About Norris Farm

My grandparents, Annie and Arnis Norris, purchased the farm we now live on in 1952. There was a house and an older barn at that time. Around 1956, he had another barn built along with a smokehouse with a cellar underneath. After their deaths, my uncle Ed, continued living on the farm. In 1994 Ed passed away and the farm was handed down to me. My wife, Linda, and I were living in Indiana along with our two children, Stacey and Brent. We were making trips down here several times a year, mowing, clearing, and tearing down old buildings and hauling off the junk that accumulated over the years. In July of 1997 we decided to leave Indiana. Our son had graduated from high school and he enrolled in WKU at Bowling Green. We moved to a place just south of Smith’s Grove and continued taking trips to the farm and making improvements for a few years. We were using the internet to find a house plan and asking around town about who could build us a home. Early in March of 2003. while at the bank, I spoke with Lanny Judd and he recommended Tony and Guy Boils. We started talking with the Boils about building a house for us. We showed them the plans we had in mind and they agreed to build it for us. To our surprise, they wanted to start right away. Well, it couldn’t have worked out better. We had found a great builder that wanted to start immediately. We decided to proceed and Tony and Guy started work April 8th, 2003. These pictures chronicle that process from first turning the sod to finished home.

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