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Posted on Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Championship Game

Julie played in the Parks & Recreation 5th & 6th Grade League again this year. She was on the Celtics team and they had one of the best, if not the best won/lost records in the league. The Celtics and the Suns played their way through the league's tournament and were both undefeated as they matched up against each other in the championship game Tuesday evening. The Celtics started slowly, fouling too much and letting the Suns get an 11 point lead in the first quarter.
Both coaches changed strategies during the second quarter to combat their opponent's best players. The Celtics closed the gap to within 7 points before halftime, then let the Suns stretch the lead to 13 point at the break.
Errant shots and missed free throws kept the Celtics behind the entire second half.
Julie played a good game, scoring on free throws and jump shots for a total of 5 points. She pulled down several rebonds too.
The end of the game turned into a free throw shooting contest, but the Celtics never closed the point gap.
The Suns defeated the Celtics 35 to 24 to win the game and trophies.
The Celtics settled for 2nd place medal.
The Edmonson County Little League Basketball players and coaches that came to the game joined each other on the floor for a group photo.

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