast, I took the tractor to Connie and Bill's construction site to move a small amount of dirt for him. After I finished with the tractor, I told Linda I was going to help him a while since Linda was taking Stacey for an eye doctor appointment. I rode the ATV down to help Bill. He had fastened the sill plate to the foundation and I helped cut 2 by 12s for the beams across the piers. Bill used his fork truck to get the wood from the stack and lift it to where we could transfer the 2 by 12s over to where we were working.

Then we nailed one of the rim bands in place and started nailing the 2 by 12s for floor joists in place. We were able to finish half of the floor joists before we ran out of energy and time. Linda had came home and dropped Stacey off, then went to work at the day care. When she returned we took the Mule and let Daisy run, then stopped at Connie and Bill's to see what Bill and I had done.

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Friday, July 09, 2010

Dry Creek

We haven't been mowing at all because of the weather. The heat has been in the 90s nearly every day for almost a month. There hasn't been enough rain to keep the grass growing. The hay fields are still green with Johnson grass, but the clover and fescue hasn't done much growing since it was cut just after Memorial Day. The creek has a few pools of water left, but no water is flowing. The blue herons are picking the small minnows and fish out of the remaining pools. We interrupt them each day we let Daisy run. They fly off when they hear us coming, make a large circle and return as we drive away. The flowers have taken a huge hit with the high heat and dry conditions, I'm glad we didn't grow mums this year, it would have been a bad year with no rain and hardly any creek water to use.
There is rain in the forecast and it is showing up on the radar, but several times that has happened and when it arrived in our area, we never received any. Usually, hurricane season provides us with plenty of rain showers.

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Monday, June 28, 2010

Half Dozen Hummers

We've had a heat wave that has dried up most of the watering holes and the creek has almost stopped flowing. There aren't many spots for animals to find water and we've noticed the deer are coming down to the creek to drink in the evenings. There are lots of flowers blooming, but not much water to collect in the blossoms. Linda has been filling the hummingbird feeder at the end of our front porch regularly. The hummers have been emptying the feeder almost daily and we have purchased two extra bags of sugar to make their food in order to keep them coming. They are spunky little birds that will fight each other over a spot to land on the feeder.
A short rain shower that wasn't enough to create any water run off caused the hummers to concentrate their efforts at the feeder for a while. We've had more birds sitting on the feeder at one time in years past, but their numbers are starting to increase this year.
It is unreal how many tiny battles go on in the world that we hardly ever notice. These hummers have to fight with each other, the ants and with wasps, such as the one with the yellow legs in the first picture.

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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Lilies and Daisy

After breakfast, Linda and I went outside to let Daisy run before the temperature climbed too high. I took the camera and took pictures of the flower bed in front of Daisy's dog pen while Linda backed the Mule out of the barn.
The flower bed is mostly lilies that Kim and Kenny gave to us several years ago. They have filled the bed nicely, I think. I also noticed that there were honey bees working on the 'chigger bush' that was blooming in the same flower bed.
Some of the darkest colored lilies that I like real well were blooming along with the many other colors.
As Linda drove the Mule to the front of the barn Daisy was ready to go and jumped in the back.
We headed across the creek from the house and turned Daisy loose while we helped the ATS road crew hook up a water pump to fill their truck from the creek. They use the water in the truck to keep the dust down where they are working and to wash the pavement where they have tracked mud and dirt onto the highway.
After the crew had started the pump and made sure it was working, we continued across the creek and began riding around the hay fields and trimming low hanging limbs with the loppers We took turns driving while the other person was lopping from the passenger's seat in the Mule. Occasionally we had to get out and cut some higher branches. We made it around one field and back in the 'holler' and out before we were hot enough we quit and just rode the rest of the way. Daisy had rolled in dark mud while we were working, so we let her romp in the creek some more before putting her in the back of the Mule and taking her back to the barn.

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Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Buds and Dirt

With a lot of the flowers blooming and the trees beginning to bud, I took the camera with me when I went outside. I walked around the end of the house and took a couple pictures of the trees near the house.
I walked to the barn and started the ATV and rode down to the fire pit and took a few more pictures of the trees in that area.
As I was riding around on the ATV, one of the highway relocation workers flagged me down and asked if I wanted some top soil to put around the pole barn. I said that I did and that I would stay down there and show the dump truck driver where to dump the dirt. I had the driver dump the dirt at the end of the pole barn where the large door is located.
After dumping five truck loads at the end of the building, I had him dump the dirt at the back side of the pole barn. Linda had saw what I was doing and brought me breakfast and I ate between dump truck loads. I'm not sure, but I think that there were around 12 truck loads of dirt dumped and then I told them that was enough. I thanked the driver and the track hoe operator. During the afternoon, the track hoe operator used the hoe to bust up the concrete that was left from the shed I stored the boat inside. He buried the pieces of concrete at the edge of the new road and smoothed out the dirt. Near 5 PM, right before they quit for the day, the dozer operator brought the dozer to the pole barn and spread out the dirt. It took about twenty minutes and he was done. I told him I would finish smoothing out the dirt with my tractor using the scoop or grader box. I thanked the dozer operator and he parked his dozer and they were done for the day. I used the tractor to move some of the dirt closer to the building and pull some away. I also drug the scoop across the dirt to smooth the tracks the dozer had left. Linda came down and took a look and I quit as it was getting dark.

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Sunday, April 04, 2010

Egg Hunt

Pauline, Brent, Julie, Kyle, Stacey and Linda returned from IN late Saturday night. Julie and Kyle were sleeping in the car and had to be carried inside. We talked about their trip for a while then went to bed as they were all tired from the ride.
Linda fixed breakfast and started a ham cooking in the oven, then we took Julie and went for a ride in the Mule. Daisy went along and we let her run while we rode around the hay fields. We stopped on a sand bar in the creek and let Julie throw rocks into the water. After she had thrown a lot of rocks, we hopped back into the Mule and finished our trip around the fields, then rode back to the farm. Pauline, Kyle, Brent and Stacey were outside and walking around the fire pit, so we stopped down there. I let Daisy out of the Mule, but kept her on a leash, Julie jumped out and they told her to start finding the plastic eggs they had hidden.
Once Julie had found most of the eggs, we helped by pointing out where some of the harder ones had been hidden until she had them all. Then Pauline and Kyle watched as Julie and Linda popped the eggs apart and dropped the candy and change into a container. We went to the house and had ham sandwiches for lunch, then went back out and sat on the back porch while Julie played. Nancy and Steve stopped for a few minutes on their way to their farm on the ridge. PB&J+K left for home around 5 PM.
There are 25 pictures of Julie hunting eggs that readers can see by clicking this LINK.

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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Greening Up

The grass is growing faster and faster each day. We've started mowing and have been moving some flowers that the highway relocation would have taken. We didn't move them earlier because we didn't know they were there until they popped through the ground. I used the back hoe on the tractor to turn them over as Linda picked out the bulbs. Stacey and Linda planted them in another spot while I dug out the bottom piece of an electric pole that the company had just cut off at ground level. I dug around it, then Linda and I hooked a chain to the piece and lifted it out. We were both surprised about the piece being 6 feet long when I pulled it out. I have also used the back hoe to clear the sand and rock out of the ditches between the hay fields. Linda drove the Triumph TR3 to town for a meeting with the manager of the day care. It was just a perfect day, nearly 80 degrees and no humidity.

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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Flower Delivery & Kyle

Friday afternoon, the door bell rang and I asked Stacey to answer. She went and opened the door, there stood a delivery man with a couple of items. He passed Stacey a vase with cut flowers and a stuffed animal. She thanked the guy and closed the door. Stacey opened the card that was attached and the flowers and teddy bear were from Jason.
In the evening, when Jason called from the basketball game, they only talked a few minutes because it was hard to hear, then Stacey called Jason back later to thank him for him sending the gifts.
This morning after we had breakfast, Kyle was awake and in a decent mood, so I sat him up in the car seat and took several pictures. He is remaining awake a little more each day according to Pauline and Brent.

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